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There’s been so much online buzz about Lori Harvey lately. And for the most part, gossip about her centers on dating choices she always makes. Since Lori announced her and Michael B. Jordan being a thing, everyone has focused on her short, yet intriguing relationship journey.

But there’s so much more to Lori than being a record dater of eligible bachelors in sports and showbiz. Lori has made a name for herself, and most of her successes happen way before she started dating anyone. Now that it’s clear Lori doesn’t date men as a social-climbing stunt, what’s there to know about this beauty?

There’s so much to know about this A-list celebrity to supersede her dating gossip. That’s why this guide lays every vital detail about the multi-talented entrepreneur. Everything from her family life, career path, and of course, dating history is right here. Get a clear idea of who Lori is and why she’s one of the most sought-after ladies in Hollywood right now.


Lori Harvey is a celebrity kid of Steve and Marjorie Harvey. Her fashion is an accomplished TV/radio personality and her mother runs a popular fashion design brand. Lori has ventured into several disciplines in her career after breaking onto the scene as one of Steve’s most recognizable kids online.

Harvey grew up in Atlanta, GA, and spends some time with her family in Chicago, IL on some occasions too.


Lori Harvey was born on January 13, 1997, in Memphis, Tennessee. She’s currently 24 (in 2021) and one of Steve Harvey’s youngest children. Most birthday celebrations hosted for Lori have been exquisite events by her admirers.


For a model, Lori isn’t the tallest fashion celebrity out there right now. At 5ft. 3 in., Lori ranks as a break-in star in an exclusive industry. Most successful models are usually 6 ft. tall, but Lori seems to be bucking that trend constantly.


Harvey studied at Florida College where she took an interest in sports, especially equestrian. Before then, Lori mastered her fundamental skills before and after her mom got married to Steve.

Net Worth

Steve Harvey’s daughter doesn’t lay claim to his family’s $250 million estates, as she’s amassed a decent fortune in her own right. Lori is currently worth over $1 million and is set to add more value to herself with multiple engagements. Most of Lori’s wealth has been garnered by several endeavors, and she’s one of the busiest Harveys right now.


Lori has a checkered family history, particularly when you consider her paternity. It’s quite hard to talk about Harvey’s family at a go, so here’s a breakdown of everything there is to know:


Lori identifies as the daughter of Steve Harvey, one of America’s most popular TV personalities. Harvey married Lori’s mother, Marjorie, and Steve adopted all her children after the wedding. So, in reality, Steve Harvey is Lori’s stepfather and not her biological dad. Steve Harvey has four other children from other relationships, putting his total kid count at seven (7).


Steve Harvey has three kids from his first marriage to Marcia Harvey – Brandi, Karli, and Broderick Jr. After Harvey’s split from Marcia in 1994, he married Mary Shackelford in 1996 and bore another son, Wynton Harvey. Harvey divorced Shackelford in 2005 and moved on to marry Lori’s mother in 2007.

Marjorie Bridges had already given birth to three children before she began dating Harvey. In 2007, the couple got married and Harvey absorbed Morgan, Jason, and Lori into his family. Lori is the youngest of Harvey’s children but seems to be the most popular among all her siblings.


Lori doesn’t have any children at the moment, but she’s an aunt to six children from her siblings’ marriages. There’s ample evidence online about the relationship Lori shares with her nieces and nephews.

And Steve Harvey is a total family man when it comes to hosting get-togethers and keeping his kids close. And Lori has posted loved-up photos with most of her siblings’ kids on her Instagram page.

Jim Townsend/Donnell Woods controversy

There’s been a lot of gossip about Lori’s biological father lately, especially after Steve Harvey adopted her. Since we got enough info about her mom, it won’t be hard to spot her dad now, would it? But here’s the thing – it took a long time for everyone to figure out who her real father is.

Marjorie Elaine (Lori’s mother) was romantically involved with Jim L. Townsend, and the couple got married shortly after. Jim got into some trouble with the law and had to be put behind bars for his crimes. Townsend was in jail for quite a while, making it impossible for him to be the father of Lori.

So, our best bet on Lori’s real daddy is Donnell Woods, whom her mom started dating after she and Townsend divorced. Marjorie gave birth to all of her three children for Woods, but their relationship deteriorated when Lori was very young.

Multiple sources allege that Woods is Lori’s biological father, and there’s nothing concrete to dispute that just yet.


Harvey is one of the hottest prospects on Instagram and currently has more than 3.7 million active followers. Most of her fans admire her photos based on her fashion sense, love for luxury, and brand promotions. Paparazzi also monitor photos of Lori on IG, as she usually posts loved-up photos whenever she’s in a relationship.

Take, for example, her current relationship with Michael B. Jordan. Many of their vacation, dinner, and promotion photos are posted first on Lori’s page before any other platform picks it up.

Lori also gives fashion tips to millions of her followers whenever she can. So, it’s a wise move to visit her Instagram (@lori_harvey_) when you need one or two trending fashion hints.  


For someone just over 24, Lori has had a busy, colorful career. She’s been involved in multiple industries with notable successes wherever she plans to invest her time and resources. Here’s a brief description of Lori’s career and everything she’s been doing before and after she came into the spotlight:


Harvey gained interest in horseback riding from a very young age and enrolled to participate in several equestrian competitions.

Lori was almost certain of being in the US Olympic Equestrian Team for their next outing. But her dreams of becoming a decorated equestrian world champion were dashed in 2015. While on horseback at a competition in Lexington, KT, Lori suffered a bad back injury that cut her career short.

But before then, she had already amassed several awards from other prestigious equestrian competitions. Steve Harvey even wore one of her winning medals on a live show as a clear approval of his stepdaughter’s successes.


Many know Lori as a popular model for some of the most iconic names in fashion. But few know that she truly kicked off her modeling career at just 3 years old.

Before hitting world-renowned fashion shows in her teens, she was a fan favorite for child modeling gigs for several years. All the experience she got in the child fashion industry proved effective, as she’s one of the best models out there right now.

Lori doesn’t consider herself a traditional model, but she’s done well for herself in the industry. She’s walked the runway for brands like Calvin Klein, Versace, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, and so on.

For someone measuring a little over 5ft., Lori has found her way to succeed in the market where over 6ft. ladies are preferred. She also doesn’t have a super-flat tummy or skinny stature to boot, but fashion brands love her anyway.

Lori is currently signed to a couple of modeling agencies – Select Model Management and LA Models. She’s been a regular appearance in sought-after fashion shows and has appeared at the Milan and Paris Fashion Week events.

Most people attribute Lori’s modeling career success to her relationship with Sean Combs. But in reality, she’s always been on a stable, upward rise in the fashion industry.


Harvey has once featured as a contestant in a talent hunt show. She returned to the same show on VH1 as a panelist and was a regular for several episodes.


Lori uses her Instagram account to good use, as she advertises a range of products to her teeming followers regularly. Most products advertised by Lori are in the fashion and beauty line.


Lori began acting on Family Feud, her family reality TV series. She’s been featured on the show for several seasons, and there’s no telling if she’ll go mainstream Hollywood soon.

Skincare products

Many know Lori as a model and public figure, but very few know she’s into skincare products. In recent years, Lori’s SKN by LH has continued to put plans in place for a massive rollout.

Relationship(s) Rumors

There’s a reason why the “s” above is in a bracket. Lori can be likened to a dating machine, as she’s been with more than six men in recent years. Most of her relationships have been with musicians and sports stars. Here’s a complete rundown of Lori’s relationships (the ones we know of) in no particular order:

Memphis Depay

Lori was 19 when rumors about her relationship with Memphis Depay became public. She and Depay came out to confirm the rumors in 2016 and began posting “couple goals” photos on their Instagram pages.

Depay went ahead to propose to Lori in 2017, and the couple got engaged in June of that same year. But some unknown issues rocked their boat soon after, causing a rift in their once-happy union.

Confirmations of a breakup were very difficult to notice from both celebrities until 2018. Lori was spotted in public without the engagement ring Memphis got her. And the final nail to the relationship’s coffin came when Memphis released a single titled “No Love”. Frankly, Memphis should stick to soccer, as this single really showed he doesn’t have much to offer in music.

Justin Combs

Lori began dating Justin Combs after confirming her breakup with Memphis. Justin and Lori denied the dating rumors, but several paparazzi clips showing the duo hanging out told a different story. But their private hangout wasn’t destined to last, as they both went separate ways sometime in 2018.

Sean Combs

It’s alleged that Lori dated Sean “Diddy” Combs during the summer months of 2019. Both Lori and Diddy denied the relationship, but they got outed by one of Sean’s children, Christian.

The relationship kicked off after Lori broke up with Justin Combs, one of Diddy’s children. During the rumored relationship, Lori and Combs Sr. were pictured across several locations in Mexico, New York, Atlanta, and Italy.

Paparazzi also got exclusive photos of the then couple having dinner with Steve Harvey within this period. But several rocky episodes seemed to cause a split between Lori and Sean, and they eventually parted ways.

No other relationship involving Lori has raised eyebrows other than her thing with Sean. Combs Sr. is at least three decades older than Lori and was already an established musician and producer before her birth. But since her stepfather seemed to have no trouble with such rumors, it would be nosy to see the couple in a bad light.

The couple officially split sometime in late October of 2019. At first, rumors of a breakup were met with apprehension until Diddy unfollowed Lori on Instagram. Lori returned the favor and that spelled the end of their well-publicized fling.

Meek Mill

Gossip journos couldn’t get enough of the Lori-Meek Mill dating rumors. The rumors started filtering in when Meek said he had Lori on her wish list. Even if Lori never confirmed this relationship, it didn’t help to douse the rumor flames from several story-hungry gossip blogs and mags. 

Trey Songz

Lori and Memphis’ split didn’t end her search for a stable relationship. Rumors filtered that Trey Songz was romantically linked to Lori after her split from Memphis. Trey didn’t confirm the rumors, but Lori did with a romantic shoot on Instagram. But after that, things seemed to die down between the duo. One hint to their relationship ending was when Trey posted a photo of his child with another woman on Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton

Rumors about Lori dating the Formula 1 driver never really picked up steam. Hamilton didn’t confirm the rumors, and Lori didn’t let much out for celebrity gossip magazines to bank on.  


The American rapper was one of Lori’s few dating partners that were known to the public. Lori began dating Future in January 2020, and the then-couple posted loved-up photos and videos on her 23rd birthday in Jamaica. But after that, not much happened as they were done with the union by the summer of that same year.

Michael B. Jordan

The Black Panther star began dating Lori after her relationship with Lori hit the rocks. Their relationship is still on as of October 2021. But no one knows how long this couple will keep things together.


Lori has more than a sizeable body count when it comes to dating, her clique is usually top-class too. Most members of her immediate friendship circle include several A-list pubic figures. Some of Lori’s closest friends include Normani, Destiny Ryan, Teyana Taylor, Winnie Harlow, and Jordyn Woods. She also has friends in showbiz, fashion, sports, and other industries.   

Lori easily identifies with her friends and supports them wherever necessary. Take Normani’s video “Motivation” as an example. Lori featured in the music video and went ahead to praise the shoot on Instagram. Whenever Lori isn’t hanging out with family or her date, she’s likely chilling with her close friends. Being such a socially active celebrity has done a lot to skyrocket Lori’s popularity.

Does Lori Have Any Reason Behind Dating So Many Guys?

Lori cites her family’s approval or disapproval as a major reason behind dating several guys. Take, for example, her romance with Memphis Depay. Steve Harvey commented publicly that her relationship was “a good one”. Lori has a habit of introducing her current boyfriend to her family members.

Harvey confirmed why she takes her family’s opinion about her relationships quite seriously. While responding to questions from fashion and lifestyle mag, she confessed that if her family doesn’t get along with her date, she likely won’t. Apart from Memphis Depay, Steve Harvey has also endorsed Lori’s latest partner, Michael B. Jordan.  

Lori has also indicated that her relationship with Jordan is serious this time as she gets older and her interests change. There could be some truth to this, as Lori didn’t enjoy publicizing her relationship status that much.

Lori also points to stability as one of her reasons for dating so many guys in such a short time. She told the same publication that she’s been searching for a reliable, trustworthy man that provides her stability. Lori went further to say someone that’s got a strong foundation.

Her relationship with Michael B. Jordan seems to be going well. Whether this new romance will last long is something we can’t say for now.


How many boyfriends has Lori Harvey dated?

Lori Harvey has dated no less than six (6) celebrities in showbiz and sports. She has also allegedly dated a son and then his father according to multiple reports online. Most of Lori’s relationships are quite high-profile and have been riddled by paparazzi after she makes her dating status public.

Is Steve Harvey Lori’s father?

Steve Harvey is Lori’s stepfather. The TV personality adopted Lori and her siblings when he married their mother, Marjorie Bridges. After the wedding, Lori dropped her biological father’s surname and began answering Harvey from 2007. She publicly identifies as Harvey’s child, and there’s very little information about any link with her real dad.

Is Lori Harvey richer than her father?

Lori Harvey has just over $1 million according to multiple online sources, but she’s currently not richer than her stepfather. Steve Harvey is worth over $250 million and his fortune will likely increase as he’s still active on multiple fronts. 

Is Lori Harvey still a model?

Lori Harvey has been in the modeling industry for more than two decades and still features on runway shows. Most of her notable contracts are handled by her modeling management agencies.

Lori usually storms the runway for A-list brands and features in world-renowned fashion exhibitions. She’s still in her 20s and has many years ahead to improve on her previous successes.

Did Lori Harvey win an Olympic medal?

Harvey had a future in equestrian and was planning to join the US Olympic team before a freak accident. Her injury before the Olympic games ruined her chances of winning medals as a horseback rider.

She’s an avid horseback rider to date but no longer competes at a professional level. The accident severely affected her back, making it difficult to perform some equestrian stunts.

When did Lori Harvey’s first relationship become public?

Lori Harvey’s first public relationship was back in 2016 with Memphis Depay. She dated the football star for some time, and they even got engaged, much to the admiration of their fans. But it was not to be, as both partners parted ways shortly after, and Lori moved on to another eligible bachelor.

Why is Lori Harvey So Famous?

Lori has made a name for herself in whatever she does, even though her parents can be classified as a power couple. She has always leveraged her parents’ popularity in a striking fashion uncommon to celebrity kids. Lori has been active in at least six different lines in her career and has been successful most of the time.

There’s so much to learn from Harvey and how she excels in all she’s determined to do. But we’ll all love it if Harvey sticks to one guy once and for all. We’re finding it hard to keep track of her body count at the moment. Her relationship with the Combs family didn’t do her reputation any good. But with her latest relationship choices, it seems Lori may be getting it together this time.

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