Do you want to try a new cooking method that will give you professional results? Well, chances are you have seen your friends rave about their sous vide cooking experience on Facebook or Twitter recently.

Sous vide is a new cooking trend going around these days. It’s a style of cooking that requires the right equipment, the best recipes, and most importantly, an understanding of what can or cannot go into a sous vide machine.

The following article will explain things you need to know about how sous vide cooking works, the best places to buy a machine, and most importantly, what accessories you need.

Essential Sous Vide Accessories

The food prepared through this technology retains all its nutritional value and natural sensory qualities. Here are the essential accessories you should have when you decide to try this style of cooking:

Vacuum Sealer

Make sure your food is watertight. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of your meal. Choose a vacuum sealer with a double seal and adjustable with different bag sizes.


Zip Lock Bags

Ziplock bags are perfect for this technique because you can create a vacuum seal and, at the same time, get an evenly cooked meal. They should be entirely watertight so as to not affect the quality of your food. You can get zip locks in any size or thickness, but a thicker bag is better for this cooking method.

Cooking Bags and Mesh Bags

If you choose to use cooking and mesh bags, that’s great too – remember to get ones that are resistant to boiling water. These should be machine washable and made from high-quality material – if possible, food-grade.

Cooler and Ice

If you want to store your cooked meal in a cooler, then you’ll need some ice packs too. Good quality ones will stay cold for about 20 hours, so it’s perfect if you plan to go out for a day or leave the food in storage overnight.

Cooking Containers

A cooking container is an essential part of this technique. They will help you get your food ready for cooking and make it easier to transport from place to place.

Magnetic Thermometer

It is an essential tool for your sous vide machine because it tells you when your desired temperature has been reached. The probe should be waterproof and have a long cord to read.

Timer and Stopwatch

Timing is crucial in sous vide cooking, so make sure you have a timer or stopwatch on hand. The machine will beep when your food is ready, though if you’re not there, it may continue to cook until the water cools down again. So, it can be disastrous if you’re cooking something time-sensitive.

The best place to shop for all your sous vide needs is online. Though there are some great kitchen shops, you’ll find the widest variety of products over the internet. It can be overwhelming at first, especially if you’re starting with this cooking style, as there are plenty of great options and tools to choose from. However, you will soon become a pro with a little bit of experience and guidance.

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