The word Sadge is commonly used to depict sadness and depression. Although social media users, especially those on twitch have come up with their ideas and then turned this emote into a meme that depicts the same thing just in an ironic way.

The forum popularly known as twitch has several emotes laying around for its users, although these emotes can turn out to be complicated from the onset.

We know that on other social media platforms, it is easy to depict what a particular emote means but it is different for twitch.

None of the emotes here are clear, even the ones that might seem to look simple. Back to the major topic here, the newest and what seems to be making it to the limelight now is the new Sadge twitch emote.

It just suddenly became the most used emote on twitch, even though it is very common, it is quite confusing too as you might find it complicated when you see it at first.

This article aims to let you know about this particular new and common emote that everyone seems to want to know about and seems to enjoy.

Firstly we would like you to know that Sadge here is an emote that originates from the family of Pepe the frog. You might know him.

It is sort of similar to Pepe the frog as mentioned before, the only thing is that it carries only a sad facial expression.

This particular emote is used by most people to send information to other people that they are sad or are just not in a good mood. We have also heard from some sources that Sadge doesn’t only depict sadness, they say it also depicts cringe, we don’t know exactly how sure this is but it is the information we have.

What Does The Sadge Emote Depict?

The users on twitch utilize this emote called Sadge to tell someone that they are sad or maybe an event just took place, something that makes them feel unhappy.

Because this emote displays a sad face, it is used to show just how sad a person is and helps to relate to several sad situations.

What Does The Sadge Emote Mean To Twitch Users?

Firstly, let’s ask, do you know about the famous pepega and Monka’s emotes that are going around these days, not just on twitch though.

Well, they have Pepe the frog’s face as a characteristic on them. The Sadge comes with a battered and sad face which births the name Sadge.

Although it has been rumored to have a mixture of a cringed and sad face in one.

What does the Sadge mean on twitch? Well just like we have been saying, this is just a way to show someone that you are sad through chats.

It is a way to express your discomfort and anger about an event that occurred.

For instance, imagine a situation when the money you had planned to take your girlfriend out with just got lost and you are trying to explain to her or someone else, you could start with this emote and maybe end with it.

What Brought About Sadge Emote On Twitch?

We believe that the idea behind the Sadge emotes was when the popular Matt Furie made a post in 2005 about the boys club comic. He posted this on his Myspace account and he added Pepe the frog to this post. Somehow he made it happen.

Matt Furie made Pepe the frog even more popular than it was.

As time went on, three years later around 2008, people on 4chan started using it.

Many years later, around 2015/2016, Pepe the frog was a superstar as its picture became the most famous Meme on the globe.

Before you know it, people started creating several different facial expressions using the face of our famous Pepe the frog.

These memes were all over the internet as it could act as a funny face, sad face, happy face, and other facial expressions like shock face too.

Of course, not too long after the fame that Pepe the frog had gained, it had to be one of the twitch features. One of the famous twitch users added it to his Monka’s emote.

After all this fame and all the faces that were created by people on the internet, so also, twitch started picking up many of them and users began to enjoy it too. Just as 2020 started, the Sadge came to life and was uploaded by someone on twitch.

Just a week later, two famous users picked it up. One of them was part of the reasons why some of the twitch emotes are now popular memes flying around on the internet.

Just like the previous emotes that had been uploaded on twitch, Sadge gained its fame too and rapidly went on to be among the most famous emotes on twitch.

With the Sadge emotes, it was different. Different how? Well, firstly the name Sadge became a slang that depicted exactly what the emote depicted, it wasn’t just a slang based on twitch, it became famous in some other platforms just as it was on twitch.

Not just that though, the Sadge remote became so popular that people now know about it and yet they don’t know anything about twitch, imagine that, it came out of twitch and is now considered bigger than where it was birthed.

The Pepega, What Does It Mean?

Pepega is better off explained with the help of a photo but then pictures are not words right?

It is a very disrupted rendition of the frog known popularly as Pepe. The only difference is the negativity that it connotes.

How is it used on twitch? Well, most times it is just sent on twitch chats when a particular user goes ahead and does something that would warrant the world on twitch to call him or her foolish.

It doesn’t matter what you do though or how you do it, as long as it seems stupid to users.

Emote Doesn’t Seem Like A Complete Word, Is It Short For Anything?

Well yes, the word emote isn’t a complete English word, it was shortened maybe by the internet people. The major thing here is, emote is a way to shorten the words emotion icon.

You know what? Typing out the emotion icon doesn’t seem to be as cool as spelling out emote. An emote is commonly known as a pictorial showcase which is now used as a facial expression for different events.

How Do I Use This Twitch Emote?

The Sadge emote on twitch is only used when telling a sad story, when something sad happens, you might have to pull out the Sadge emote to the other parties that you are sad.

Sometimes, something sad doesn’t have to be something very tragic, it could be an event that occurred that you don’t just feel happy about, no one has to die first.

Maybe your favorite musician just lost an award to his or her Rival. Think of anything that doesn’t have to be serious enough that you can share with the world. Majorly, what we are saying is that the emote has been used over time as a sad mood emote.

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