Who is Nicky Marmet?

Lately, Nicky has been able to get some media attention because of his engagement with the famous actress that is known as Robin Tunney. Well, yes the weird and unpopular guy is engaged and married to a popular Hollywood actress known as Robin Tunney.

Apart from all the jokes, this guy lives in the comfort of himself, his childhood and life details are not very prominent online but we were able to get what we could.

Nicky Marmet and his current wife Robin Tunney got engaged in 2012 after they had dated for a very long time. It was so romantic because they got engaged on a festive period, not just a festive period, the last festive day of the year which is Christmas day.

They had embarked on a journey heading to Rio De Janeiro when Nicky Marmet saw it fit to ask the question and just engage her as his life partner.

Nicky is such a romantic, he proposed when they were on a trip during a festive period, he must have stolen her heart by his timing alone.

Robin later came up in an interview and said that she wasn’t feeling too fine the day he proposed and she had turned him down that day. He wasn’t going to give up so he did it again and asked her to marry him again then she agreed and then they made their love life official.

They have been together ever since then and so far they have gotten two children in their household. Nicky had never been engaged in his life before his current girlfriend but Robin had been in at least three relationships before Nicky.

Nicky gave her a family heirloom, his grandmother’s diamonds to show her just how much he loved her. He did everything right so far.

Robin has been in three other relationships before meeting Nicky. She has also been engaged twice before but was still struck out of the relationship, probably the reason why she said no to Nicky before.

She would know more about engagements and Marriages than Nicky does because of her past experience.

Nicky Marmet Being Popular

For most people who haven’t done anything to warrant them being popular, they either gain fame from their relationship partner or they get famous based on what their parents have done.

Nicky Marmet ran into the relationship kind of fame, although he is one not to care for fame, he just got lucky and is now known around the world as the husband of – the actress.

Robin Tunney is an actress who has gotten the chance to play roles in movies like the craft, End of days, and Supernova. She starred in a lot of Hollywood movies too.

The article now is just about her husband but there is no way to talk about him and not talk about her every now and then. The man we are talking about is Nicky Marmet and his friends and close relatives call him Nicky.

He is a professional interior designer and he is good at it too. His net worth is around 8 million dollars to 10 million.

Early Life of Nicky Marmet

Nicky Marmet was born on the 16th of August 1981 in the United States of America. He was born in a Christian home and by calculation, by 2021 now he is 40 years old.

He was born and raised in the same country where he was born and is a citizen of the United States of America. He is of white ethnicity, his father goes by the name Todd but his mother’s name is not known as his father’s.

There isn’t much about his family, the only family we know very well of is his current one with his wife and children. Nicky has a zodiac sign which is said to be Leo.

Nicky Marmet Education

Talking about the education of this man, Nicky Marmet is said to have gone to a private school where he completed his whole education. The name of this school isn’t known by the company, it is like this because he isn’t a very popular fella.

After high school, he went to a very reputable college with the aim of learning interior design in the states.

His Career

Just as we have said before, he is an interior designer and a very good one too. He can decorate times and buildings from which he makes a lot of money.

Nicky has been a professional designer for a very long time and outside of gat being where his source of money comes from, he also has a website where he posts his work and gets more clients.

Outside the interior designing life, he never had any other kind of life until he got married to a Hollywood big name then became a real hit on social media.

Nicky Marmet Net Worth

Nicky has a professional career as an interior designer and by what we see and what has been estimated as his assets, he is worth at least 8 million dollars or 10 million dollars at most.

We don’t know if he has a monthly income but as an interior designer working on his own without answering no one, he earns a lot.

He and his wife are one now so their yearly income together has been estimated as fifty or seventy thousand US dollars. They are both very rich and enjoy themselves a lot, Nicky has a fleet of cars and two or three villas as part of his assets.

With what we have said, you can imagine how rich this guy is now. An interior designer with such an amount of money proves how good he is at what he does.

Nicky Marmet Measurement, Height, And Social Media

As we have mentioned before and are still mentioning, Nicky wasn’t famous before his engagement news came out because he got married to a famous person. Right now he has a huge fan base all over different social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Nicky Marmet is built with a beautiful body and a very beautiful figure.

He is a 41-year-old man who stands 5ft and 10 inches tall. Most fans know how handsome the man is because they see his pictures on social media. When he comes out to the public, he ensures that he looks good in front of the crowd.

He has a good weight, his scale reads around 68KGs and he has maintained his weight so far by doing a series of exercises and putting himself on strict diets.

Because of all these disciplines that he has maintained he has been able to maintain a standard figure that the ladies love. Aside from what their exercise and diet do for him, he is a very handsome man with hazel eyes that are remarkably beautiful and light brown hair.

He is also a very stylish man who has been about to manage a lot of styles for himself with many clothing and other hairstyles.

We can establish with all of these details that Nicky Marmet is a very stylish man.

Nicky Marmet And Robin Tunney

Do you know the figure of speech that says lightning doesn’t strike one place and strike it later again when it comes the next time?

Well, this figure of speech had to respect Robin Tunney because she has had bad experiences with relationships before she met Nicky who proposed and has given her a better life and showed her what love is all about.

According to her, he has been the best partner in her life and she was scared at first when he came around and when he proposed to her. Just like most popular people in the entertainment industry, she has gone through some bad relationships until she was able to find the person she feels good settling with.

They are both very famous because of their marriage, although Robin made it a very popular thing because of her status. She hasn’t been into things concerning her fame and other things celebrities do since her marriage, they both are focused on themselves and their children.

She is one of the most famous actresses in the scene today. She is regarded as a veteran actress based on her appearance in the movie known as the mentalist.

She has successfully found love in the hands of her current husband after she had just gotten out of a failed marriage with Bob Gosse.

He Is Engaged To Robin Tunney Currently

Nicky Marmet is presently engaged to the popular Hollywood actress known as Robin Tunney. They both had their engagement in 2012 after they had spent some time together getting to know themselves better.

On the 25th of December 2012, Nicky decided to surprise his girl by proposing to her while they were going to spend some time in Rio for the holidays.

Although, the amazing and sexy star and professional actress wasn’t so impressed with the idea because she first rejected the proposal.

She claimed she wasn’t feeling too well on that day, he continued asking, and then he got his Yes.

Robin Tunney Has Been In Two Relationships That We Know Of

Nicky has never asked a girl to marry him before as Robin was his first choice in life.

He also used the ring that his grandmother had given to him to propose, this is a diamond ring. On the other hand, Robin Tunney isn’t a newbie in this marriage or engagement game because she has gotten to this point in her life twice before.

The professional actress has been thrown down the drain so many times, she even started to give up on love after her last failed marriage.

At first, she didn’t want to jump into a relationship with Nicky but he is a persistent person and seems to love her a lot, so she decided to spend forever with him. Her career has been good to her but her love life hasn’t been so good because she has been heartbroken before.

She was also once married but ended up having to separate from her husband which has caused her to be down and a bit sad.

Before she got married to Nicky, she got married to director and producer Bob Gosse. They were together for 11 years before they got separated.

Nicky Marmet Children With Robin Tunney

As we have said before, they used to say that thunder doesn’t come back to strike a place where it has struck before, well it happened for Robin Tunney.

She had been married for 11 years and had been in another failed relationship before, now she met Nicky Tunney who is her present husband and her full-time lovebird.

They have both been together for nine years now after getting engaged in 2012. They have been blessed with two beautiful children since their union, Oscar Holly Marmet, and Colette Kathleen. Oscar was born on the 23rd of June 2016 while Colette was born on the 8th of January 2021.

So far we just call them husband and wife when they are not married, although their love seems to be growing very fast and so far there haven’t been any issues if anyone going the wrong way among the both of them. The world hopes to hear that they are married soon. 


We just hope that after reading the article you have gotten a clear picture of who Nicky Marmet is and his family. You see how he rose to fame and every other aspect of his life.

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