How to Get Rid of Cloudy Hot Tub Water: A Complete Guide

If your hot tub has cloudy water, it can be a major eyesore and really detract from the overall experience. It can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasty things. 

A cloudy pool or hot tub can be frustrating and prevent you from relaxing. One of the reasons for this situation can be the incorrect use of chemicals. But you can solve this problem with the ByRossi article, as there you can find tips on how to clean your pool with algaecide and keep it safe.

In the article, we will discuss the causes of this problem and provide tips on how to get rid of it. So, read on if your hot tub’s water has gone from crystal clear to murky in a few days!

What is the cloudy water in the hot tub?

Cloudy hot tub water can be a nuisance, but it is usually not dangerous, and suspended particles cause it. These particles can pass through the filters and back in the tub when they are small enough. However, if the cloudiness appears due to bacteria or other contaminants, it can pose a health risk. 

It is best to consult professionals if you are unsure what is causing your cloudy hot tub water. They will be able to test the water and make recommendations on how to solve the problem.

Why the cloudy water appears: main reasons

There are a few reasons that your hot tub water might become cloudy. 

  • The most common is simply that you don’t use the hot tub enough. If you don’t use your hot tub regularly, the chemicals in the water can start to break down, which can cause the water to become cloudy.
  • The pH levels in the water are off. The ideal pH for hot tub water is between seven and eight, so if your levels are higher or lower than that, it can cause it to become cloudy.
  • Not cleaning your hot tub filter regularly can also cause cloudy water. A dirty filter can’t do its job correctly, so dirt and debris can start to build up in the water, making it cloudy.
  • Also, the calcium hardness levels that are too high or too low, metals, and bacteria can be a reason for cloudiness.

Now that you know some of the main reasons why your hot tub water might be cloudy let’s look at how you can get rid of it. 

Steps for getting rid of the cloudy water in a hot tub

If you’ve ever had cloudy hot tub water, you know how frustrating it can be. It’s not only unattractive but can also make it difficult to see and enjoy the underwater lights. Not to mention, it can be difficult to clean. The good news is that you can take some simple steps to get rid of cloudy hot tub water for good! Here’s what you need to do.

Check the quality of the cloudy water

The first step to getting rid of cloudy hot tub water is to check the quality of the water. You can do it by using a water testing kit. They are readily available at most hardware stores or online. The points you should pay attention to:

  • The level of pH;
  • The level of chlorine;
  • The level of calcium;
  • The amount of metal.

If the pH levels are too high, you can try adding an acid to the water. It will help lower the pH levels. Also, you can increase the filtration time. It will help remove more impurities from the water. Finally, you can add a pH buffer to the water. It will help stabilize the pH levels and make them less likely to fluctuate.

If the chlorine levels are too high, you can try adding a clarifier to the water. It will help bind together some of the impurities and make them easier to filter. Again, you can increase the filtration time. And finally, you can add a chlorine neutralizer to the water. It will help remove the chlorine from the water and make it safer to soak in.

If the metal levels are high, you can try adding a clarifier to the water. Or you can add a metal sequestrate to the water. It will help bind the metals and make them easier to filter out.

Pool cleaner during his work.

Intensive chemical treatment

The next step is to give your tub an intensive chemical treatment. It means shocking the water with a high concentration of chlorine or bromine. You’ll need to follow the directions on your shock product carefully, as the amount of time the water needs to be treated will vary depending on the severity of the cloudy water issue. 

After shocking the water, you should run the filter for at least 12 hours to remove all rising debris and contaminants. 

Once the filter has done its job, you can begin balancing out the pH levels in your tub by adding chemicals like alkaline increasers or acid decreases. It’s essential to get these levels balanced correctly so that your tub is neither too acidic nor too basic, as this can cause severe damage to the tub and make it unsafe to use. 

Solve problems with the filter

You should also check the filter if your hot tub water is cloudy. A clogged or dirty device can cause cloudy water. Clean or replace it to see if that clears up the water. 

  • If you have a cartridge filter, soak it in a filter-cleaning solution for an hour or so before putting it back in place.
  • If your filter is in good condition, the main point is to increase the filtration to eliminate chlorine and metals and make the pH level in the hot tub water normal.
  • You should rinse with a garden hose backwashing or sand filters until the water runs clear.

Try to clarify the cloudy hot tub water

One of the best ways to get rid of cloudy hot tub water is by using a water clarifier. It will help to remove any small particles or debris that might be causing the cloudiness. You can find these products at most stores that sell hot tub supplies. 

  • You can do this with a clarifying chemical like sodium bromide or calcium hypochlorite.
  • Another method you can try is adding some hydrogen peroxide to your hot tub water. It can help to kill any bacteria that might be present and causing cloudiness.

Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle carefully and add chemicals slowly to avoid shocking your system. 

Correction of circulation system

If the circulation of your spa water is not good enough, it can also lead to cloudy water. Check the filters and make sure they are clean. 

Moreover, to improve circulation, increase the turnover rate of your hot tub. It is how often all the water in your tub will be replaced by new water. Most spas should be on a two-to-four week turnover rate. You can increase the frequency if you notice that your spa water is getting cloudy more quickly than usual.

Refill the hot tub with clean water

If your hot tub water is still cloudy after doing all steps above, it’s time to empty it and refill it with clean water thoroughly. It will help to flush out any contaminants that may be causing the cloudiness. Be sure to use a high-quality filter when refilling the hot tub to help remove impurities from the water.

Once you’ve refilled the hot tub with clean water, it’s time to take preventative measures to clear the water.

  • First, be sure to regularly test and adjust the pH levels of the water. Keeping the pH levels in balance will help to reduce algae growth and prevent other contaminants from taking hold of the water.
  • Second, you should also shock the hot tub regularly. It helps to kill bacteria and other organisms that can cause the water to become cloudy. 

​​If you’re still having trouble getting rid of cloudy water after following these steps, you may need to consult a professional hot tub technician for further assistance.


If your hot tub water is cloudy, it’s likely due to too many contaminants in the water or insufficient chemicals to balance the water. Either way, the fix is relatively simple. These are all the tips to get rid of cloudy hot tub water. 

Following the tips and advice in this guide, you should be able to do it quickly. Remember to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule to prevent the problem from happening again in the future. You will see that your hot tub will be sparkling clean. 

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