The PogU emote is presently one of the emotes which was gotten from the different PogChamp emotes that we should all know.

PogU has slowly become one of the most used emote online and is used to depict am expression a person gives when he or she reaches a new high, like breaking the high score of a very goods gamer in your hood.

Also, it helps to express surprise or shock, exciting shock though. The only thing is that unlike most emotes, you don’t just get to use the PogU emote, you need BTTV for using privileges.

The Meaning Of PogU

PogU is one of the several high-end twitch emotes, a series called PogChamp.

The emote could come as a stunned Ryan from Gootecks or Gutierrez with a shocking facial expression, of course, his mouth is open.

The emote is the face gazing with shock looking straight at the camera.

How is the emote used on twitch? Well, it is brought to play when trying to let people know that you are shocked or better still amazed.

It is used a lot on twitch, very popular emote that is used commonly to improve on them.

There are a few others like PogU, they are all from the different emote that are sourced from the main PogChamp.

What Does The PogU Emotes Depict On Twitch?

PogU as we must have mentioned before is among the first PogChamp emotes.

The PogU emote possess a face that is expressing shock by keeping its mouth open widely.

Imagine going through the internet and then you see that in the movie fast and furious part 8, they truly let those cars fall from the buildings above.

That must be shocking right? Yes, it is, in situations like this, you send in these emotes to express the shock you feel.

The PogU emote can also be used to make a less exciting event look extremely event, this is because the shock on the emotes face is surprisingly real and shows real shock.

Firstly, POG is an abbreviation that means Play Of the Game.

Ever since the PogChamp’s face was switched to something else, from that of Ryan, it was switched to the face of a lizard, and since then it became extremely popular and was used all over the internet.

The PogU Emote – Origin

The PogU emote is one of the major PogChamp emotes which was included in twitch some years back.

This particular emote is seen mostly on browser extensions, maybe that is the only place where it can be found for real.

At first, the PogU emote had the face of Ryan where he was very surprised and even opened his mouth widely to express it. His face was caught on camera like that luckily.

According to sources, the picture had been gotten from a video of Ryan where he was very shocked to see how a cameraman had fallen his tripod down.

The shocking face was a phenomenal one, so much so that the face had to be added on twitch.

After it had been added to twitch platform, the emote immediately blew over the skies and rapidly grew into the community as one of the best and famous on twitch.

It didn’t just bring popularity to itself, the word PogChamp also grew to become very popular and was used most of the time as a slang on twitch.

So many twitch users, big and small used the name and face almost every time and that was how it became very popular.

At some point, the popularity it gained brought about the beginning of a chess game on twitch that was named after the emote, it was called PogChamp.

Like we said before, there are a few others that have been used other than PogU, we have the POG and POGGERS.

So you see, PogU also made the others like it become more popular than they formally were.

So now let’s get to how this particular emote got to be very popular on twitch, it became more popular alongside its other kinds after they had been uploaded on FrankerFaceZ and BTTV.

You might not know what FrankerFaceZ and BTTV are, well they are browser extensions somehow linked to twitch because they give you the privilege of uploading emotes that could be joined with twitch.

PogU was among the various emotes that had been added on FrankerFaceZ in 2018.

All of the several emotes that was added were sourced from that particular video but were from different camera angles.

As we speak, countless channels now give the PogU emote from FrankerFaceZ the privilege to be utilized.

Based on what we have seen and what has been recorded, the PogU emote has been used a lot of times, we are talking about millions of times.

Not too long ago, this popular emote was taken down from twitch, it was no longer allowed on twitch as an emote.

For some reason concerning violence, the organizers of twitch saw it to be a good idea if they take it down from the site.

Just a month later after this popular twitch emote had been taken down, it was replaced, a wide-mouthed lizard took its place and is now the new PogU emote face.

Of course, the lizard face has also been moving well and has gained its fair share of the fame, these things take time, it will be like its predecessor.

For How Long Has The Poggers Been In Use?

Poggers started not too long ago, maybe around the late months of 2017. It is majorly the joining of two different characters, the characters being Pepe the frog and PogChamp.

It is among the popularly utilized emotes by those who take the meme game very seriously.

It is used in the same process as the PogChamp and it also depicts the shock and excitement of a person at that very moment. We have all. Seen something that surprises us online, that could make us use this emote.

What Is The Main Source Of The Term Pog?

Surprisingly this is a word that is gotten from another word that means another word in a foreign language.

That seems confusing, let’s explain further, Pog was gotten from another word known as pogue, pogue in the foreign language known as Gaelic means kiss. It has to be clear now.

Well it became popular when Irish Navy sailors who were in the American Civil War had gotten angry and then said that those who were not allowed to go out of the shore get the opportunity to kiss every lady while some of them were busy fighting.

Are Pogs Still In The Limelight Today?

Very surprisingly, something that people didn’t expect just gained a lot of fame and has had lasting success in areas where you wouldn’t believe it would.

To answer the question, Yes, Pogs are still very much around and they are still very popular.

We are not talking about toys or action figures which is where you would expect them to be famous right? Well, that is where you have it wrong, they are seen mostly online as memes and are now used to depict facial expressions.

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