Well, as time goes on, things are beginning to change while bringing in shorter formats players. 

Everyone has adapted to the quicker aspect of the game and for sure it depicts the increment in each person’s scores.

Ever since t20 came into play, every double hundred individual score has somehow occurred after it.

A particular player, known as Rohit Sharma has been able to achieve three double tons for himself.

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar was the first-ever player to get this prestige in ODIs when he continued to cap five innings of a double hundred against Proteas.

Let’s give you a list of all the double century lists by Rohit Sharma and the double centuries ODI.

Rohit Sharma Vs Srilanka

Right here we have the giant 264 run innings by the hitman, this play should be named as the mother of all hundreds which is seen as the world record for the highest score made by any one person in ODI cricket.

The play from Rohit that made him score 264 was a game against Sri Lankans who were not as big at the time.

In this game, Rohit was able to make sure that he covered up after failing, the point where he didn’t get 10 runs of the Virender Sehwag which was the record held during that time.

This is Rohit Sharma’s inning list that he has successfully gotten from playing against the Sri Lankans.

Here is the list: 50 in 72, 100 in 100, 150 in 125, 200 in 151, 250 in 166, and 264 in 172 balls.

That day was such a joyful day in the Eden garden couple with the fact that Virat was the second run-scorer after scoring a half-century.

Robot Sharma Vs Australia

And then the Hitman strikes again, Rohit Sharma was able to make a world-class batting move during the last ODI of the tournament against Australia to make a good career 209.

He managed to get a score like this in just 158 balls which were among the 12-fours, 16-sixes, and a 132.28 strike rate.

Robot Sharma came again in this game and created another record by surpassing the total number of sixes made by one person in an ODI.

The previous holder of this record was Shane Watson who had gotten 15-sixes when he played against Bangladesh, the game was played in Dhaka back in the year 2011.

Robot Sharma Vs Sri Lanka

This guy is such a phenomenon, he came again to withhold his name as the hitman, there is no stopping him.

In this game, Rohit was able to hit up to 25 boundaries whereby all of them were only sixes. What he did here took India all the way to 392/4 in just 50 overs.

After all this, India, later on, was able to win the match without much stress, they did it in just 141 runs.

Out of all the cricketers we know, Sharma is the only one that we could say has scored three double hundreds in ODI cricket. This is a world record, he had done this twice against Sri Lanka and Once against Australia.

Let’s move on to other people on the list of the ODI double centuries. Talking about:

Marti Guptill

Virender Sehwag

Chris Gayle

Fakhar Zaman

Sachin Tendulkar

Martin Guptill Vs West Indies

Well, this game was a big one, everything was ready, or was the World cup quarterfinals and the star Marti Guptill came in like a King.

This game gave him the record he holds for being the second ever batsman to score a double century in a world cup game, the first being Chris Gayle.

His score in the game was the highest any batsman had ever scored in World cup history, he had a score of 237 that was higher than the previous record which was 215.

This score was achieved in a game against Zimbabwe that was held in Canberra during that same edition during the World Cup.

This score immediately became the second-highest score made by anyone with the bat in the World cup, his score was second to Rohit Sharma’s whopping score of 264.

Virender Sehwag Vs West Indies

Virender Sehwag did it again to the West Indies, he wasn’t the first player to do this against them.

It seems all you need is a good player on your team to win these guys.  

Bach to what is important, the game gave him the record of being the player with the highest ODI score in his time.

Although his record has been beaten, we still talk about it because he managed to score up to 219 run innings in that game. The game was held at Indore.

He has been playing as a professional cricketer for more than 14 years, the good thing is that he has made the best of it because today he is called the best opening batsman that has ever played in the world.

The professional batsman is from Delhi, and he has single-handedly come up with new batting formats.

Chris Gayle Vs Zimbabwe

A game to remember, a game that happened on the 24th of February 2015, a game where Chris Gayle gave himself one of the biggest prestige in cricket by scoring a double century in the world cup. 

Surprisingly, he plays for the West Indies, they must have gotten their star to win the opposition in this game. The opposition being Zimbabwe.

Gayle made this wonderful achievement after Sachin Tendulkar had done it 5 years ago, he broke Tendulkar’s record by doing this.

It was truly a memorable game because the cricket star scored 200 in ODI very fast.


Fakhar Zaman Vs Zimbabwe

After he made this innings, Fakhar Zaman got the prestige of being the first Pakistani batsman to score 200 in ODI cricket and overall he became the sixth to achieve this greatness.

Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar was the first-ever player to reach the double-hundred score in the world since the history of cricket.

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