Bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, and while adjustable bed frames have existed for a very long time, they are increasingly becoming more popular.

Formerly just seen in hospitals, adjustable bed frames are now easily accessible in furniture shops, and they have lots of additional features that make them even more enticing to buy.

But are adjustable bed frames really for you? What are the things that you should look for if you are interested in getting one? Is there really more value in this than getting a traditional bed frame?

All these questions, and more, will be answered in this article.

What is an Adjustable Bed Frame?

Adjustable bed frames, as the name implies, are bed frames that can be adjusted. Although obvious, not all adjustable bed frames are made equal.

Typical adjustable bed frames typically pivot near the center of the bed where the waist or middle back of the user would be. For others, the leg area can be raised as well.

Most adjustable bed frames can also have their height adjusted.

You can commonly find adjustable bed frames in hospitals and retirement homes. However, many stores now provide adjustable bed frames with varying styles and features for regular homes.

Potential buyers should take note that adjustable bed frames have additional moving parts, so a higher level of care and maintenance is required. Also, not all mattresses can be used for this type of frame.

Adjustable bed frames, when used properly, can provide a lot of benefits, especially for those with certain health conditions, especially for those suffering from mobility issues and the like.

What is an Adjustable Bed Frame For?

An adjustable bed frame provides a myriad of benefits especially for those suffering from certain conditions which cause lying down in a normal way either not possible or uncomfortable for them.

The main users of these types of beds, or at least they used to be, are patients who have mobility issues or are just sick in general. Those who are admitted into hospitals are often recommended to stay in bed at all times.

Of course, these patients would still need to eat, have something to drink, take their medication, and even get bored when they watch TV. It is also not recommended to lie down all the time as that causes complications by itself, like bed sores.

As such, adjustable bed frames were designed in such a way that someone, either a nurse or a relative, can adjust the bed so that the top half of the person can be raised at angles up to 45 degrees or even more.

Aside from medical needs, adjustable bed frames provide a lot of benefits when it comes to pure comfort. You can have a firmer and more stable position in lying down at an angle compared to just stacking pillows together, for one.

Secondly, lots of adjustable bed frames that are geared towards comfort will have additional special features that can enhance the sleeping experience, both in terms of comfort and experience.

Examples of these are sockets for charging, installed desks for eating or working, built-in lights, railings for safety against falling out of bed, and many more.

With this, we can say that you can certainly benefit from an adjustable bed frame whenever you have a medical need or if you simply want to have a more luxurious and functional bed in your home.

Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames

There are many benefits to owning an adjustable bed frame. This is most prevalent if you suffer from a variety of medical conditions.

Adjustable bed frames are good for those with mobility issues, primarily those with lower back pain or those who are suffering from paralysis.

Being able to raise the bed will allow them to get up to a sitting position easily. This will allow them to perform some tasks that are difficult to do when lying down such as eating or watching TV.

Adjustable bed frames can also benefit those with respiratory problems. This can help them sleep better if the bed is raised a little bit. It has also been proven to help those with sleep apnea or acid reflux.

As adjustable bed frames can relieve pressure on certain parts of the body, they can help reduce swelling, minimize pain, reduce bed sores, improve circulation, and provide other benefits.

What’s great about adjustable bed frames for medical reasons is that they minimize the need to move the patient manually. As the bed itself is moving, you will no longer need to raise the patient by hand, causing unnecessary discomfort or pian.

For the sake of comfort, adjustable bed frames can easily convert your bed into something that can perform multiple purposes. By changing the angle of your bed, you can work on a laptop or do other tasks.

Additional features can also let you do other things all from the comfort of your bed.

Disadvantages of Adjustable Bed Frames

The main disadvantage of adjustable bed frames is that they have many moving parts. In some cases, it may even require electricity in order to work.

Like any gadget or machine, if a part breaks, then there is a chance that the bed frame cannot function as intended. You may also need to acquire special parts or hire a specialist to make the necessary repairs.

Regular bed frames, on the other hand, can be easily fixed if something gets broken.

Adjustable bed frames will also need special mattresses. Your mattress must be able to bend, follow the angle of your frame, and retain its form.

These types of beds may cost more than regular mattresses. This may limit your options on what mattresses to get.

Adjustable bed frames may also cost more than regular frames. They can also be more difficult to clean and maintain. You have to ensure that the gears and other components are greased properly and clear of any debris so that they would work as intended.

What to Consider When Looking for Adjustable Bed Frames?

When choosing an adjustable bed frame, there are some factors that you would have to consider. This is to make sure that you are getting the most value out of your money.

The first thing that you would have to figure out is the size of the frame that you would want. How many people would be using the bed? Is it just you? Or will you be using it with your partner?

Most adjustable bed frames designed for patients are only singles, but you can get up to king-sized adjustable bed frames and everything in between.

Of course, the bigger your frame, the bigger the cost will be. Adjustable bed frames will cost more than fixed bed frames even if they are of the same size.

This is because of different materials made, more parts needed for installation, plus any other features that you want included in your bed.

The next thing that you would need to consider is the type of mattress that you would use. Mattresses made out of memory foam or latex are best for adjustable bed frames since they can mold themselves to the angle that you select, and they retain their shape well.

On the other hand, those with inner coils are not meant for adjustable bed frames unless otherwise specified.

The thickness of the mattress can also affect how well it works with adjustable bed frames.

You would also need to choose whether your adjustable bed frame would be controlled either manually or automatically. 

Manual adjustments will require levers or cranks to change the angles or height of the bed. On the other hand, automatic bed frames can be adjusted via a remote or even an app.

For the latter, there can be some problems due to possible failure of electronics or loss of power. In either case, hardware problems can also occur, but manual adjustable bed frames are fairly easier to fix.

Lastly, adjustable bed frames can also have additional bells and whistles that add more value for your money. Do you want to be able to adjust your bed’s height? Can it also raise your feet?

There are also other desirable features that can be included. These can cost extra, though, so choose those features that can fit your budget as well as what you will always be using.



How to Take Care of Adjustable Bed Frames?

You will need to take more care of an adjustable bed frame compared to a traditional bed. This is because it has more moving parts, and you’ll need even more care and maintenance if you have bought an automatic model.

The first thing that you would need to do is to read the manual that came with the product. It will be able to provide you with the most comprehensive guide on how to best take care of your bed frame.

Mattresses should be rotated regularly so that the strain is distributed evenly. This will allow your mattresses to last much longer.

Regular checks for loose screws must be done to avoid any accidents. Cleaning of all moving parts, and even greasing them on some occasions, must be done to ensure smooth operation.

There are service providers that specialize in maintaining these types of bed frames. Get a good recommendation for the seller of your bed frame.

It is also recommended that you not sit at the bottom of the bed. This is true especially for automatic adjustable bed frames as this can put unnecessary strain on the motors.

Automatic bed frames should also be used carefully. Plug the device into sockets with the right voltage and make sure to always check for damaged or frayed wires.

For manual bed frames, on the other hand, don’t force anything if the controls seem stuck. There may be some obstructions and forcing it may cause essential parts to break. 

Inspect the frame and try to clear any debris. You might also need to tighten some screws or have a professional take a look at the problem.

Perhaps most importantly, you should never treat your adjustable bed frame as a toy. Don’t play around with the controls just for the fun of it as it is the fastest way to break something and make it not as useful as it can be.

If you are able to treat it with care and respect, then this piece of furniture is capable of serving you for many years.


An adjustable bed frame serves a variety of purposes, and it is a welcome addition to any bedroom regardless of whether or not you have any medical needs for it.

There are numerous kinds of adjustable bed frames to choose from, with each having its pros and cons. Thus, finding the best one that fits your needs is important to get the most out of your investment.

It is also important to learn the best practices on how to care for and maintain your adjustable bed frame. 

Adjustable bed frames require a little bit more upkeep than fixed frames. However, a good adjustable bed frame can certainly provide advantages that a solid frame cannot. 

That, for most, is well worth the additional cost and effort.


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