You’re probably one of the eighty-five percent of people in the United States who have had back pain at a certain period in their life. Chronic pain is a prominent source of disability complaints and time lost from the job. Perhaps headaches are more prevalent among neurological disorders than back pain.

One approach to treat back pain is non-invasive Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) therapy. Although surgery is the only option left, PEMF therapy must be explored as the first line of defense. Speculative surgeries and medications may be entirely avoided with this medical intervention.

How Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device Works?

Treatment with PEMF involves high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields that recharge cells while also decreasing inflammatory response. Such electromagnetic fields enter the body to the cellular level, penetrating through tissues.

For individuals with serious lower back pain, this treatment can be coiled and linked to the lower spinal pain for several hours per day. The frequency range among most PEMF therapy devices is between 5 and 30 Hz.

PEMF therapy machines emit electromagnetic fields even at a lower frequency that might not affect a person’s physiology and heredity. Different machines emit EMFs that might harm a person’s health. For this, that would be a suitable alternative to treat your lower back pain with acupuncture.

Is relief from back pain possible with PEMF therapy?

Pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF) are used in PEMF treatment to target different regions of the body. Destruction of cells is repaired using these energy waves. PEMFs can be used to treat any type of chronic problem, no matter what the root cause may be.

At even higher intensity, PEMFs are fully secure to be used all across the brain as well as in other body regions. PEMFs benefit from calming down the overly active, overexcited signals by repairing brain cells and adjusting brain frequency capabilities.

PEMFs have shown excellent prospects for the treatment of lumbar radiculopathy and whiplash syndrome, according to two recent studies.

The first one gazed at 100 individuals with lumbar radiculopathy and 92 people with whiplash syndrome in aggregate. For a period of 2 weeks, one gang of sufferers obtained both regular medication and magnetic field treatment. The other group was given nothing but prescription drugs. Magnetic field therapy provided significant pain respite in those conditions.

In another research, published in the Porto Biomedical Journal, researchers found that PEMF therapy aids patients with lower back pain and improves their cognitive functioning. Using a therapy machine carries a negligible risk, and it could serve as a potential substitute for pain medications.

Because it uses strong magnetic resources to transfer into your body’s primal magnetism, the authors of this research paper concluded that PEMF medication is an efficacious conservative remedy for lower back pain. Employing PEMF assists in relieving back as well as other regions of suffering while also lowering pressure on the nerve roots.


The benefits of PEMF therapy are numerous, such as minimal anguish in the affected region, significantly lowered swelling, and maximizes joint mobility, recovery of harmed tissues, such as tendons and bones. It also ensures better sporting output, decreases swelling, stimulation of cellular metabolism, improves oxygen in the cells, and massive decrease of pain associated with lack of nutrition.

PEMF treatment is the best option for the users who are looking for ways to recover from lower back pain. Visit to buy the best PEMF products recommended by your doctor. 

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