Golfers are always on the lookout for that perfect set of clubs. If you’re someone who plays golf, then choosing the right clubs is crucial for you. You will find clubs like a driver, ironwood clubs, wedges, putters, and many others. Golf clubs are made of different materials.

The interest of people to play this game is increasing day by day. Many tournaments have been organized to encourage more people to take interest in golfing. A player must know certain rules and regulations before entering a tournament though!

You may feel confused when you are at the golf course because some golfers bring too many clubs to tournaments. Most golfers are not aware of regulations regarding clubs in the golf bag. Generally, both amateur and pro competitions have regulations for hole-in-one prizes, whether the competition is conducted by a club or by a governing body.

In golf, the players are allowed to bring a maximum number of fourteen clubs for competition. The clubs exclude the putter and include a range finder. There are numerous types of clubs that may be brought, but it is essential to note that only fourteen of the following golf clubs can be used at any one time:

A lot of golfers already know this, but for beginners, it is good to know that in a regulation golf tournament you are allowed to bring such kinds of clubs with you: Of those 14 clubs, you may or may not carry a putter which that can be no more than 3 wood-type or 5 in your bag. More so you can also include 8 maximum amount of irons plus a pitching wedge in one bag.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) is the governing body of all golf tournaments in the US. Established in 1894, it was created to protect the game of golf and elevate it to its current state.

Eventually, the USGA decided on a set of rules for playing golf, including the number of clubs allowed in each player’s bag.

If you are new to the game, make sure you read up on their rules and regulations thoroughly.

As per the U.S. Golf Association, you can stick to 14 clubs. You don’t need any more than that to play a game of golf.

Golf clubs are kind of like a math equation. The clubs in the bag must be composed of an odd number, and will not exceed 14 total clubs, including the putter. You can carry one club (it’s 3-wood), two clubs (5-wood), three clubs (7-wood). For example, a driver is used for hitting far, while a pitching wedge is used for hitting the ball closer to the hole.

Why Are The Rules Stating That You Should Only Bring 14 Clubs?

For example, in the 1970s, professional golfers were allowed to carry up to 25 clubs in their bags; however, they can only carry 14 clubs in their bags today. Due to…

  • Whereas hickory-shafted clubs allowed golfers to hit the ball stables, steel-shafted clubs limited shot-making.
  • Golfers often take more clubs, as there are more shot-making alternatives with those extra clubs. Nowadays, golfers play with many extra clubs and particularly like to use their putter as a fourth club because it enables them to either hit the ball harder or loft the ball higher.

What Are Repercussions of Carrying Over 14 Clubs?

Before you hit the golf course with your friends, make sure you count how many clubs you have at home. According to the USGA (United States Golf Association), if a player has more than 14 clubs in the bag during a round, he or she will incur a two-stroke penalty — and trust me, you’re better off safe than sorry. Generally, in case you have exceeded the number of clubs that are provided in your set, in general, you’ll get penalized. Let’s talk about it here.

Matchplay: In match play, competitors can carry up to 14 clubs per round. If a competitor uses the 15th club in a round, one hole from their score will be deducted. In this manner, roughly two holes may be forfeited.

Stroke play: Your score will diminish by one stroke for each hole that you use more than 14 clubs in a round, provided that you were correctly informed about the number of clubs you can use on the course (most courses do this by posting the maximum number of clubs allowed on any given hole) Another thing to remember is that within stroke play, your maximum penalty equals four strokes because there is no way to go higher.

Do You Have Permission To Share Your Mate Golf Clubs?

The Rules of Golf are extremely restrictive, even for professionals. One example is the rule that states that golfers must use their clubs to hit the ball. This rule applies to everyone but pros, who often borrow each other’s clubs in the interest of competition.

The Rules of Golf define a fair golf strike as “your club striking the ball on your downswing.” In other words, you may not use another player’s club to hit a ball. If you do so anyway, you have broken the rules and the score counts only as a practice swing.

But if you want to try it out, we encourage you to do so on the practice range, as any damage you do during your round is at your own risk.

Keep in mind that individuals and their companions are permitted to hold both of their clubs in the same golf bag. Though, you may still forbid mingling and utilizing one other’s clubs.

If you want to play with 14 clubs, you can ask someone else for a club — but their total count of clubs should not exceed the limit of 14.

Extra Clubs And How To Get Rid Of Them

To begin, when you notice a violation in the golf game like adding an extra club, you should immediately and decisively take it out and emphasize which club you are taking out. To set a precedent of encouraging players to be honest about their clubs, the USGA instituted a rule that you must notify a fellow player if a club is still in your bag or if you need to return a club.

What Defines A Putter?

When playing golf, golfers are limited to bringing 14 clubs with them. This limit includes the putter.

A putter is a specialized club used for putting. It’s the only golf club that is permitted to directly touch the ball before making contact with the ground. Your golf clubs maybe all be of different lengths and weights. The putter has the most leeway in terms of allowable tolerances for length and weight.


Putting is a component of the game of golf. This type of club is a lot longer than a standard iron and features a flat bottom and a rounded top. It’s designed for low-speed strokes around the green, typically to roll the ball onto the green from a distance rather than use it to hit the ball with precision.

Like other clubs in the bag, putters can be used or misused to hit the ball into or away from the hole. Some rules are attached to this choice, though. For example, players are allowed to use only one side of the putter on every putt, and they cannot have more than two types of putters in their bag and others not even one at all in their bags.

Is It Legal To Use A Chipper Putter On The Golf Course?

The USGA classifies chippers as irons, so they are just as legal as the rest of them.

As of April 6, 2016, the USGA has legalized chipper putters. However, this is alongside some conditions. Per the USGA’s ruling, golfers are allowed to use chipper putters as long as they are within ten degrees of loft, have a maximum face progression of four degrees over the preceding club, and have not been modified so that their impact velocity is greater than the speed of sound.

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