The Top Ways to Reheat Pizza

The moment pizza is ready in the oven; a true pizza lover can smell it a mile away. It’s hard to resist the melted cheese in a perfect round dough, tempting toppings, warm sauce, the aroma of perfectly baked dough— only if the pizza can stay like this perfectly even after cold.

Tip on storing pizza for the next day: store in an airtight container or resealable plastic bags or plastic wrap with a foil to preserve its freshness.

While some love to have a cold pizza the next day, though there is no shame in it, some swear that pizza tastes better the next day after reheating. The million-dollar question — how to reheat pizza the correct way to make it smell and taste fresh out of the oven? has troubled humankind for longer than any of us might care to even remember. However, the answer is deepening on how quick you want to have the leftover pizza; there are various ways.

  1. Re-heat on a non-stick skillet
  • Get a non-stick skillet (do not use the iron skillet, please).
  • Brush or spray oil on it.
  • Heat the non-stick skillet on low heat for two minutes, and then place the cold pizza slice on it. (Ensure the oil shouldn’t be smoking hot).
  • Pour two drops of water into the pan near the pizza crust and cover the pan for a minute or two. (It will allow the stream to circulate under the lid)
  • Turn off the heat, open the cover and serve the pizza hot.


The crust will turn out crispy, and the cheese melts evenly.

  1. Air Fryer

Air Fryer is considered healthiest as it cuts calories by 70% compared to frying in oil. In addition to frying food, air fryers can also be used to reheat pizza.

  • Put the pizza slice in the air fryer.
  • Turn the air fryer heat to 360 or 400 degrees (depending on the air fryers you use).
  • Let the pizza cook for five to six minutes (depending on the topping. Veggies toppings need less cooking time, around three minutes, or it will burn).

Note: If you feel that the pizza has a lot of cheese and it will make a mess, you can place a foil underneath the pizza, or the drip tray can catch the excess.


You will get a crispy and delicious slice of pizza.

  1. Reheat in the oven
  • Heat the baking tray to 375 to 500 degrees F, depending upon the oven. (optional: line the tray with foil – it will save your time to clean the mess later).
  • Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, use the oven mitt and hold the tray. Place the pizza slice on it.
  • Place the tray back and cook for five minutes.
  • Once done, use the oven mitt, take out the tray and let the pizza cool for a bit.

The other method is — for a big oven.

  • Put the pizza slice on a baking sheet and wrap it with aluminum foil.
  • Place the pizza on the oven’s lowest rack.
  • Set the temperature to 275 degrees and let it bake for 20–25 minutes.


The proven method will give you ideal crispiness with the cheese perfectly melted. Your pizza will be as fresh as it is freshly baked.

  1. Reheat in a microwave
  • Place the pizza on a microwave tray.
  • Heat the microwave for two to three minutes.
  • Take out the pizza.


This method is for the quick on the go. However, if you like the crust not too crispy, this method will work well.

What you shouldn’t do (though it is recommended by many):

  1. Placing cold pizza in a hot non-stick skillet (read: burning smoke hot)

This method somehow works for some people — Spray the non-stick skillet with little oil and heat on high heat for five minutes until the smoke makes the eyes burn. Next, place the pizza on a burning hot skillet and turn the heat to medium—cook for two-three minutes.

Why do they think this trick works well?

The hot skillet works like an oven and provides the same heat on pizza.

Why is this trick not recommended?

The non-stick skillet with oil leaves a burn mark on the pizza. The cheese won’t cook well and will stick to the pan.

  1. Placing the pizza slice in a microwave with a glass of water

There is a trick that many collegians swear by — place a glass or mug of water with the pizza slice and heat it for about 45 seconds.

Why do they think this trick works well?

Because the water reduces the direct heat energy transfer to pizza and the pizza will taste identical as fresh it comes out of the oven for the first time.

Why is this trick not recommended?

As the water slows down the direct heat effect on pizza, the crust and upper part of the pizza will be hot while the inside filling will be cold. As a result, the cheese will taste chewy and won’t taste good.

  1. Microwave pizza with a wet paper towel

Though microwaving is one of the good ways to reheat the pizza, some people swear by this method:

  • Take a plate and place the paper towel underneath the pizza slice.
  • Take a wet paper towel and cover the entire portion.
  • Microwave for 40 seconds
  • Take it out and unwrapped the damp paper towel

Why do they think this trick works well?

The defrost and paper towel retain the moisture of the pizza and leave the crust in perfect balance.

Why is this trick not recommended?

The Paper towel might likely be soaked in the pizza, resulting in a gummy crust.

There are even people who recommend frying pizza slightly for crispiness. One word — NO!! This will turn the pizza into “fried pizza” unless you are a fan of deep-fried pizza.

Final Thoughts

One of the most incredible life skills of all is knowing how to reheat pizza because the biggest challenge is maintaining the pizza crispiness without losing the taste and texture.

The above methods should be well with you; however, ensure that you do not put the pizza on high flame for a longer time, be cautious while setting the temperature, especially with thin crust pizza.

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