There’s a reason why CBS is the most popular channel in the United States. CBS has the most viewers in a month and the reason why that is because of the amazing shows that it offers. Since many people prefer watching these shows, the channel’s popularity is on the rise. To watch CBS, you need to check if your TV service offers it in their channel lineup.

CBS has a dedicated spot on Xfinity’s channel lineup and streaming application for avid binge maniacs.  For additional details about the packages, feel free to reach out to their team at the Xfinity customer service number.

Here’s a list of all the popular shows on CBS that you should catch up on and see what the channel’s popularity is all about:

The Equalizer

You’ve seen the movies with Denzel Washington but have you seen the TV show with Queen Latifah in it? That is what the show is all about since the show follows the same theme as the movie. However, in the show, we get to see Robyn McCall instead of Robert McCall and she is just as mysterious with little to no information about her past and what she does.

Having the skill set of an expert, Robyn makes sure she helps people every day like their guardian angel, with no motives behind what she does. She protects people and makes sure they get the justice that they deserve. The best part about the show is that Robyn keeps her identity a secret throughout the show, with only a handful of people knowing who she is.


People part of the SEAL time do not have it easy at all. That is exactly what this show is about, what goes on in the personal and professional lives of Navy SEALS and how difficult their job is. The show has a brilliant cast with familiar faces from shows such as Bones and Bates Motel. The show even focuses on how Navy SEALs train for their jobs, and how they plan and carry them out in the most effective manner. Their missions are so intense that they have the audience at the edge of their seats.

The team is led by Jason Hayes, who intelligently plans all the strategies, and his team of individuals that are best at what they do. The show allows you to have the perception from a SEAL’s point of view and all the hardships that they have to go through to keep the country safe from terrorists. If you have an interest in military operations and how they work from scratch, then this is the show for you to watch.


Even if you aren’t into military-themed shows, you would love watching the FBI since it caters to cases that would keep you asking for more. Other shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine cater to the New York Police Department in a more comedic manner. However, the FBI is different since it lacks that comedy element and it shows more about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The show is very interesting in the sense that it shows how intelligent and talented everyone at the FBI is when it comes to solving the toughest of cases. If you’re all about the Police business and want to see how it works, then you would love watching this show.

Young Sheldon

Whenever someone mentions The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper always comes to mind. Even though the show has ended, it still has a spin-off that is carrying on its legacy. That show is Young Sheldon, which is all about Sheldon when he was young. Sheldon lives in Texas with his parents and he seems to be a problematic boy because of how intelligent he is. Being gifted, he skips grades and is a nine-year-old boy in high school. At 11, he graduates high school and starts attending University. Due to being someone very much interested in Science, he also finds himself questioning religion even though everyone in his family is devout Christian and expects Sheldon to be the same.

Due to his gifts and his differences, Sheldon has a hard time fitting in with his family and often finds himself at an impasse with them. So, the show also caters to why Sheldon has always been socially awkward, it was because he always had a hard time fitting in with people.

Wrapping Up

There are certain times when you don’t wish to stream something on Netflix or Amazon Prime and that is where your TV service comes in handy. If you can’t figure out what to catch, you could always head on to CBS since it offers some of the best programs right now, making it the most popular channel in the United States!

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