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Everyone knows Megan Fox as the poster girl of Hollywood in the early to mid-2000s. But do you know her son, Noah Shannon Green?

He’s currently one of the most recognizable celebrity kids in Hollywood and never shies from the spotlight. The celebrity status of Noah’s parents has catapulted him to instant fame. But is that all to know about Noah Shannon Green? Not at all!

There’s a lot of gossip about this child celebrity and his parents’ relationship. That’s why it’s worth checking out every detail about Noah’s life so far and that of his parents. All relevant details you must know about Noah are in this guide. You’ll also get correct information about his parents and other important details.

It will be easy to know more about Noah’s parents and how their relationship is at the moment through this guide too. With such a complete package, you’ll have the best gossip about one of showbiz’s most promising prospects.


Noah Shannon Green was born to Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green in the early 2010s in Los Angeles, CA. He’s of mixed ethnicity and is the second child of his father. Noah’s grandparents are George and Joyce Green.

Noah comes from a family that has British, German, and Italian ancestry. His parents chose to name him Noah (of Hebrew origin), even if this is a one-off.


Born on September 27, 2012, Noah Shannon Green is currently 9 years old (in 2021). He was born two years after his parents got married and are the first child of Megan Fox. Brian (his father) has an older son from his first relationship with Vanessa Marcil.


Shannon has three siblings – Kassius (born in 2002), Bodhi (born in 2014), and Journey (born in 2016). However, Noah is the first of three children from his mother’s marriage to Brian. The Greens have an extended family structure and Noah and his siblings get to visit their aunt, grandparents, and other relatives.

Height and Other Measurements

Noah is just nine and already measures a little short of 4ft. (3ft. 11 in.). At such height, this guy is sure to grow taller as the years go by. Other body measurements of Noah aren’t available online.

He currently has a slim build and could get up to around 6ft. (his dad’s current height) or taller. Even if he’s just under 4ft., he’s already a fan favorite, even if he hasn’t been featured in any movies yet.


Green is currently attending elementary school where he’s keen to build his fundamental skills to the fullest. He also works towards honing his acting skills, partaking in sports, and is an avid lover of fun activities at school.

There’s no concrete information about the name of Noah’s school for obvious security reasons. But if he’s to follow in the footsteps of any of his parents, Green is likely to have so much else to do at school. Noah’s parents were part of several groups at elementary school, and his dad was even part of the music and swimming team.

Noah’s leaning toward loving art and fun activities might see him follow in similar footsteps. It won’t be odd to see him join a sports team or music and arts academy going forward.

Net Worth

Noah is still in his early years and doesn’t earn a salary yet nor does he have a fledgling career at the moment. He depends on his father’s estimated net worth currently pegged at $9 million. Noah is also a dependent of Megan Fox who is well worth over $10 million. In total, Noah has access to a pool of funds totaling a little below $20 million.

There’s no film, music, or art engagement coming Noah’s way at the moment. But it’s without a doubt that he’ll be rolling in much cash, no matter what happens.

Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, Noah Shannon Green’s parents have the keys to several properties. The couple usually buys homes and sells off properties whenever they need to go their separate ways (more on this later).

For example, Green’s parents bought a posh home in the Los Feliz area of LA in 2009. After a romance went wrong, the couple had to sell off the home they bought at $2.9 million for $3.7 million. After several on-and-off activities, the couple sold other properties in 2016 to pave way for a new chapter.

When reconciliation happened, the couple bought other properties, like a $3.3 million, 2-acre Malibu property. Even if a $5 million lawsuit ensued, later on, the couple held onto their property until their next separation.

But it’s worth noting that Fox and Brian are believed to have separate properties running into millions of dollars. Noah has access to these properties and doesn’t find any trouble living in eye-catching locations.

Parents Careers

Noah’s parents have established careers in Hollywood, and his mother has other dealings in showbiz. Before delving into other details, let’s check out more info about this couple:

Megan Fox

Fox started out her acting career as an uncredited extra on several sets in 2001. After entering the movie scene, she made notable un-credited extra appearances in movies like Bad Boys II.

Megan’s major break came in November 2001 when she played Ashley Olsen in Holiday in the Sun. Over time, she racked up appearances across sets of What I Like About You, Two & a Half Men, and many more. Fox’s career took another huge leap when she featured with Lindsay Lohan in a mid-2000s classic, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Minor performances, un-credited appearances, and other irrelevant gigs began to give way to more established roles. But no role skyrocketed Megan’s career like the 2007 box office hit Transformers.

Alongside Shia LaBeouf, Transformers grossed over $700 million in its first installment. Megan’s return to the Transformers set with LaBeouf for the sequel also brought in over $830 million.  Such record-breaking performances put Megan on the map, and her career has only gone up ever since.

Fox has also starred in award-winning titles, like the 2009 horror-thriller Jennifer’s Body. Most projects Megan has featured in since then have been massive successes.

Brian Green

Noah’s father was a regular in Knots Landing, a popular soap opera in the late 80s, even though he was just 13 at the time. He also starred as a major character in the now-discontinued TV series Beverly Hills, where he played David Silver.

Green was a regular on this show throughout its 11 seasons (1990 – 2000). Brian has also been featured in Freddie, Desperate Housewives, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Smallville, Anger Management, and many other titles.

His career has continued to amass more recognition and he has been featured in dozens of high-grossing movies. In Brian’s early career days, many would have thought that he would become a country musician like his dad, George. Brian defied the odds by joining the Screen Actors Guild at a young age and has had a fruitful acting career.

And if you think that’s all about Brian, think again!

Brian also works as a producer, and rapper, and is open to other business engagements. Looking back at his career spanning several decades, Noah should be proud of his dad.


Noah doesn’t have an Instagram account at the moment, but that doesn’t stop him from amassing fans on the platform. Green currently appears on his parents’ Instagram pages and continues to capture the hearts of admirers worldwide.

It’s a sure thing that Noah Shannon Green will rack up millions of followers on Instagram when he decides to open an account. But until then, teeming followers of this kid celebrity can always check his parents’ pages for updates.

Love for Cosplay

Even with negative remarks and loads of bullying attempts online, Noah Shannon Green’s love for cosplay keeps growing. Characters of popular culture, and in most cases, kiddie’s content, usually shape Noah’s dress sense.

And Noah’s dress sense has surely caught the eye of his parents. Fox revealed Noah’s love for cosplay and the negative remarks he has to deal with. According to Fox, Noah has been bullied on several occasions but seems to cope with it just fine.

Noah’s love for cosplay seems to be driven by his creative skills. His parents say he’s always into anything fashionable and doesn’t shy from selecting his outfits without anyone’s input.

Fox admits her son loves to dress up in female wear sometimes, and she’s 100% supportive of all his needs. Besides being attracted to selecting trendy outfits, Fox claims Noah designs outfits too. Noah’s creative skills may not be unconnected with his liberal, supportive upbringing. It’s almost certain that his creative prowess will only grow from here on out.

Sexual Orientation

Since Noah is still quite young, the jury’s still out when it comes to his sexual leanings. But we won’t be surprised to see some interesting stuff from Noah, since he loves wearing gowns whenever he can.

However, since he’s got supportive parents, there’s a greater chance that he’ll get total respect, no matter what he decides.

How Did His Parents Meet?

Green’s parents met on the set of a 2004 film titled Hope and Faith and began dating soon after. Megan was 18 at the time and was well behind in performing in movies that shot her to stardom. After dating for two years, things between the couple started getting serious from 2006 onwards.

But are they still together?

Are Noah’s Parents Still Together?

Sadly, Noah’s parents are no longer a couple. They separated in 2019 and both ex-partners have moved on since. The couple has something of an on-and-off relationship. After their engagement in 2006, everything seemed fine until Megan cheated with a co-star. Their engagement was broken off in 2009 and it took several months for them to get back together.

The couple would break up and get back together a couple more times before getting married on June 24, 2010. They broke up in August of that same year and even filed for divorce. Megan and Brian would come back together in 2011, which led to the birth of Noah Shannon green.

Breakups continued for several years until both partners decided to file for a divorce in 2019. Megan has moved on with another man, but there’s little info about Brian’s relationships at the moment.

There’s no telling when it comes to Megan and Brian’s relationship. Who knows? They could be back together in the future and don’t be too quick to rule out another breakup if that happens.


Why did Megan Fox leave Noah Green’s father?

Megan Fox has left Noah Green’s biological father at least three times. On most of these occasions, Fox is the one usually at fault.

She’s been romantically linked with a co-star while engaged to Green’s father and has been unfaithful before. But that’s not an indication that Noah’s parents won’t ever get back together again. Brian Green (Noah’s dad) seems to be quite forgiving, and Megan seems to take advantage of this quite often.

How much is Noah Shannon Green worth?

Noah Shannon Green depends on the finances and estate of both his parents at the moment. His parents are worth millions of dollars and have several holdings that make them a wealthy couple.

Is Noah Shannon Green a girl?

Noah Shannon Green is not a girl but doesn’t shy from putting on female-inspired clothing if he wants to. Shortly after the release of a Disney Classic, Frozen, Green was spotted putting on a princess dress.

Both his parents leave him at liberty to dress how he sees fit without making any alterations. Noah’s long hair also contributes to rumors that he might be a girl. But he’s very much male, even if his long princess-like locks tell a different story.

Why does Noah Shannon Green love putting on dresses?

Cosplay is a major turn-on for Noah Shannon Green. He fancies putting on cosplay dresses whenever the opportunity presents itself. Noah is one of the most popular celebrity kids with an affinity for dress-up themes, particularly at social events.

Who is Noah Shannon Green’s mother dating?

Megan Fox (Shannon Green’s mother) currently dates Machine Gun Kelly. The duo has been together after Fox’s relationship with Noah’s father hit the rocks.

Noah’s parents got married in an intimate wedding ceremony, but it’s not clear whether they’ll be back together again.

Will Noah Shannon Green’s parents ever get back together?

Brian Green and Megan Fox (Noah’s parents) have separated almost half a dozen times in the past.

The couple has always found a way to get back together, but things seem to be over between them for now. Megan is now with another man, and there’s no telling where her newest relationship will head in the future.

Does Noah Shannon Green have a girlfriend?

Noah Shannon Green is quite young to be in any romantic relationship at the moment. But whenever he gets into a relationship with a girl (and/or boy), you’ll get the best updates right here.

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