What Are Cannabis-Derived Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic compounds found in all kinds of plants, including cannabis. They are concentrated in the cannabis flower’s resin. Terpenes have a reputation for their smells and tastes.

There are approximately 200 terpenes found in cannabis plants. Terpenes play more than just aroma and flavor. They also contribute to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, which is why many people use them to help them choose the right product, mainly if full testing results are available from a lab.

Terpenes have been extensively studied more than phytocannabinoid. They are found in a wide variety of plants and are often used in various consumer products. These include cosmetics, perfumes, food preservatives, and food preservatives. So, although we have a lot of information about them, the interaction between phytocannabinoid is still an interesting topic for researchers worldwide.

Why Is It So Difficult for Cannabis-Derived Terpenes To Be Preserved?

Stabilizing cannabis-derived terpenes is difficult because they are highly volatile compounds that quickly degrade when exposed to light and heat. Some can evaporate at ambient temperature. Even though a plant may have a lot of terpenes, it can still evaporate. The plant’s terpenes are continuously replenished during growth, and its terpenes begin to decline as soon as harvested.

Growers needed a clearer understanding of the terpene profiles behind a cultivar’s unique taste, smell, or behavior. It wasn’t easy to reproduce these cultivars. The rise of modern terpene profiling tools has enabled cannabis producers to create and replicate terpene profiles consistently and provide cannabis derived terpenes for sale.

However, specific cannabis extraction processes can strip the plants of terpenes. This makes it more difficult to save them. Some companies add terpenes derived from other plants to the final manufactured product to counter the loss of terpenes. These terpenes may be extracted from cannabis plants or fruits, such as citrus limonene. Then they can be added to cannabis products for enhanced flavor and increased consumption.

Why Is It So Important to Test for Terpene Potency?

  • Helping Consumers Make a Choice: Consumers now realize that aromatic and flavorful Terpenes can affect the effects they experience when they consume cannabis products. This is called the entourage effect. Brands can use terpene analysis to help customers choose and provide a wide range of products to satisfy every taste. The demand for specific terpenes profiles will rise as consumers become more informed. A strong selling point can be the results of terpene profiling testing.
  • Influencing Customer Experience: Consistent terpene profiles across batches of the same strain can lead to more predictable effects. Achieving the perfect balance and ensuring your products provide consistency in taste and experience will improve patients’ ability to choose the best strain and product. Consumers looking for relief from specific symptoms can benefit from a consistent profile of terpenes.

Terpenes Denote Cannabis Quality.

Terpene testing allows you to differentiate top-shelf cannabis from lesser-quality products. Consumers are more aware of the importance of terpenes and understand a product’s terpene profile. It could mean the difference between a sale and lose out to a rival by providing a detailed breakdown of the terpenes in your cannabis lab reports.

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