More often than not, when you are signing up for a dating site, filling out a form at the doctor’s office, joining a specific sport or applying for a job, usually entails writing down your height or discussing it. But what is it about our vertical measurement that is interesting? These are some of the basics.

How to properly write down your height

Countless individuals find themselves flummoxed when it comes to writing down their height in words and not in numbers. Writing down your height is not as difficult as it appears, it just so happens that most people are too accustomed to jotting it down numerically. In order to write height down, there are three ways.

The first is to put down each word, for example, if a person is 5’6” (the common manner height is listed) this translates as “five feet, six inches.” Another way is to eliminate the word “inches” since the last number mentioned is presumed to be such, thus, “five foot six” is also an acceptable manner to put down one’s measurement.

Last but not the least, there are instances when people shorten it further by removing imperial measurements  altogether and will simply say “five-six.” The addition of a hyphen keeps it short but still indicative of a person’s stature.

When to say feet versus foot

Not everybody uses the imperial system of measurement, i.e, feet, inches, yard, mile, pint, gallon, etc. Much of the Western world still relies on the metric system for measurements which is why there are still some people who are unable to write down their height in feet correctly. That said, there is a tiny bit of confusion between the right way to use “feet” and “foot.”

Grammatically, we use “feet” when we are referring to a number that identifies a noun.

  • For example, The team’s basketball forward is 6 feet tall.

On the other hand, “foot” is used in a sentence when it is used as a noun.

  • For example, They have a 6-foot forward playing for them.

Still confused? Think of it this way, the rule of thumb is, if the unit of measurement appears before a noun then it cannot be used in its plural form and it is considered to be an adjective.

Acceptable ways to write feet in sentences

The term “foot” or “feet” is a standard unit of measurement that is generally associated with the imperial system. A foot converts to 12 inches. The shortest way to write down “foot” is by abbreviating it to “ft.” Numerically, however, the most common way the foot is denoted is through the use of a prime symbol – an apostrophe.

  • Example: 6 ft 1 = 6’1

Converting feet to inches

The standard ruler we used in school as children measure a foot long. And if you have been paying attention to the numbers on that ruler, you know that 12 inches equal 1 foot. Here is a quick and simple chart to help you convert feet to inches or vice versa.

Inches (“)

Feet (ft)


1 ft


2 ft


3 ft


4 ft


5 ft


6 ft


7 ft


8 ft

Why men and women care about height

In the dating arena, the most common question asked happens to be “how tall are you?” This is a query that a lot of men and women (mostly the menfolk) find rather irritating. Why does height matter so much to people? It after all does not affect the way a person thinks, feels, or functions. Yet, it’s still a loaded question that gets asked one too many times.

Women mostly find tall partners more attractive than someone who is the same height or shorter. Science points towards evolution and nature as the culprits. The preference for a taller man is supposedly pre-programmed or hardwired from our births.

 This is because women have always associated height with power, dependability, strength, capability, and independence. And any man who displayed these characteristics was believed to have a better chance of survival. Not to mention, that it gives any future offspring the chance to inherit this attribute and therefore pass it on to future generations.

But make no mistake, a lot of men do prefer being taller than their partners. This is because men are hardwired to believe that height does equate to power and dominance. And that being taller shows his capacity to be a protector and a provider for his family.

The ideal height

If the height is so important then what is considered the “ideal” height? Is 5 ft 7 a good enough height for guys? In the United States, the average height for men is  5 feet 9 inches tall, while women are 5 feet 4. Though considered by some as “below average” 5 ‘7 is a considerably normal height, albeit shorter than most of the population. And anyone who is 5 ft 11 is thought to be quite tall.

Whether anyone who is 5’7 (67 inches) is considered short will depend on personal preference. Another factor to consider would be the average height in a given location. Bear in mind that in some countries, particularly in Asian regions, most men are short in stature, and anyone who is over 5 feet 7 is considered tall. On the other hand, for Americans and some parts of Europe, 5’7” is thought to be short.

Surveys conducted through the years by various dating apps and websites show that countless users aged 18 yrs old to 30 yrs old will likely match with men who are 5 ft 8 or taller. Meanwhile, women who are at least 5 ft 5 are highly likely to be liked more often than most other heights.

Is there such a thing as too tall?

Evolution and human nature have ingrained that a tall man is an attractive one. Even more so when said man is built with a muscular physique. Study does suggest that in modern times, these qualities still apply but not for everyone.

Though a lot of people find a 6 ft tall man eye-catching, there are some who prefer someone closer to their height. It is after all difficult to have an eye-level conversation with someone who is much taller or much shorter than you are. Self-conscious individuals also find themselves at the gaze of onlookers. When a taller than average person, say someone 6 ft 2, visits a country with relatively short in stature people, he will be met with a lot of stares and some whispers.

Will a woman date someone who is 6 feet 2 inches tall? Absolutely! Many women have no problem with their stature and consider this to be an acceptable height. Meanwhile, men will not think much of a 6’2 tall man. He is neither thought to be too tall or too short.

Dating: Is it affected by height?

Some women prefer dating taller men because it gives them a feeling of security, while some men enjoy dating much shorter girls since it allows them to be their protector. Regardless of the reason, height is a personal preference. Whether you are a man or woman, the height of your partner will be defined by what you find attractive. Just as many women opt to date guys who are on the shy side. Most men who are a little reserved are thought to be good listeners.

On the side of intimacy, some find that engaging in intimate acts is better with someone who has a good height ratio with theirs. Unless you are seated or lying in bed receiving or giving out neck kisses, a significant difference in stature can prove to be challenging. It’s challenging but not impossible.

Preferences and dating

Surprisingly there are still individuals who continue to ask the internet about whether the opposite sex prefers fair over tanned skin, short over tall, skinny over a fuller figure or shorter versus longer hair.

The truth is, the length of hair is subject to an individual’s preference. Men who like shorter hair are attracted to it because it implies that the woman is more of a no-nonsense type who cannot be bothered with all the work that longer hair entails.

This however does not mean that long hairstyles are being ignored. Polls show that nearly 50% of the male population do enjoy seeing a woman with long locks. To them, the length displays femininity and a sexy attitude. Similarly, most women find men with a decent (short) cut more attractive than men with long hair or men who prefer a smooth clean noggin.

On the topic of hair, another concern revolves around the hair in the nether regions. The media and adult films always portray bare genital areas as the norm, at the end of the day, this is a personal choice. Though a good number of men prefer the area bare or at least neatly trimmed, shaving or waxing completely should be a choice made by the person whose genitals would be affected by the end results.

Ask any doctor and they will tell you it is best to have hair in your pubic region since it promotes good bacteria your genitals need. When it comes to your body, your choice out rules all others.

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