Going for thick, long, and dark eyelashes is a dream for many. Now you have to know how you can turn this dream into reality, just to make your eyes pop up a bit. You don’t have to combine and spread the oil evenly on the lashes for that beautiful result when you got this amazing product by your side. This growing serum is what your lashes need for a transformation. Visit the official website at Generic Villa and make your purchase, depending on the number of bottles you need. It is always a clever decision to get the serums in bulk order, as that helps you to save a great deal of money.

This is an FDA-approved Buy Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which helps in promoting your eyelash growth. It is one approved cosmetic treatment, which is getting worldwide popularity nowadays. If you are still not sure on whether you should use this growing serum on your lashes, then the below-mentioned points might change your thought process a bit.

How to take Careprost step by step?

There are various ways to apply this growing serum to get thicker, darker, and fuller lashes. Generally speaking, this Super Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is applied as an eye drop for reducing intraocular pressure. For the task of improving lashes, you can apply this serum without a makeup brush. Just get the drops well into the lashes’ base and to the hair follicles using a lip liner or eyeliner brush. 

Step 1:

Before you apply this FDA-approved growing serum on your lashes, you have to clean your face thoroughly and remove dirt or other makeup products. If you are wearing contact lenses, remove those along with other facial care items. It is important to avoid any contamination of the solution.  

Step 2:

Apply the solution on the upper portion of the base skin of the eyelid. Furthermore, you must not apply the solution on the lower lash line as it can cause hair growth in unwanted areas.

Step 3:

For best results, you can use a sterile applicator every time you plan to use the Careprost solution. Applying this solution regularly using a new applicator will protect you from unwanted irritation. Uses:

Much like eyebrows, the lashes will prevent the right spots, dust, and foreign particles from entering your eyes. Around 200 lashes are located on the upper eyelid, and half of it covers the lower lid. Because of the quantity, these lashes have become a perfect barrier for dirt.

Apart from helping you out to grow thick and darker lashes, this serum is used as a perfect solution for treating Ocular hypertension and Glaucoma. So, even doctors will recommend daily use of this drop, based on the patient’s current condition.

Careprost Benefits to follow:

There are so many benefits revolving around this eye drop that makes it a great choice among doctors. Being FDA-approved, doctors don’t have to think twice before recommending this solution to their patients. To help you know more about the benefits, focus on the list mentioned below:

  • Provides assured growth of your eyelashes:

You have tried so many things for eyelash growth and spend a good amount of money and time too. Some might have provided considerable results, but you are not sure if those tricks are everlasting. Well, not everything provides assured results, but the Bimatoprost solution might offer a permanent solution. After you have used this serum, you can see results within 3 to 4 weeks. Even when you stop using this solution, lashes will grow thicker for 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Safe for your use, even if it enters your eyes:

You have to be careful while using other serums on your lashes and prevent them from entering your eyes. If it does, then the serum will burn your eyes. Even some of the essential oils must be diluted further before applying to the lashes. But, with this Bimatoprost solution, you need not have to worry about that. This solution is mainly used for relieving eye pressure. So, while using it for the thicker lashes, there is nothing to worry about if it enters your eyes. It will not burn your cornea but will relieve eye pressure and won’t harm your vision in any way.

  • Makes the lashes stronger from the roots:

Even though the market houses so many solutions to help your lashes strong longer, but these options won’t prevent them from premature falling. But, you can’t say that with this Bimatoprost solution. This liquid gets absorbed at the roots of eyelash follicles and presents you with stronger lashes. Your lashes will grow stronger with every use and will only fall after completing the growth cycle. 

Long and thick eyelash by Careprost:

This particular eyelash serum will offer various kinds of eyelash care. You will enjoy longer and thicker lashes right from the first use. All the leading cosmetology professionals came together to create this masterpiece, which is changing the cosmetic world greatly. So, if you want some thicker and bigger lashes, waste no time further and order your solution right away!

 You can pick from multiple packages, and each one with various numbers of bottles. You can get a pack of 3 bottles, 6 bottles, 12 bottles, 24 bottles, or 36 bottles, with various price points. This official site offers sales rates in the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, and Dubai, and in so many other countries.

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