Each wedding photographer has his own pace of work, but on average for an hour of shooting gets 30-50 good shots, which can be further processed. For a whole festive day accumulates a considerable amount of material, with which it is necessary to do something. Therefore, wedding photographers are acutely facing the issue of saving time. Here are some proven tips that will help speed up the work!


Shoot correctly

Modern editing tools allow you to correct many nuances. For example, RetouchMe https://retouchme.com/pro/packages/wedding-editing service for professional photographers offers comprehensive retouching of wedding portraits. But, the more details you need to correct, the more time it will take to correct the photo. You can improve the situation by immediately paying attention to composition, white balance, framing, and other details. Make manual settings and try to change the shooting conditions as little as possible. As a result, one preset can be applied to many shots at once. Advise the bride to use the services of a professional makeup artist, and the groom to use a transparent powder or mattifying face wipes. If possible, be at the location about an hour before the start of the celebration: this will give you time to set up your equipment correctly, taking into account the weather, and lighting in the interiors, you will be able to pay attention to interesting accents in the decoration, etc.

Use a sorting system

Use photo ranking systems so you don’t have to go through the whole series several times in a row. Immediately remove rejects, and less successful duplicates. Give three stars to photos that you have doubts about, four stars to photos for color correction and simple processing, and five stars to photos for careful artistic retouching. Use colored tags to sort images by location and light. This way, you’ll look through all the photos just once and won’t have to go back to this tedious task again.

Offer quick results

Choose a few “five-star” shots to process first and send them to the newlyweds within 1-2 days after the celebration. Customers will be happy to appreciate the results and share the beautiful photos on social media. Such a reception instantly increases the trust of customers, causes pleasant emotions, and stimulates them to recommend you to relatives and friends. At the same time, you reduce the likelihood that you will be matched with the rest of the photos.

Don’t put everything on your shoulders

Even if you’re only planning on giving away 300-500 processed and a couple dozen carefully retouched photos, it’s still going to take a lot of time. The time you could be spending shooting other weddings. To reduce the number of hours in front of the computer or to almost completely move away from editing, you can use the RetouchMe Pro service. The cost of processing is fully justified by the amount of freed-up time and high quality of retouching. Experienced photo designers work on the images and make all changes manually without using AI.

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