If you’ve ever been to trivia night or watched one of the many games shows that center on facts, you’ve probably become familiar with various fun facts. Likely, the information you encountered in these programs involves a lot of pop culture references, historical, or scientific knowledge.

These educational facts can be useful but the fun and interesting ones are often left unmentioned. For your entertainment here are some of the best inappropriate fun facts yet academic facts you should know about.

Sacred prostitution custom

In Babylonian culture, all women were expected to prostitute themselves at least once in their life. This practice was done as a form of worship and to please the goddess Mullissu/ Mylitta.

Women would go into the temple and have intercourse with the first man to pay. Refusing to engage in this practice was disallowed. Even when payments were lower than expected, women were to lay with a stranger. It is only after the act is completed that the woman is allowed to return to her home. More often than not, attractive women were first to be taken off the market so to speak. The homely looking ones on the other hand get left behind and get stuck waiting for their turn to fulfill their legal obligation.

One wild sexologist

Alfred Kinsey was a biologist, zoologist, and pioneer researcher (sexologist) on human sexuality in the 40s and 50s. Aside from his unconventional methods that include filming sex scenes in the attic of the home he shares with his wife, he is also known for having circumcised himself with a pocketknife sans anesthesia.

His rather deviant techniques made many question his study. As the story goes, he would routinely insert the bristle end of a toothbrush into his urethra. This would then be proceeded by some vigorous brushing until he achieved climax. This was just one of his many questionable experiments.

A unique way to treat burn victims

Speaking of circumcision, did you know that the foreskin from the circumcised penis of an infant can be used to treat burn victims. This is possible because foreskin (neonatal) cells contain properties that are immunosuppressants. When combined with a derma graft, foreskin keratinocyte can be made into a drug to help heal burns.

No porn in North Korea

It’s no secret that North Korea is ruled by an iron fist. Many of those who are able to flee from this country continue to talk about the many things that the government disallows. One of the things that can get a person in trouble is the possession, production, distribution, or importation of pornography. Those who are caught violating the law can face exile or even death.

The government has a task force in place that monitors what is deemed as deviant behavior. According to recent news, a 15-year-old boy was caught watching porn, his punishment involved exile in the countryside with his family. His punishment is not as severe since the law does not contain regulations for adolescent perpetrators.

Penises on female hyenas

Very rarely does a matriarchal society exist in mammals and spotted hyenas happen to be one of them. But that’s not what makes them interesting. Because they function in a matriarchal hierarchy, females rank higher than males. In order to display dominance, they demonstrate aggression and showing off their pseudo-penises.

You heard right, female hyenas have quasi penises with quasi scrotums and testes. This pseudo-package is even capable of a full erection. In fact, the most dominant of the females tend to be thrones who mate. This unique biological structure almost makes the males of the species almost dispensable.

Everyone is born with female genitalia

From the time humans are conceived, all the way up to 7 weeks, fetuses do not have any differentiating genitals. In fact, the genitalia of fetuses appears quite female in appearance until development can eventually be seen after a month and a half when testosterone is produced by the testes in males. The testosterone fuses the urogenital swellings that are seen on the fetus in earlier weeks. When the swellings fuse together, it creates a scrotum and what appears to be a seam becomes evident. This line that can be seen on a man’s member is called a “raphe.”

Auto-fellatio in the wild

Defined as the act of self-induced oral stimulation – usually on one’s penis as a form of masturbation. For this, to work it helps to be flexible, but if you think that the act is reserved for humans, it is not. Primates, brown bears, wolves, sheep, some squirrels, macaques, and goats are just some of the creatures in the wild who have no problem with self-service. But don’t think them selfish because many of these creatures have also been known to perform fellatio on their partners quite often.

Ikea babies

Whether you are on a budget or simply like Nordic furniture design, Ikea is one of the best places to shop. Easy (fairly) to assemble, affordable, and stylish, nearly everyone with access to this Swedish retailer owns one or several pieces. Based on their sales, aside from sofas, this furniture giant also manufactures and sells a lot of beds. And because of that, data indicates that 1 in every 10 babies in Europe is conceived on a bed from Ikea.

STDs in retirement homes

Believe it or not, data gathered by the CDC shows that older individuals (seniors) who live in care facilities or retirement homes are major contributors of STI numbers in the United States. You’d think these old folks would be spending their time playing bingo or a game of go fish. No one would have thought that these mature adults would be leading really active lives.

Crocodile contraceptives

Before the birth control pill became a popular choice of contraception, the early Egyptians were huge fans of using crocodile excrement. Combined with sour milk to form a paste, the fecal mixture formed a dough that was inserted into a woman’s vagina. Stinky and disgusting as it sounds, crocodile dung contains spermicidal contents making it somewhat effective, not to mention that consistency offered an ancient method of barrier protection.


Reality shows brought about an interest for fuller figures, including some junk in the trunk. Booties have become quite the commodity that butt augmentation and Brazilian butt lifts have become a must-have especially for a lot of millennials. As of 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has recorded a total of 24,099 procedures done on their backsides.

But if you think it’s all women who are into cosmetic jobs, think again! Data from 2017 shows over 300,000 men getting a breast augmentation. 4,000 of them get butt lifts, and over a thousand have gotten butt augmentation. And these are just some of the many procedures that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has seen in that year alone.

Pencil based for birth control

Before you reach for your number 2 pencil, understand that there is nothing about lead that is good for the health. A common ingredient in paint and pencils, lead is considered to be toxic. Many people who suffer from lead poisoning experience memory loss, kidney disease, abdominal pain, heart disease, nausea, and physical weakness.

Unfortunately, these medical side effects did not stop women from China or Greece in olden times from reaching for a concoction of led infused water. Some women would even go out of their way to seek employment at jobs where exposure to lead was high. 

Hotels make the most money from porn

Contrary to what many believe, hotels don’t profit the most by having the best rooms, great service, or incredible amenities. Rather, hotels attribute 70% of profits to porn movie rentals. This was before the rise of the internet, nowadays rentals of adult movies in hotels have gone down tremendously. Currently, it does not appear as though the money from these videos will be increasing, and the era of hotel room porn rentals are now behind us.

Invisible ink semen

During World War I, British spies would use semen as invisible ink. The method was invented by Sir Mansfield Cumming a founder and MI6 head. While semen was effective compared to other techniques the spies experimented on, the biggest problem was that it resulted in rather smelly letters. It’s likely that the use of semen stored in bottles caused the pungent product. It was then a practice to only use fresh batches to create important communication. Thankfully, this stinky method of delivering secret messages is no longer utilized.

Fat men do it better

Studies have shown that overweight men have the ability to last much longer than the fit Joe you’ve been eying. Overweight men are said to have less premature ejaculation due to the high levels of estradiol (a hormone that’s great at delaying climax) in their system. Larger men can last 7 minutes longer than the average dude. This however does mean you should start force-feeding your man fast food before you get between the sheets. Bear in mind that being overweight comes with many health issues including sex drive issues.

Wash with cold water

Some men have found that their semen becomes stickier and almost gelatinous when introduced to warm water. For this reason, most prefer washing off semen with cold water instead. The same method can be applied when cleaning off semen stains from sheets, clothing, or other fibers. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and soak those towels in warm water and watch the stuff coagulate really fast.

63 Macbooks worth of semen

A man is able to produce 15,875 gigabytes worth of DNA info in a single ejaculation. On an episode of Quite Interesting, Stephen Fry once said that a man’s spunk contains the equivalent of 37.5MB of genomes. This is believed to be as many as sixty-three Macbooks.

Dying for sex

Not to sound overdramatic but female ferrets will die when they do not get to mate. Without medical intervention, a female can suffer from aplastic anemia. The disease affects humans and animals, resulting in the body being unable to produce the correct number of blood cells. In the case of female ferrets, they can be taken off heat by having them mate with a vasectomized male. However, females that are not intended for breeding should be spayed to give them better health.

The Olympics of bumping uglies

2020 Tokyo Olympics is making waves and not just because of those cardboard beds. Compared to the previous year’s, the current event is only distributing 160,000 rubbers to athletes. A number that is drastically smaller than 450,000 was given out during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Spontaneous combustion?

Orgasms can feel like you are imploding from all the buildup bubbling inside. While there are women who do not experience climaxing, there are those who are the opposite. Persistent genital arousal disorder or PGAD is a phenomenon that afflicts women. The disorder causes females to experience spontaneous arousal which is often triggered by both sexual stimuli and nonsexual stimuli. Those afflicted by the illness can have as many as 100 orgasms a day. It may sound like the plot of an adult film, for women who suffer from this condition, pelvic pain, and genital congestion are just two of the unwanted effects.

Used underwear vending machines

Japan is home to a variety of vending and gacha machines. You can easily find hot meals, umbrellas, collectible figures, stickers, and even used underwear! You heard right! One of the most widely talked about machines would be the one that supposedly dispenses used undergarments. For a long time, lots of tourists were uncertain whether this was a myth or not.

Further investigation yielded information that these panties are not in fact used. Then again, manufacturers would produce underwear that was made to look like they were previously owned. Used panty vending machines that exist today are a well-designed marketing ploy targeting fetishists. So is there any truth to the urban legend? The answer is yes. Some 10-15 years ago shops and vending machines were selling unwashed undergarments until law enforcement put an end to it.

The fact of the matter is . . .

Trivia games are a great way to have fun with friends or even strangers. It’s also a good way to learn more things while having fun. Who knows, maybe one day these inappropriate fun facts can prove to be useful for you or for others around you.

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