Engineered roofing products are extremely popular today, specifically in cities prone to harsh weather, like Denver, Houston, and Boston. Though asphalt shingles make good roofing materials for their ease of installation and affordability, they tend to fall behind in appearance and durability. Experts believe DaVinci shingles are among the top-quality engineered roof tiles for the high-end aesthetic and added protection they offer.

These engineered cedar shake and slate roofs are designed to provide high-quality protection from icy winter temperatures, scorching summer heat, heavy rains, and blustery winds. DaVinci’s exclusive composite construction outperforms other shingles with a Class 4 impact rating, 110 mph wind rating, Class A fire rating, and a lifetime limited material warranty. Let’s further explore how these shingles can elevate your roofing experience:

1.   Eco-Friendly Roofing Material

While most synthetic shingles are made using recycled materials, like plastic and rubber, davinci shingles feature engineered polymer impregnated with highly advanced thermal, fire retardant, and UV stabilizers. These stabilizers are specifically formulated to ensure the shingles can easily withstand tough weather conditions throughout the year. Although DaVinci Roofscapes does not use recycled materials to make its shingles due to the long-term viability of a roof, its products are still 100% recyclable and considered one of the greenest roofing materials in the market. Additionally, the virgin resin in these products assures consistency and color control.

2.   Increase Your Abode’s Curb Appeal with DaVinci Shingles

DaVinci shingles can increase your abode’s curb appeal post installation because they are designed to look quite similar to natural cedar shade or slate roof. The slate shingles from DaVinci are made from original slate tiles featuring realistic chisel marks that offer a hand-crafted touch for the best authentic appearance. On the other hand, DaVinci cedar shake shingles feature original grain patterns along with deep grooves that appear the same as real cedar or wood shake shingles.

3.   Highly Versatile Shingles in Varied Colors and Styles

Made of highly versatile composite materials, DaVinci shingles come in various colors and designs, making them perfect for homes of all styles. The distinct blend of the traditional appearance and texture of slate tiles, polymer plastics, and real cedar in these shingles is what makes them appealing.

Further, you can find them in varied colors and enjoy the flexibility to add a maximum of eight colors in your color blend to create an exclusive color mix that gives your roof a natural appearance. These tiles are also popular for their Nature Crafted Collection color technology that helps emulate color warmth and softness. You can even use DaVinci’s Color Visualizer tool to see whether your preferred color blend suits your home. Additionally, since these shingles are made using virgin resin fortified with UV stabilizers, their color does not fade with time, and the roof remains new-looking and vibrant even after years of installation.

4.   Energy-Efficient Shingles with Little Ongoing Maintenance

DaVinci shingles block sunlight and heat, thus providing higher reflectivity, reducing cooling load and a decent increase in energy efficiency. Additionally, DaVinci shingles are low maintenance mainly because of their lightweight. They put very little stress on a home’s foundation and structure.

5.   Shingles with Algae Resistance and Insect Protection

DaVinci shingles are made of composite materials that do not sit well with different types of roof insects, like bugs and termites. They also come with in-built algae resistance eliminating the need for frequent roof repairs and replacement due to algae formation. Both these features ensure cost-efficiency bringing in huge returns on investment for the homeowners.

6.   Highly Affordable

DaVinci shingles are premium roofing products available within an affordable range. They cost way less than the roofing materials they mimic, like slate or cedar shakes. Of course, there is a higher upfront cost than asphalt shingles, but considering DaVinci shingles’ added longevity and durability, they make a better option. Compared to the other cedar shake and slate manufacturers, very few can beat the quality and design of DaVinci shingles. These products offer the hand-split appearance and durability of cedar shake and slate roofs, color stability and impact resistance. 

Another cost-effective aspect is the material warranty from DaVinci Roofscapes. Post installation, users get two warranties to safeguard their investment – a warranty on the contractor’s workmanship and the roofing material. The shingles also feature a 10-year non-prorated warranty against all manufacturing defects. However, the number of non-prorated years for the lifetime warranty changes as per your choice of a DaVinci shingle. So, regardless of your money, DaVinci shingles have good protection options.

7.   Extremely Durable

DaVinci shingles come with the highest rating for roofing materials – Class 4 impact rating. So, they stand up very well to debris and objects that hit your roof, withstand blustery winds at the speed of 110 mph, scorching heat and extreme weather, such as hail. This is an important attribute because asphalt shingles are less resilient and may require repair or replacement when damaged by hail.

Also, unlike the natural cedar shakes, you need not stress about the DaVinci shingles curling, rotting or cracking, or changing color. They are not as fragile or heavy as the natural slate tiles. So, you can expect to get around 40 to 50 years out of it, provided it’s installed perfectly.


So, if you are looking for an extremely durable and stylish solution for your roof, go straight for DaVinci shingles that offer highly dependable protection. Besides, you can get them in fantastic designs to give your home a luxurious appearance.

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