The advent of the internet brought about many technological advancements. With it, people across the globe were also able to gather the information that would have otherwise been more challenging to collect through other channels. Not only is there data that’s more accessible, the internet has also made learning a more manageable task.

In this day and age, a person can be anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the internet, they can simply avail of their choice of education. With countless educational facilities making learning within reach, there is nothing that can stop a person from seeking the best education they can afford. One such institution is the Pearson company.

What is Pearson?

Pearson is a company in the UK that is touted as one of the largest and leading learning facilities known the world over. Though not a university, the company boasts of a background that spans more than 150 years.

The company continues to partner with numerous educational organizations across the globe. Their goal is to provide students globally, with a world-class education that is certified everywhere. To date, Pearson enrolls more than 3.4 million students annually.

Pearson active learn: what is it?

The Pearson ActiveLearn Secondary is a curriculum offered by this world-renowned educational facility. ActiveLearn was created to provide both teachers and students with a learning space in the virtual world.

This digital sphere permits educators to plan, teach, and allocate their resources on a wider platform for students aged 11 up to 19. This digital learning space helps educators about their time better which in turn offers all the necessary assistance for both learner and teacher.

How does it work?

Active learning is a method applied to help students engage in educational materials through an instructional manner. Students are provided with assignments to improve their writing skills, and problem-solving activities are distributed regularly to help hone logical and diagnostic abilities.

More importantly, students are encouraged to participate in group discussions where everyone joins in on reflection practices to further promote critical learning and communication in a non-traditional learning environment.

How educators can make the most of the tool

Virtual classrooms can be a tricky landscape to maneuver. Not a lot of educators or students are instantly able to adapt to this environment. For this purpose, Pearson’s ActiveLearn curriculum provides teachers with tools. These are some of the benefits teachers can take advantage of when using ActiveLearn:

  • A playlist creation to make learning resources more accessible and is available in one location. This includes the means to add teaching resources as well as any links found online that are related to the subject at hand.
  • Create an assignment schedule, intervention tasks, and homework for a single student, for groups of students, or for an entire class. All of which can be achieved with the simple click of a button.
  • Educators can also benefit from receiving targeted learner feedback. This can include learning prompts, as well as hints for students struggling with certain homework assignments.
  • Similarly, teachers can create an automatic assignment collection system. Along with this, summaries of test and homework results can be sent to emails instantly. Tracking the progress of learners is also easier through a simple and effective system that ensures real-time alerts on a student’s problem areas that require extra attention.
  • Teachers can easily download reports which they can share with their peers or to parents. Additionally, they are able to include other software programs for reports and assessments that are accredited by schools.
  • On the side of the learners, self-marking questionnaire styles are being implemented so that students can easily track their own progress.

Is it free?

Pearson’s ActiveLearn is available for free trials. Those who are interested can sign up for a 30-day free trial where they have access to numerous ActiveLearn Primary and ActiveLearn Secondary products. The ActiveLearn curriculum includes but is not limited to the following tools, Power Maths, Dynamo KS3 French, Bug Club, and IB Diploma to name a few examples.

Logging in

Accessing Pearson is not a difficult process. Users need only visit the website at the address or Once on either page, users should select the “Log in” option which is a green button.

Once a user inputs his or her details, select the “login” prompt to enter the website. Depending on which link you select, users will either end up on the ActiveTeach page or the ActiveLearn Library section.

Accessing Pearson textbooks online

The Pearson system provides a well-rounded curriculum and a range of tools that teachers and learners can access. One such tool is the textbook option. To access this, begin by going to /e-textbooks. Once there, opt in to “Register.”

Use your access code before choosing the book you need. Go through the user agreement and policy before accepting it. Those who have an existing username and password in Pearson can use this when registering.

McGraw Hill what is it?

Another big name in the educational industry is McGraw Hill. The company is one of the leaders of online learning for students ranging from pre-K all the way to those aiming for a postgraduate degree.

Aside from this, the institution also gives out references for multiple publications for the engineering, business, and medical professions. The company is accredited in over 20 countries and has thousands of employees worldwide with more than 60 languages and services for nearly 150 countries.

How do I access McGraw Hill ebooks online?

To access McGraw Hill ebooks, type in www. in your browser address field. Use your McGraw Hill ebook username and password in the provided fields. Click on the sign-in button once you are done. The page will load and display your bookshelf with any of the eBooks you have subscribed to in the past.

Students of McGraw Hill can also use the Connect code. To do this, simply use the URL that the instructor will provide. Enter this URL into your chosen browser. Once it loads, input your email address and then select “Begin.” Users need to register and create an account on Connect. Enter the access code, and then proceed and redeem it.

Is the McGraw Hill textbook downloadable?

All textbooks and professional eBooks from McGraw Hill are downloadable. Once a user purchases an eBook, a link for downloading will be made available. From there, simply download and save your ebook in your desired location whether it be your desktop computer or ebook reader.

Printing out an ebook

This educational company allows users to print out eBook files. Aside from downloads, the eBooks can easily be bookmarked, highlighted, or annotated as the user sees fit.

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