Once you finish college and get the awaited diploma, the next obvious step is to engage in the job search. Every graduate dreams about landing a stable and high-paying job as quickly as possible. After all, what can be so hard about that? You craft a solid resume, send out applications, and get hired – that’s pretty much it.

However, unluckily for all fresh grads out there, jump-starting your career right out of college is actually much harder than it seems. The biggest issue is that nearly 50% of employers require candidates to have prior work experience to get through the hiring process.

There are a few ways to overcome this obstacle. First of all, if you haven’t graduated yet, you can find a job while still being in college and gain some experience. To handle it, you might need to delegate your assignments to a professional help me write my essay service to have enough time for everything.

But, what if you have already graduated? Then, you might want to try your luck with one of the companies known for hiring fresh grads. In this article, we will tell you about the top six of such companies.

1.   Google

Google is one of the most well-known and biggest companies in the IT industry – a true leader. No wonder why so many people dream about working there. And, guess what? This giant is known for hiring young specialists who just got out of college.

The average starting salary at this company ranges between $45,000 for admin jobs and up to $200k+ for jobs in business development and product departments. And it is known for offering great working conditions. So, of course, the competition will be tough. But, it is a great option.

2.   Amazon

Another big-name industry leader, Amazon, is one more option fresh grads can consider. This company has always been open to hiring specialists with no or small experience. So it can be perfect for you.

Getting into this company can be rather difficult. Just like at Google, there is tough competition for every position at Amazon. So, to nail your application, you might want to start in advance. Feel free to get essay writing help online after checking the EssayPro com reviews and spend the last months in college preparing for your big career start.

3.   Citi

If you are determined to get into the banking sphere, finding a bank that will be willing to hire you straight out of college can get rather challenging. However, we have some good news for you. One of the largest US banks – CitiBank, is actually hiring fresh grads, so it might be your chance to jump-start your career.

Of course, having no experience, you can only get some simple, entry-level job at Citi. But, the good news is that this bank offers pretty decent salaries for entry-level employees. If you get the job, you can make between $45k and $80k a year.

4.   Pfizer

Are you a future pharmacist? The Pharmaceutic and medical industries are among the hardest ones in terms of getting a job with no prior experience. Typically, employers will want to see at least some internship experience. But, there is a company that often hires fresh grads, and it is Pfizer.

Entry-level jobs across different departments at Pfizer can let you make anywhere between $50k and $100k a year. The salaries are pretty high and, it is also worth saying that working at Pfizer will definitely look great on your employment history.

5.   American Express

Another option in finance and banking is American Express. Being one of the largest companies not only in the US but in the whole world, American Express also opens its doors to young specialists who don’t have much or any experience yet.

Starting your career path in financial services at American Express is definitely a good idea for a graduate. The company is known for its great corporate culture and pretty high salaries. The lowest annual pay at American Express is somewhere around $50 for administrative, entry-level jobs.

6.   Apple

Finally, there is one more industry leader known for its grad-friendly policy. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of smartphones, PCs, and other gadgets, Apple is actually open to hiring young talent and fresh graduates with no prior experience.

The company is known as a great place to work at. The lowest annual compensation young specialists can expect to earn is $74k, which is pretty good. Needless to say that getting hired by such a famous brand is rather hard. So, if you opt for it, get ready to face some real competition. But, if you manage to get the “hired” status, rest assured that all your efforts will pay off.

The Bottom Line

Jumping straight into the labor market soon after you graduate from college is exciting and, yet, terrifying. Given the lack of experience and tough competition on the market, fresh grads often stumble into a whole range of issues. But, the good news is that everything’s possible.

Often, whether you will get hired or not depends not only on your education and skills but also on the company you have chosen to apply to. After reading this article, you know about the top companies that are known for hiring recent graduates. Now, all you have to do is choose which one suits your needs the most and give it a shot. Good luck!

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