If the year 2022 was dominated by natural textures and no-fuss hairstyles, then 2023 be just the opposite. That means bold new hairstyles–or bold throwback hairstyles! 2023 may already be half over, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to reinvent your look! Now is the perfect time to learn about new styles and head straight to your local hair salon for a full-on hair makeover. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance haircut, a haircut that will make a statement, or a classic haircut, seize the moment and make the most of your hair. (While you still have it!). At every local hair salon, an assortment of trendy haircuts, shaggy layers, sharp fringes, and retro styles are waiting for you. You may even see a modern twist on vintage bangs or long haircuts this year! Check out our list of the trendiest haircuts you’ll see in 2023, along with some frequently asked questions.

Blunt Textured Cut

Take your blunt bob to the next level by adding some natural texture. This will give your hair volume as well as a more natural, laid-back look. Plus, it’s easier to care for!

90s Cheekbone Bob

Popularized in the 90s (per the name), the 90s cheekbone bob is the perfect way to draw attention to the contours of your face and thin out your appearance. Additionally, the super-short hair style and length are easy to manage.

Short Shag Cut

Hair–especially curly, thick hair–tends to carry a lot of weight. Shag cuts can help thin out your hair while adding texture and maintaining the appearance of plenty of volume. Add bangs to your short shag cut for a flattering and unique choice.

Mini Blunt Bob

Similar to the blunt textured cut, a blunt bob rests just above your shoulders, framing your face shape and sharpening the perception of your jawline. The only difference between the two hair cuts is that a blunt bob isn’t textured, giving it more of a sleek, modern look.

Soft-Curve Bob

Popular in Old Hollywood and recently reinvented by Selena Gomez, a soft-curve bob is the perfect way to soften your features and give you that classic, drop-dead gorgeous look.

Wispy Bangs

If you’re one of those people who is forever torn between whether you love bangs or hate them, wispy bangs are one of the best hairstyles for you. This cut allows you to brush the hair over your forehead, pull it to the side, or let it hang loose when you wear your hair up. Add layers to your wispy bangs as a bonus. Wispy bangs can refresh just about any hairstyle with their simplistic beauty.

Textured Fringe Bob

A trendy combination between a cheekbone bob and a shag cut, a texture fringe bob hangs just past the ears and wraps the face in a sort of chaotic (but beautiful) flurry of layers. Most hair salon stylists use heavy layering and add curtain bangs.

Curly Pixie Cut

While ideal for naturally curly hair, curly pixie cuts can work for just about anyone with a bit of natural wave in their hair or a light perm! Many hair stylists opt for cropping the sides of the hair to centralize the volume.

Sharp Shoulder Cut

Signature hairstyle of Selena Gomez, this unique modern hairstyle is elegant, modern, and sophisticated, and will add an element of culture to your look.

70s Long Cut

The soft, feathery, fluffy look of this 1970s haircut will help you stand out in an attractive, fresh, and memorable way. Modern long cuts pay homage to the long-haired babes of the decades past.

Choppy Layers

Give your haircut a touch of edginess by adding choppy layers or bangs. This hair styling technique works for all hair lengths and types.

Layered Mid-Length Cut

Especially popular among brunettes (but just as cute on blondes and redheads), the layered mid-length cut adds volume and a built-in style to the strands of your hair that allows for little maintenance. No need to style your hair when you wake up like this!

What is the most flattering hair length?

Medium-length hairstyles have the most flexibility, although all hair lengths can be extremely flattering depending on your face shape and hair type. Medium-length hair is relatively low-maintenance and allows you to leave it hanging or pull it up, while longer hair takes more time to work with and shorter hair limits your styling options.

What is the best haircut for fine hair?

The “best” haircut depends on a lot of factors, including face shape, hair thickness, and hair type. Generally speaking, however, fine hair and thinner top types do well in layers, because layers can give the illusion of volume while adding dimension to the hairstyle.

What is the best haircut for thick hair?

The “best” haircut for you will depend on several things, including your face shape, your hair type, and your own personal maintenance preferences. That said, salon enthusiasts and women with thick hair tend to opt for bobs to take some of the weight off or prefer long layered haircuts that maintain the appearance of volume while thinning out the density of hair on the head.

Is layered hair in style in 2023?

Layers will be (and already are) trending in 2023 because they are easy on the wallet, they encourage individuality and flexibility in the texture of the waves, and they offer built-in style, body, and volume to your haircut.

What is the number-one hairstyle for 2023?

For 2023, the top hairstyles will feature more layers than we’ve seen in a few years, along with soft cropped fringes–like the 70s or 90s curtain bangs.

How should I choose what haircut to get?

Use a face-shape guide to select the best hairstyle for you. Depending on the shape of your face (round, oval, rectangular, heart, diamond, or square), different haircuts will look better on you than they might on your best friend or a celebrity you admire. Be sure to go for the cuts that draw attention to your best facial features.

What is the most low-maintenance haircut?

The easiest, most low-maintenance hairstyles include very short haircuts, pixie cuts, layered hairstyles, and shag cuts. Overall, any hairstyle that involves layers or built-in style will require less maintenance than other haircuts. The level of maintenance your hair will require also depends on its thickness and level of curl. While we still recommend going to a salon every month for touch-ups, it can be nice to just let your hair do whatever for a while.

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