School life is an important phase in every student’s life. There are a lot of other activities to do in school such as clubbing, sports, hobbies & interests, among others, apart from just studying. From the experiences, we can get different themes highlighting the events, and connecting with such themes creates good memories for students.

That is why we highlight the best anime revolving around student’s life in this guide. Keep reading to get aleks assignment answers as we bring you close to your favorite anime that will spike or bring exciting memories.

What is anime for students?

Before we shift the focus to the anime about students, let’s, first of all, understand what anime is all about and how it relates to students’ lives.

An anime is simply a computer-generated image that is drawn by hand. It is a concept and idea generated in Japan. Simply put, anime are animated cartoons. Now that you can connect what anime is, anime about students are simply animated cartoons telling a story about students to highlight different themes. As a student, you will be existed to know some of the anime and what they represent in your life. You can be sure to learn all these in this article.

Anime about students

The following are anime that brings out different themes highlighting students’ lives.

Golden Time

Banri Tada is the character in this anime who has an accident that leaves home with no memories of his past life. He doesn’t give up, however. Instead, he enrolls in a law school to rebuild new interests and hobbies to replace the past life he can’t recall. However, just when his life starts to adjust to the new norms, including new love, Linda, the girl he once loved, appears back into his life. Now, the dilemma is whether he will resolve his past life with the new life.


This anime is for students who enjoy connecting with others through school clubs. It features Kanji Sasahara, who joins a college club known as Genshiken, which means the society for the study of modern visual culture. Even though the club’s members have different interests and preferences, they agree to settle on one mutual activity; their love for anime.

Maison Ikkoku

This anime features a character who is bred with dorm life. The dorm holds some irresponsible students who love nothing but partying. Besides being party lovers, they go as far as making jokes about Yuusaku Godai- a college student who hates staying in the dorm. Besides, they use his room as their personal space for inappropriate activities.

Just as he is almost leaving the room, he decides otherwise. Instead of leaving, he decides to stay to face the issues affecting him. The decision to stay brings forth the love affair that could never have happened if he had left, and college frustrations disappear.


Apart from entertainment, you will learn a lot from anime as a student. There are much other different anime about students featuring different themes. During your free moments, it is a great plan to consider anime on your to-do list.

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