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Rikkie Leigh Robertson became a huge public figure because of her marriage to A.B Quintanilla III, they were married for some years and they are presently separated.

You are probably asking why her marriage to this man made her famous. Well, he is a well-known American record producer and musician.

She was the third wife of her former husband, although currently with the news reaching us, she is in a relationship with someone else.

She is a thirty-four years old woman and she didn’t have any kids while she was dating Quintanilla III so she is free to move on. She is also very beautiful.

The Quintanilla family name brought her a fair share of fame which she was only able to keep for a few years because her career faded when she divorced her husband.

This took time, but with time she slowly went out of the radar.

There isn’t too much information about her currently but we have been able to gather from the past and present and fix them all into this article.

She is professionally a model who was able to work her way to the top but made some bad decisions that put her down.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson Biography

As we have mentioned before, she is thirty-two years old, her date of birth being march 14th 1988 has been able to confirm that for us.

She was born in a town called Corpus Christi, located in Texas, United States.

She is part British and Scottish, we are not sure of her educational background yet, we don’t know the schools she attended or if she graduated.

She is an American citizen of Hispanic ethnicity. She is an American model who is signed under the Blanco Agency. These people take care of her business.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson Relationship Life

She is currently married even though she has been divorced once, her ex-husband is A.B Quintanilla III while her present husband is David Gonzalez.

Formally, she was married to A.B. Quintanilla III and after being together for a long time, they decided to get a divorce and be separated.

Her former suitor is an all-time American producer and musician, he is also a professional songwriter.

These two (Rikkie Leigh Robertson and A.B Quintanilla) were both married from the 4th of November 2011 and to our greatest surprise, Quintanilla told the world that he was getting a divorce from his wife Rikkie Leigh Robertson.

After her marriage to A.B. Quintanilla ended, she started dating David Gonzales who is a professional photographer. Rikkie Leigh’s ex-husband had divorced two other women before taking her to the altar.

The first wife he got married to was named Evangelina Almeida. They got married a very long time ago, 1988 to be precise. 1988 is exactly the same year that Rikkie Leigh was born.

He and his first wife bore two children, both named Svani and Gianni before they got divorced.

MR A.B Quintanilla III got married to a second wife in 2002 who also bore two children for him and then later got divorced.

With him being a big fan of getting married, he moved on to getting married to our superstar in this article, Rikkie Leigh.

The couple got married on 2019, September 16. They had a beautiful wedding in Las Vegas and taking a wild guess, they were both happy with the arrangement although it was short-lived. They split up without having any children and then later got divorced.

Currently, Rikkie Leigh is a happily wedded bride, her spouse goes by the name of David Gonzales who happens to be a photographer.

According to Rikkie Leigh, she and her new husband were introduced or were first having a casual relationship as friends, and then they started dating in 2018, and by 2020, the sharpshooter David had engaged to her and finally got married in 2021.

The thing is that the Quintanilla name would always be a part of her and sometimes her career too.

Rikkie Leigh’s Age, Height, Weight, And Body

For a beautiful woman who was connected to the legend Quintanilla, of course, her life would be on 24-hour watch to figure out the slightest news about her.

Well, firstly what we are sure of here is that her age is 32, she was born on March 14 1988 and so she is currently 33 years old.

She is a tall lady, you should expect that from a model of her status. Her height has been measured or estimated to be 5 feet 9.

She weighs up to 69kg. She is very famous and known well as an American model and Quintanilla’s wife.

Even with her not being so much on the radar as she used to be, it is not easy to forget such a beautiful woman with brown eyes and brunette hair.

What Is The Net Worth Of Rikki Leigh?

Rikki Leigh is among the richest American models known and her net worth and salary are something people deliberate on. We don’t know how much she is being paid but we know that she is estates to be worth 5 million dollars.

All of this money she has earned while working and her sponsors or people who hire her can testify that she earns a good sum of money as her salary.

She is said to be one of the highest-paid in the game and she is loved by all her fans because of how active she is with them on her social media accounts.

With her success and fan base love, she has gained good wealth and has been able to get herself a good net worth with it.

She is one of those popular models in America whom as a guy your friends keep telling you to go and see some of her work because of how good and nice she looks on the runway and in some of her advertisements. She has been used to advertise some skin products and stuff like that so you get to see her silk akin to magazines too.

Things To Know About Rikki Leigh’s Childhood

The thirty-three years old model was born in Texas on the fourteenth day of March in the United States Of Africa.

The world does not know much about her parents and most of her childhood, what has been recorded is that she was born and raised in the same town in Texas.

She has said that she grew up there with her family beside her. She is without a doubt an American citizen and surprisingly claims to be part of the Caucasian ethnicity.

Why Are They Such A Big Deal? Talking About Rikki Leigh And A.B Quintanilla

Firstly, Rikki Leigh is this big model that has worked for numerous agencies and is still in conjunction with so many big brands today.

Something about Rikki Leigh is that she doesn’t have much revealed online about her but with what we have, she has done an awful lot for herself.

Nowadays, whatever she is up to remains in her cabinet because she is not someone who can come and shake the internet that much like she used to in her prime.

As for A.B. Quintanilla, he has been successful in several endeavors, especially musically, he does a lot of production, songwriting, and many more.

Quintanilla III started by being the lead guitarist for his late sister by the name Selena. He also wrote many songs for her.

Together he and his sister worked on some tracks that became some of the big hits in the game. We are talking about hits like Como La Flor, Amor Prohibido, and No Me Queda Mas.

Also, when his sister was alive and active, they both worked on several hit albums including Mis Primeras, Grabraciones, Entre a Mi Mundo, and Dreaming of you.

Some years ago, he had his spouse at the time jump on the album, she was on the song named Solo from the album named Blanco y negro.

Outside just singing and delivering hits, our man A.B. Quintanilla has gotten some good awards and achievements through the help of his music and consistency in the music industry.

He has received some awards such as the regional Mexican new artiste of the year, Latin billboard music awards, and Latin Grammy awards. These are not the only awards, we don’t refer to him as a prestigious artiste for nothing, he has many other awards but these are the biggest in his career.

How Did Rikkie Leigh’s Marriage With A.B Quintanilla Start And End?

The couple started dating a long time ago, they both entered into a casual dating relationship for more than two years.

Two years later, they were no longer called boyfriend and girlfriend, they were now called husband and wife after they organized their wedding.

Their wedding was held on the 12th of number, judging from the ceremony, it was obvious that they didn’t want anything big, they just had a small ceremony that involved them and their families in that little town where she grew up in Texas.

As we have mentioned before, it was a small ceremony and the guest list had their closest friends and family written all over it without any addition.

For a model, she chose something very simple. Well, everything looks good on her, she put on a white gown which had a normal black ribbon tied around her waist.

Both the marriage and married life they lived showed that they worked very hard to make sure the press and journalists only get the smallest news that could have popped out about them.

What we are saying here is that Rikkie Leigh and her husband just wanted to keep their marriage and personal issues on lock so that the internet doesn’t change your love to hate.

In the year 2013 Quintanilla came out to the press in an interview one day and he said that he and his wife were both getting a divorce.

What Has Rikkie Leigh Been Up To?

After the divorce, the superstar model had to move on with life and find a way to continue her career and face her future for whatever is coming in front.

While she was out of this marriage with Selena’s brother she was able to find herself another relationship with her new photographer husband by the name David Gonzales.

Sage didn’t go into a relationship, they both went ahead to get married and become husband and wife on the 23rd of February.

Rikkie took to social media and said that David Gonzales had proposed and she accepted to marry him.

Rikkie Leigh is now living in Corpus Christi, a small town in Texas with her husband who is a photographer.

Outside modeling for her husband, and giving him pictures to post on his social media, she works in a Law firm as a receptionist.

She is still being represented by the Blanco Agency.

Professional And Personal Life Of Rikkie Leigh

After Rikkie Leigh graduated, she immediately started her career as a model at that early stage.

She doesn’t reveal much about her career online but she is also an actress, a spokesperson, and a host too.

Although she hasn’t been placed in any movie we know of, she starred in some commercials, and her acting there ought to be counted. Always remember that her success banked on the fact that she was married to a big musician, as you know Quintanilla III.

Everyone would know her husband, he was a famous person in the music business, and he was a record producer, songwriter, and musician too.

Quintanilla came to the limelight when he became part of the band named Los Dinos.

Also, Quintanilla is the brother of the popular music star that we know as Selena. He was a guitar player and a songwriter, this is what he used to get himself all he has. He belonged to a family of musicians, him, his sister, and his father all made up the Los Dinos band.


So Rikkie Leigh is basically a model and Quintanilla’s ex-wife who is still trying to get herself back in the industry.

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