All of us have experienced some sort of scandal or crime committed against us or a loved one. For the most part, we’ve had our fill and the idea of somebody else bringing up those wounds becomes obnoxious literally as that person is speaking. We say that once you’re done with it that it is time to move on from those dark times in your life. For those who were close to Jenni Rivera, those wounds were reopened as this time there is no avoiding the truth about her husband Jose Trinidad Marin.

Another Latin American singer was lost, another woman’s voice snuffed out in a brutal murder that shocked the world. Jenni Rivera’s death by plane crash, after a night of hard partying at a Mexican hotspot, has been revealed to be from “impact with mountainous terrain,” but her husband, José Trinidad Marin III is currently battling a flurry of charges hinting at a darker story.

This incident, however, lead to the popularity of Trino Marin being termed as a sexual assault as well as being convicted because of rape. Trino Marin’s early years were mired by sexual abuse. His wife Jenny was the perpetrator victim, and he had three daughters and one sister-in-law to suffer through it. Due to this hideous act, Trino Marin was finally sentenced to 31 years of imprisonment.

When Trino Marin was found guilty of sexual harassment and molestation, he became well-known.

Jose Trinidad’s commencing life

José Trinidad Marín is bonafide of February 15, in Mexico 1964. Having grown up in that environment he later relocated with his family to the U.S. Jenni Rivera met her husband, Jose Trinidad Marin, in high school. After their marriage, the couple became beloved figures in Latino culture.

Moreover, his religious views are also very clear. He is a strong supporter of Christianity and believes that there is only one God who can do everything. Saying something about his family, there are not many details on Trinidad’s parents but he has a brother whose name has not been revealed.

In 1985, it was not surprising when Jenni was attaining 15 years that her first pregnancy was seen. She and José had been married for six years by this point. In 1989, they separated due to his mistreatment of her. Marín was charged with domestic violence and was sent to jail. Justice was requested by the victims concerning Marine’s tedious acts, and without further-do, an 8-year conviction was settled on the Marines case.

Mr. Trinidad came to America from Mexico as a young man, and he found himself working in a small café in San Francisco. He thrived there and soon opened his place, where he served his favorite Mexican dishes alongside American favorites. His clientele included many actors and artists that he would regularly brag about to his friends.

However, Jose’s said he would not support Jenni in her venture, and advised her to concentrate on her marriage and family, besides her career.

Jose Trinidad Marin molested fraternal niece as well as children in a sexual manner

Jenni’s sister and two daughters were all victims of sexual exploitation by her former husband. In 1997, Rosie revealed to Jose her suspicions of Marin, their eldest daughter Chiquis, and youngest daughter Jacqie being abused. Physical examinations confirmed this.

The authorities finally apprehended him in April 2006, after he had tried to disappear several times.

Career earnings of Jose Trinidad

Wealthy, successful, and happy are adjectives that might be used to describe Trinidad. Her years of hard work were well worth it. He now owns a thriving business based on her dedication to serving patrons with exceptional food, excellent service, and an innovative approach. According to a recent Forbes article, Jose Trinidad Marin is currently worth around 100,000 dollars.

Early in their relationship with her late ex-wife, singer Jenni Rivera, in 2016, Rivera’s net worth was in the range of $25 million at the time of his death. Due to his well-known lifestyle and flashy appearance, Jose Trinidad’s fortune has been the subject of much speculation. The $3 million mentioned in the bio of his daughter is not true, and many argue that the amount goes beyond $10 million. Regardless of her wealth, she is known for her exceptional songs and great voice.

Trinidad, a three-parent family:

In 1985, the newlyweds welcomed their first child, Chiquis Rivera, into the world. Trinidad and Rivera gave birth to Chiquis Rivera in 1985. He became a father at the age of 17, which was considered extremely young for this period. After repeatedly requesting a third child to complete their family, Jose Trinidad and his wife were granted the gift of a daughter. Talk about November 20th the year Jacqie Campos was born in 1989 as an American actress of Mexican descent.

On the morning of September 1991, these couples gave birth to their first young son, Michael Marin.

Chiquis became a singer from Mexico, now living in Los Angeles. She was a member of the TV series La Familia P. Luche and has also worked as a dancer and actress.

Jenni, Marin’s ex-second wife, and third husband:

In the wake of her divorce from Jose’s first husband, Jenni remarried and got married to Juan Lopez. What a year 1997 was when Jenicka Lopez was dashed into this world. She had a sibling, Johnny Lopez, who was born in 2001. But in 2003, their parents divorced. Jenni was married to Lopez in 2009, but in 2010 she married Esteban Loaiza for the third time. Jenni and Esteban were married for only two years before divorcing in 2012.

Jenni Rivera, Jose’s former wife, died

The death of Jenni Rivera, a Mexican-American singer and reality TV star, was a tragedy. This event left many feeling devastated and heartbroken. Rivera had just finished a concert in Monterrey, Mexico when the plane she was riding on plummeted from the sky. The pilot may have been inexperienced as he failed to send a “Mayday” distress signal before crashing. Along with herself and two pilots, Jenni’s four employees died as well. 43-year-old Jenni Rivera, Puerto Rican-American singer, and actress died tragically on December 9th, 2012. Jenni Rivera is however remembered as an incredible singer who inspired millions of people around the world.

Verdict of 31 years in prison

A fight between Jose and the prosecution ensued for a year, Jose went to court and the jury found him guilty. He had no chance of early release for good behavior. Judge Weinstein sentenced Trinidad to an indeterminate prison sentence of 31 years to life. Lacking parole, left Trinidad with no possibility of early release. Upon conviction of four felonies against two underage girls, Trinidad also faces a $30 million judgment for restitution. According to Jose Trinidad, his eldest daughter, Chiquis, has forgiven him for the abuse.

What is the Father-Child Relationship of Jose Trinidad Marin?

Jose Trinidad had a long career in crime, but he still values his family. Her daughters had begun to rebuild their relationship with him. Marin’s oldest daughter, Chiquis, was just days away from marrying Mario Lopez when she received a call from her father. When Marin’s daughters heard that he was coming home, they went to see their father.

After the incident with her father, she recorded the entire thing. She showed her YouTube audience what happened when she recorded her conversation with José in her blog.

In 2017, Jacquie reconnected with Jose, who had been out of her life for quite some time. The love they have for their father is evident in Jacquie posting pictures of them together. Despite spanning several years, his two daughters remain loyal to their father. They appreciate his efforts to make amends.

What’s Trinidad Marine status? Is He being held in prison?

Jose Trinidad Marin, a 57-year-old graduated business guy, still sits in prison for the murder of his wife. He is still appealing the sentence, waiting for his release from incarceration. The rumors that have surfaced suggesting his release is imminent, have been proven completely false as of yet. Rosie Rivera, the younger sister of his wife, admitted to remembering sexual abuse from Marin as a child.

The release of Marin Rivera, the prisoner, and older sister’s abuser, has been whispered. Yet no formal legal release is on the horizon.

In 1997, following the divorce of her sister and brother-in-law, she revealed this information.

In 1997, federal civil action was brought against Marin. In 2006, Marin was found guilty of sexual assault and rape in a criminal trial. He was sentenced to be imprisoned for no less than 31 years except for parole.

No statements have been made from the Marin family about José, though it is known that his brother, Augusto, publicly denounced him for the first time, speaking to a Miami journalist. As a result of these comments by Augusto, Rosie suggested that she is open to having José attend one of her workshops for those who have been sexually harassed in the past. Many people argue that he should not be released from prison, an indication that people still feel very angry about the incident.

Is Jose still living a person or has he passed away?

He has been behind bars for the majority of his life. The news of his death has recently circulated, but it is still unclear whether or not this information is valid. Jose Trinidad Marin has always been going strong regardless of the notion that he is close at the point of his death.

Chiquis Rivera

Janney Marín Rivera, known artistically as Chiquis, is a Mexican-American singer and the eldest daughter of the late Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera. In 2014, she launched her career as a singer with her debut single “Paloma Blanca”, which was released to honor her mother’s memory.


A well-known face on television

She started her success as the co-star on her mother’s reality show I Love Jenni. She is a Mexican American actress and presenter. She is best known for her appearances in the reality television show I Love Jenni where she gained popularity for showcasing her original music videos and introducing offbeat fun games.

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