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Kat Graham, the star of The Vampire Diaries, is a perfect example of how you can be beautiful AND talented. Kat Graham is most recognized for her portrayal as Bonnie Bennett from Vampire Diaries, but she also sings paints and features in some other shows. This multi-talented young woman has not only made it big in Hollywood, but she has also used her fame to do great things.

The actress has been noted for her natural beauty and curves. She was also ranked as one of the most attractive people in the world by the annual list of the Top 99 Most Beautiful Faces. Among her many television and film roles, Graham has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award — something that has validated her skills and filmed accomplishments.

Who is Kat Graham, and where did she come from?

Kat Graham must have been reared in Los Angeles after being conceived in Geneva, Swiss. She commenced her profession being a dancer before actually switching on to theatre and achieving stardom in Hollywood. In 2014, she was ranked fifth in the list of the “Most Popular Actors for Branded Content,” thanks to her appearances in commercials for brands such as Samsung, Converse, and Carl’s Jr.

Kat is no stranger to the spotlight. Even before her foray into television, she was making waves by dancing on stage with some of the biggest pop stars around the world. And after she was first seen on camera at the age of 13, Kat’s life has never been the same. But what many people don’t know about the starlet is that, behind her boundless energy and bubbly personality, a lot of work goes into her career. She went on to appear in several popular films like ‘The Parent Trap’, ’17 Again’ and ‘The Roommate’.

She’s also set to star in the Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me, which is slated to release in June 2018. She told The American Way that she’s a big fan of the late rapper. “It’s what inspired me to write songs,” she said. “I’m incredibly eager for the rest of the cast and crew to discover what I envisioned when I reviewed the screenplay.

In addition to modeling, she’s also done voiceover work; back in 2016, she voiced a character in the animated film The Star and has since worked on several other projects, including That’s It: The Movie and the upcoming docuseries I’ve Been Around: A Hip-Hop Story.

Early Years and Childhood

Katerina “Kat” Graham’s parents divorced when she was just a child, so her mother raised her in Los Angeles. Growing up in L. A allowed Graham to explore her creativity and hone her acting skills at an early age; she began Community Theater at the age of 10 and later moved on to more prestigious programs like Jack Canfield’s Hollywood Acting Workshop. In high school, she had a sporty look, but her interest in acting, combined with a crush on a classmate who was also interested in it, inspired her to get into modeling and acting.

FrankDavis, Graham’s dad, seems to have been an U.n diplomat as well as human rights crusader. He served as an ambassador in Ethiopia, Israel, Kenya, the Netherlands, and Romania. As a student at the prestigious University of Chicago and Columbia University, he cut his political teeth as a member of the Communist Party USA and was actively involved in campaigns for racial equality all over Europe.

Yakov Korff, her half-brother, is a musician and songwriter who grew up in Tel Aviv.

The fact that her mother was Jewish and born in Israel made Kat feel even more connected to her. She spent her early life in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, where she studied at a Hebrew school and later took up dancing and music classes.

If you’re looking for a top-notch dancer with a stellar singing voice, Kat is definitely worth your time.

Kat learned about music during her daily music lessons, but that was only the beginning of her extensive training. She also became an expert in the art of choreography. Even more astonishing is the fact that Graham is multilingual, speaking a foreign language, Polish, as well as French.

Ballet is regarded as among the most challenging dance styles. It takes years of practice to perfect balancing, technique, and gracefulness to create an artistic program. Kat is one of the only Ballet students in the Conservatory to have mastered three different styles; Graham’s language skills surpass any other student in the program.


Kat Graham is versatile enough to get her start in showbiz at the age of six when she got a chance to become a child actor. Though her talent certainly shined through, Kat’s young age made her audition for commercials and music videos rather than in movies.

She has done several product endorsements and was even a backup dancer in a few music videos. With a knack for intense roles on intense shows like The Vampire Diaries, she’s already landed major roles in recent films like Single Ladies and Ride Out. Those are just the tip of the iceberg though— with so many more years of success ahead of her, it’s hard to say what this versatile artiste will land next.

  • After her first performance, she was approached by choreographer Fatima Robinson who would give her more opportunities to perform at the BET Awards. She has since become a backup dancer for popular pop stars like Missy Elliott and Jamie Foxx, while also performing with hip-hop choreographers Hi-Hat and Michael Rooney.
  • Coca-Cola launched a national marketing campaign featuring a group of young women representing a new brand, ‘Fantanas’, a group that introduced a new soda, Fanta. In 2013, she appeared as a spokesperson for the Fanta brand of the Coca-Cola company. In commercials for the beverage, she appeared with other popular bloggers and models to promote the Fanta Orange flavor.
  • She rose to fame on TV career after being cast in the Disney Sitcom Lizzie McGuire, where she played the central character’s rival. Over the years, her acting skills have blossomed, growing with every role she plays. Portraying everything from a disturbed young woman to an eccentric bookstore owner, she’s no stranger to playing complex characters. She’s often cast as jolly people who are quirky and offbeat, but it’s her crazy eyes that make the audience say, “Yes, that’s exactly who this person is. She has been a series regular in the successful comedy Malcolm in the Middle and a recurring character in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
  • Kat Graham has done a lot of work in film, starring in everything from teen comedies to sports dramas. She’s also worked in television, voicing characters for many shows, including ‘Family Guy, ‘American Dad!’ She then appeared in the film ’17 Again’, before gaining recognition for her role as Cammie in ‘The Roommate’. She has since gone on to star in movies like ‘Honey 2’, ‘Addicted’, and most recently, ‘All Eyez On Me.

Katerina Graham’s career didn’t just spring into existence. She toiled as an actor for more than a decade before actually becoming well-known.

Kat Graham’s reputation is exploding, and she’s quickly approaching celebrity status. She made her feature-length debut in the movie Hell on Earth, but it was her small role as Bonnie Bennett on The Vampire Diaries that gave her national attention. Recently, she had a lead role in the teen comedy How to Make Love to a Woman.


 Katerina Graham — an actress, singer, and ambassador of amfAR — has the rare ability to keep a clear head and strong work ethic amidst the hectic life of an A-list celebrity. That’s because she loves her work: not only does she star on The Vampire Diaries alongside Ian Somerhalder, but she also hosts concerts for singing and collaborates with brands on her blog.

In between these high-profile gigs, she finds time to write new songs, prepare for recording sessions, and even do charity works — helping young girls get through school in Ethiopia through educational programs. Her latest single “Put Your Graffiti On Me” has already topped the charts across Europe, making it one of the most successful songs of Katerina’s career. She tries her hand in R’n’B, pop, and rock music.

The girl has always wanted to be in a band. She loves listening to music, recording it, and playing along with her favorite pop groups. As a huge fan of the wild up-and-coming band Black & Peace, she recorded some extra vocals for them one summer at their studio. Black & Peace loved her work so much that they added her as a backing vocalist for their tour across Europe.

Her resume is veritable who’s who of music legends. In addition to collaborating with some of the industry’s most popular artists, she has been featured in music videos alongside Justin Bieber, Usher, Akon, and Christina Milian. She has even been compared to some music greats for her tremendously soulful voice. She has many personalities and groups that she admires, such as Destiny’s Child. All of these experiences have shaped her into an exceptional singer with a talent for music composition.

In 2012, Katerina released her first full-length album, “Against the Wall” — a work that blends the musical styles of folk and blues. The album was conceived as a companion piece to Katerina’s debut EP, “I Will Wildly Love You,” and its release came hot on the heels of Katerina’s signing to label Eastern Records.

Personal life

The Vampire Diaries actor Graham Cottrell Guidry was in a relationship with his co-star Katerina Graham in 2010 when the two were filming together. A couple of years later, Cottrell proposed to Graham, and it seemed like this couple would last forever. The Vampire Diaries crew was aware of the two’s engagement, but Katerina rarely acknowledged Cottrell Guidry as her fiancé.

Her wedding to the love of her life was supposed to take place on September 3, 2010. The couple planned their dream wedding for 4 years, down to the tiniest detail. However, four days before the big day, Graham’s fiancé called it off. With no details left to the imagination, this sudden breakup has left many people shocked, with no answers as to what caused it. Graham has made no comments about the breakup. Graham has kept her personal life under wraps since the fallout of her relationship with her ex-fiance. There are no reports of new boyfriends or girlfriends, but she’s keeping busy with family events and charity work.

Major Works


Kat Graham is Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR — the UN Refugee Agency — and will work to raise awareness about the reality of refugees and what they go through. She is also expected to help with UNHCR’s resettlement initiatives and its global education program.

She has been a strong advocate for refugees and has supported the UNHCR’s mission to provide shelter and safety to displaced persons. She was named the first Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR during its 70th-anniversary event in Geneva, Switzerland.

Honors and Awards

  1. Kat Graham’s role as Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries has brought her multiple awards, including a Teen Choice Award. With the show set to enter its seventh season, Kat Graham has continuously proven her ability to captivate viewers with her performance. She won the award in 2011.
  2. Every year, the Black Women in Film Association recognizes pioneers in the film industry who are making an impact by promoting diversity. Among them, Kat Graham for her services to the business, she received the ‘Creative Award’ (for the year-2014)
  • Kate Graham won a Teen Choice Award for her work as the main actor in the popular series The Vampire Diaries. Graham’s range of emotions and versatility as an actress has been acclaimed by critics and fans alike, and has been noted by the industry as a “Fresh face to watch”.

Net Worth

Kat Graham doesn’t do much talking. She prefers to show her work. The singer and actress have a net worth of up to three million bucks, and it’s easy to see why: she’s starred or appeared in dozens of popular shows, including The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and MTV hits like “Scream.

Present Life of Katerina Graham

Like many young Hollywood stars, Katerina has been the target of paparazzi and yellow-press rumors that paint her as a risque party girl. In 2017, those rumors got out of hand when an article leaked online that claimed she was kicked out of multiple clubs for doing drugs. The press also published photos purportedly showing Katerina unconscious on the ground.

However the actress Katerina Graham posted a short video on Instagram about an incident that reportedly took place at a restaurant in Moscow. In the video, you can see ” “I tumbled back and sprained my knees,” says the narrator.” But according to the official representative of Graham, she simply had a rest in the restaurant and felt tired from the trip. 

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