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Real Name
Emily Jane Browning
Profession(s)Actress and Singer
BirthdayDecember 7, 1988
Work1998 – present
Height1.57 m
BornMelbourne, Victoria

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What is Emily Browning’s real name?

  • Emily Jane Browning

What’s the Education & Qualification of Emily Browning?

  • She went to Hurstbridge Learning Co-operation and Eltham High School.

What is Emily Browning’s net worth?

  • Currently, the star’s net worth is valued at $8 million dollars.

Does Emily Browning drink alcohol?

  • Not known

What are Emily Browning’s hobbies?

  • Fitness, Workout, Reading, photography, traveling, to name a few.

Where does Emily Browning come from?

  • Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Is Emily Browning single?

  • Emily Browning has allegedly been dating the movie essayist and chief, Eddie O’Keefe.

When is Emily Browning’s birthday?

  • December 7, 1988

How old is Emily Browning?

  • In 2021, Emily Browning’s age is 32.

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