It is 2021 already and the date of the match was completely anticipated, and as it got closer, people continued to talk about it.

Every cricket fan wanted to be on the field that day because it was a thing of excitement, it is just like every year though.

Yes, we will admit that the match was among the things that got the fans so excited, but one thing that everyone wanted to find out was the theme song of the year 2021.

After so much anticipation, the day finally came by and the name of the theme song for the year was released, is India Ka Apna Mantra.

The video is available on YouTube for everyone interested in watching it. It is also available on some Twitter pages, maybe not the whole video but a link is there to YouTube.

The Indian Premier League is the biggest league in cricket today, its theme song brought a video of how the country has been improving over time.

This video is also showing the world just how fast the country has improved in its economy and how well it has been developed.

Outside the whole country growth front that they displayed, two big cricket players were seen in the video of this theme song. Their fans were so happy about this, it is a thing of joy though.

Both players in the said video are Rohit Sharma and Virat Kholi.

What Does India Ka Apna Mantra Entail?

Well, the lyrics and video of this song are both trying to send the message that we have talked about above, as for what it entails, it tells us about something we should all know and accept.

The song has made us know that going marching into a time of improvement and progress should be something we all aim at. This is just the most prominent message passed across the video too.

Something else is that the song also tells us that getting yourself involved with the past isn’t something that should be seen amongst ourselves today.

Why Is The Whole Of India Excited The Most About IPL 2021?

The fans of Cricket based in India have to be excited because it hasn’t been easy for them, at first, they were not privileged to see the 2020 IPL games because it was held in the United Arab Emirates because of the virus outbreak in the world.

The virus also stopped those that could travel from traveling.

Even before that, the tour of England started, and also Indian players were all playing on foreign grounds for weeks.

This year, the whole cricket and IPL games have come back to India, you don’t expect them to be happy?

They were without their favorite game for one year, they couldn’t even go to watch in their local stadiums, which made them feel sad. Now they are enjoying the fact that nothing can stop them from at least watching one game.

The Indian cricket fans were all very happy and they all hoped that the games of 2021 were hosted properly and were all successful.

Songs Used Before In IPL Previous Years

This section holds several IPL old theme songs that we’re also big hits like the 2021 theme song.

They were used in prior seasons and they all have videos on YouTube that could help you refresh your memory of the past songs.

Starting from 2008, here are some of the IPL songs that have been used till date.


Theme Song


Tu Laga Dum


Divided by nations/ United by IPL


Saare Jahan Se Achha


 Dum Laga Ke Maara


Aisa Mauka Fir Kaha Milega


Jumping Japang


Bylaws Aaya Hai


India Ka Tyohaar


Happy wala India


Waah Re Waah


Best Vs Best


Game Bonayega name


Ab Khel Bolega

Overview Of The 2021 IPL Theme Song

The song is such a great song, at the beginning of the song, the teacher goes on to ask the student there if he knows the Mantra to success.

The child is scolded in the end because he said something cliché at the time of 5G.

All of this is just something to make it all interesting but it has a good side of the whole message.

They are trying to tell us that thanks to the technology that has been created over the years, India has been able to develop itself.

Also, the fact that nations nowadays do business together and are now allies, a jio revolution has now begun.

Two stars who have been playing in IPL for a very long time, they both hold huge records too, they both appeared in the video of this theme song. They didn’t dance well though, guess they don’t have dancing skills.

Which Team On The IPL Tournament Has The Best Theme Song?

Well, we have been about to search on the internet and listen to some of the theme songs that have been released by different IPL teams and so far we have been able to conclude that there is no song owned by any IPL team right now that is better than the Mumbai Indians theme song. Any real cricket fan and IPL follower would know Duniya Hila Denge Ham. It has been the best of all the songs owned by any team.

Who Created The Tune Used In IPL?

We don’t know the exact individual go did it but the trumpet tune you hear in the IPL is traditionally Spanish and was gotten from the bullfighting tune.


Now that you had learned about how the Indian Premier League goes about making their leave matches very interesting and so they make people anticipate the league so much. Many Indian viewers are so bent on making sure they get to see the IPL games every year. It is a fun thing though, they say as nations divide, the Indian Premier League brings them together. Every song used so far as the IPL theme song has been bliss.

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