Weight loss is the major topic of discussion in today’s time. People find it hard to lose weight because of their busy schedules. Obesity is home to many diseases and is also the reason for lack of confidence. These are the major obstacles to the social and physical improvements of many people.

So now when you are tired of trying to lose weight for a lot of time, you can think of undergoing surgery. All kinds of weight loss surgeries are high quality, effective, and result-producing. It just depends on your body type, your eating habits, and another medical history. You should also have a positive outlook for all of them and be ready to change your lifestyle to a healthier one.

The weight-loss surgeries must be done only if you are obese. Overweight people are recommended to try the other tricks to lose weight. To qualify for the weight loss surgery your BMI must be almost around 40 or even people with a BMI of 30 can have weight loss surgery.

Here we have the safest surgeries that are most successful:

Gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgery occurs in two steps and is basically performed laparoscopically. In the first step, the surgeon applies the stapes and divides your stomach into two sections- the upper section and the lower section. The stomach pouch now has two parts. The upper section is generally smaller so that with a small amount of food you feel full and do not feel much hunger.

In the second step, the upper portion is directly connected with the small intestine so that your calorie absorption can be cut down. The food calories are generally absorbed by your large intestine which comes just after the stomach. In this process, the food skips going to the large intestine thus causing weight loss.

The benefits of gastric bypass surgery are

  • In the initial stages of the surgery, the body loses a considerable amount of weight. This is because there are two benefits firstly stomach is smaller and you will eat lesser. Secondly, lesser calories will be absorbed by your small intestine.
  • Your body itself will accept only healthy food. You will notice that your body feels discomfort while you eat carbohydrates, fats, and surgery food items.
  • The whole process is completed in just 2 years with amazing visible results. It is quite easier to recover from this surgery. Mostly 60 – 70% of excess body weight is reduced in 24 months.
  • Gastric bypass surgery can be reversed. The stomach’s division is just temporary and it can regain its original form. The small intestine can also be detached easily from your stomach.

The surgery also has the side effects like you may feel nausea and less energy in your body because your body is absorbing a very lesser amount of nutrients and calories intake. This surgery is also complex because it involves the cutting and attaching of the small intestine.

Gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most popular surgery for weight loss. This surgery is the safest, easier and no outside objects are used to perform this surgery. Neither any cutting and detaching of intestines or blood vessels is done. And it also not involves any use of other body organs except the stomach.

In gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach is reduced to a smaller pouch. Almost 80% of the stomach is reduced to a small pouch-like the shape of a banana. In this surgery ghrelin hunger hormone is produced in very small quantity and you don’t feel hungry. Your stomach is even smaller than the stomach of a little infant. Your hunger and appetite will be crumbed.

The benefits of gastric sleeve surgery are:

  • Your body does not lack nutrients, vitamins, and minerals because your stomach is not divided and the food will be digested in the same manner as earlier. This surgery does not affect the digestive tract.
  • The process is much slower, almost 80% of the excess weight is lost. in the initial stage, there are lesser changes. It is generally effective after 6-7 months. The problem of a saggy stomach is also reduced as it is a much slower process.
  • The obesity-related diseases will also be cured and your body will recover fastly from surgery. You can return to your normal routines soon after 2 weeks of surgery.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery is permanent and can’t be reversed. This surgery is best for patients with issues related to intestines and finds it difficult to recover back after surgery.

The surgery has many side effects like the risk of internal bleeding and leakage from the incision points. This surgery can’t be reversed so if later you have some disease that requires bodies energy it will be a problem for you. The stomach pouch can stretch itself if you have heavy foods.

Gastric band surgery

Gastric band surgery is a bit similar to gastric bypass surgery. In both cases, the stomach is divided into two sections. But in gastric band surgery, the food will flow to the other section of the stomach as well. This surgery involves very little risk of death as the band can be broken if you eat heavy food.

In gastric band surgery, the stomach is divided into two sections- the small section and the large section. The food you eat will first directly go into the small section and then will gradually move into the large section. In this surgery gastric band is used and there is no complex rerouting of intestines involved. 

The benefits of gastric band surgery are:

  • The surgery is reversible ad the band can be removed or broken. The surgery is also quicker and it is quite easier for the body to repair itself. This does not involve cutting or reducing of stomach or intestine. There is negligible loss of blood.
  • There is no usage of any external object. Neither the hormones are suppressed nor the digestive process is disturbed.
  • The body does not lack nutrients and vitamins as the food that you intake will be digested completely and calories are also absorbed by the body.

The side effects of gastric band surgery are like it has a very slow rate of weight loss. In many cases the weight loss is temporary and the band breaks itself or slips down, loosens, or may cause the leakage. These complications may cause an infection in your stomach leading to severe issues.

In Gastric band surgery, the hormones are not suppressed so the person may feel much hungry at times. The person needs to control his or her eating habits. This process can also not solve the problems related to obesity like diabetes etc.

Gastric balloon surgery

Gastric balloon surgery is the safest surgery because it is done endoscopically. In this surgery, the balloon is inserted inside the stomach which does not involve any big surgery. The gastric balloon remains in the stomach for almost 6-12 months.

This surgery is the smaller step basically done to lose some body weight before going to some other invasive surgery. The surgery is reversible and the balloon can be removed easily. The surgery does not involve any incision on the body. Neither the stomach is cut nor divided into small portions. The gastric balloon will just help you to cut down the food you consume into smaller portions. The food which you eat is diverted into a ballon and to your stomach.

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The major benefits of gastric balloon surgery are:

  • The surgery is reversible as ballon and can be removed. The surgery is also quicker and it is quite easier for the body to repair itself. This does not involve cutting or reducing of stomach or intestine. There is negligible loss of blood.
  • The hormones are not suppressed and the digestive process is also not disturbed. It just cuts down the food going into your stomach by moving the excessive food in the gastric balloon.

The side effects of gastric ballon surgery are that the surgery is reversible hence all the weight which is being lost can be easily regained. The surgery causes only 40 – 50 % of the excessive weight loss of the body.

This surgery is mostly done for the patients who have some health issue and their overweight can cause complications in the surgery. These people can’t even try the natural ways of reducing weight because of their health condition. This surgery is not the ending they will have to undergo several surgeries further.

Every weight loss surgery has its own pros and cons. You must talk to the doctor about your plan to undergo surgery. You should opt for the surgery only if you have tried all the natural ways of reducing body weight for a long time. The other reason for undergoing such weight loss surgery is that you may have some health issues for which you need to lose weight in lesser time. You must choose the surgery according to your eating habits, age body type, etc.

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