The market of pet equipment and accessories is evolving day by day. New and better options for pet accessories are available for owners who want to provide their furriers with delight and comfort. As per surveys, a dog harness is one of the top trends in today’s pet accessory market and industry. A harness can undoubtedly provide a dog owner more control of their zesty dog, a solid and big canine that is challenging to tackle, especially on busy roads.

Though, a dog harness shall permit you to appropriately control your enthusiastic furry when it tries to chase a bird, dog, or cat in a park or on the pavement. So, here are some of the top premier chew-proof dog harnesses that you might want to explore.

KurgoTru-Fit Dog Harness

If you are looking for durable dog harnesses, this is precisely your stop. This nylon and dual-clip harness is perfect for walking your furry and works as a vehicle safety mechanism. With adjustable straps, lightweight and fast release clips, you will be able to slip the vest on and off your puppy smoothly. You can get this available in various sizes vacillating from X-small to large, and it comes in four different color options. There are five adjustment points in total that lets you custom-fit the harness to your furbaby.

Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

This is the second-best option on the list that you can count on. The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is best known for its high, very durable materials. Also, as per its reviews, most dogs have cherished the way it fits them and, above all, how it makes them feel. This piece is specially designed to keep your furry friend comfortable for quite a prolonged period. You can not only count on this for long walks but also hikes with your pet.

PYRUS Dog Harness

With this heavy-duty harness made of nylon, you can provide your dog with the best walk. The fluffy padding makes it breathable enough. But what makes the Pyrus Dog Harness unique is the back-clip vest with reflective stitching for additional safety. With a tough outer layer, softer inner layer, and flexible handle, this harness lets you have immediate and spontaneous control of your canine whenever required. It also has a locking buckle to ensure your pet does not run away.

EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness

This trail harness comes with an easy-to-grab handle right on top, along with reflective piping. The shell of this collar is made out of sturdy polyester, and the inner padding is manufactured with lenient cotton material. It has a simple design and advanced features such as a belly band, adjustable chest band, and aD-ring back-clip. There are fast-release clips for wrapping around the dog’s belly and side clips for adding trail accessories.

IceFang Tactical Harness

As the name suggests, this harness comes from a highly reliable brand. It is a high-quality dog harness that presents you with a range of durable elements and features. The Ice fang Tactical Harness also has a chew-proof design. However, it must hold up to your pet’s teeth better than several other harnesses in the market. Apart from durability, this piece is also available in six different sizes and trendy color options. You can check this product out online.

Eagloo Dog Harness

This product has excellent reviews and is quite a sought-after choice among dog owners. You can choose it in six different shades and size options that vary from small to x-Large. It is made from highly durable Oxford nylon fabric that has reflective threading. If you are concerned about your dog’s safety at night, opt for this particular harness!

With dual metal leash clips in the back and the front, this particular vest works perfectly for pups and puppies that tend to be aggressive during walks and runs. Four adjustable clips let you customize the vest perfectly to your furbaby’s body structure. This is apt if you want a quality harness at an affordable price.

Julius-K9 IDC Power harness

With adjustable and flexible belly and front straps, along with a padded shoulder area, the JuliusPower harness is designed to be sturdy and comfortable. It features quite a reflective chest strap and edges for an added safety after the dark. This particular harness also has a back-clip mechanism with a robust metal D-ring leash attachment along with a fast-grab handle.

Manufacturers have made it in Germany and used anti-allergenic OEKO-TEX resources in it to protect your furry’s sensitive skin. It also comes with a breathable lining on the inside to make your pet feel light and free on their walks.

The Bottom Line

As per surveys, the proper dog harness can contribute to your peace of mind and your doggo’s ultimate safety. From less tangling, boosting pet’s comfort, reducing pet aggression, increased visibility, a good harness can bestow you as a dog owner more than you think. However, it is essential that you choose the harness wisely and not just settle for any other option out there. The above options shall help you reach the suitable options and make the best decisions for your pet’s harnesses. So, go ahead and make traveling with your furry companion an enjoyable one.

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