Most of us have experienced this: after taking a long, relaxing puff from one of our best vape flavors, we have a burning taste and a terrible throat sensation. A vaper’s worst nightmare is to have a burn hit. 

Vapes of all varieties are prone to it, from disposable to cloud-chucking devices! Even worse, it can deter you from vaping altogether. However, some thrifty people continue to vape and may make you wonder whether it’s terrible to vape on a burnt coil.

There are various reasons why we could get a burnt hit, but fortunately, you can avoid most of them.

In this article, you’ll find out how to stop your coil from burning by studying some of the most common causes of burned hits.

What Causes Coils to Burn?

Before you can learn how to prolong the life of your coils, it is essential to know why coils get burned in the first place so you can put things in perspective.

While vaping, the e-juice soaked into a wick absorbs the heat given off by the coil. As a result, the juice turns into vapor. In addition, it also takes up heat from the coil, keeping it at a manageable temperature.

The wick becomes a little dry with each puff, so it seeks more juice from the tank to absorb when puffing the next time. As long as the tank remains full or the vaping session ends, this cycle will continue.

The minute you hit the fire button, the coil will heat if the juice is not sufficient. The additional heat will bring the coil’s temperature up.

The minute you hit the fire button, the coil will heat if the juice is not sufficient. The additional heat will bring the coil’s temperature up. Here, there will be two undesirable outcomes;

Continually heating the coil causes the PG to break down into formaldehyde, resulting in a repulsive smell and taste. You can get the best vape flavors from kure.

When the dry wick touches the glowing hot coil, it may also burn. Sometimes, the wick might even catch fire.

It would help if you had juice in the tank, so you don’t have to go to the vape shop to purchase a aspire tank collection.

Therefore, here are some tips to help you prolong their lifespan.

Avoid overpowering Your Device

There is a specific wattage and temperature range for each coil. In this way, you can enjoy an excellent vaping experience. By vaping e-liquid from your device at a higher voltage than the wick can soak up, you will devour more e-liquid than the coil can store. As a result, it will burn out much faster than it should.

Choose your pods, mods, and vaporizers based on nothing other than their ability to provide you with the vapor you desire. It will help if you tailor each of them to your specific needs. When vaping at a lower wattage, try to vape less often so that you won’t burn your coil. A high nicotine and PG combination with a Sub-Ohm device could damage it. Advanced vapers typically prefer mods with adjustable settings.

Pod devices allow beginners to soak and top up their e-liquids with ease before vaping, while it best suits experienced users. However, you should know air bubbles can form in pods, negatively affecting the coil if not addressed. To fix this minor issue, you can shake your compact vape lightly.

Use an E-Juice that contains less sweetener

Keep in mind that sweeteners can clog up coils. Sugars caramelize when heated. Because of the gunk buildup, the liquid will soak up, as well as cause coil issues. Cleaning the wick is all you need to do.

No matter how often you vape, your coil can accumulate all kinds of gunk over time, leading to a burning taste. Among many reasons for experiencing this sensation, this is just one. You can expect thicker content if you enjoy sweet flavors. If your fail to regularly clean, it could clog. This practice will make your coils last longer if you follow them weekly and consistently.

Make sure your e-cigarette settings are correct

Check that the adjustable settings on your e-cig match the correct resistance setting for the atomizer head you have installed.

A general rule is that the less resistance you have on your coil, the higher your wattage. And if you’re new to vaping, you can always experiment and adjust your mod settings to hit your sweet spot.

Ensure your e-liquid level is always full

You may make the mistake of not replenishing your e-liquid level if you’re new to vaping.

The wicking ports of your coil must remain fully submerged in the e-liquid when a tank or device has plenty of e-liquid remaining.

E-liquid that has dropped below the wicking ports makes it difficult for the coil to saturate. This is especially true if the e-liquid level is shallow.

You should fill your tank or device with e-liquid regularly so the tank or pod goes at least half full and you entirely cover the wicking ports. It extends coil life and prevents dry hits if you consistently saturate it.

Getting the Most from Your E-Cig

A coil is one of the essential parts of an electronic cigarette. That’s why detecting a burnt one is necessary to achieve the best flavor.

If you wonder why your coils constantly burn out, it’s a sign that you need to be more proactive in maintaining them.

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