With many men wearing earrings in the modern world, there’s a lot more selection and types of ear piercing for men to choose from. This article delves into ear piercing types for men, where to get them, and things to consider along the way.

Ear piercings for men are a great way to add a bit of personality to your look. Your ear piercings can also help you make a statement through the way you accessorize and dress. Here, we look at the different ear piercing types that help you show the world who you are.

Ear Piercings For Men: The First Things You Need To Know

When it comes to getting an ear piercing, it’s essential to know what topics are popular among men in your area. You want to make sure that your piercings will be welcomed by this specific demographic. Here are some tips on how to decide which type of piercing is right for you.

Know The Type Of Earrings You Want

The type of earring you want determines the ear piercing to get. Earrings come in various shapes, sizes, and materials and appeal to different men depending upon their tastes. Some men like large or small earrings. The advantages of getting the right piercing are numerous as it relates to fashion and jewelry.

Choose a Reputable Parlor

Choosing the right place for ear piercing can be an essential decision. Choose a parlor that will provide friendly and knowledgeable service. The parlor should offer clean and quality services as part of its operational service.

Look for one that provides accurate measurements, an educated opinion on the best metal jewelry for your earlobe size, and performs any necessary treatments as required.

Pick Your Piercing Carefully

There are different styles of ear piercing for men. Each style has its pros and cons, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before going in for the procedure. That way, you won’t have to suffer through any pain or regret later on down the line.

There’s an array of options when it comes to getting your ears pierced, from simple tat to multi-piece designs. To get the most out of your piercing experience, it’s best to find one that enables you to wear the jewelry you desire.

17 Unique Men’s Ear Piercing Ideas for a Handsome Look

Many badass ear Piercings options can enhance your appearance and make you stand out from the crowd. Some of these ear piercing ideas are undergoing a trendier renaissance in fashion right now. It is trendy to have piercings on your ears.

This has brought us to this collection, in which we have found the best badass ear piercing ideas for men.

1.        Helix Piercing

Helix piercings are one of the most common types of ear piercing. You can have helix piercings on both ears, with different sizes, shapes, and colors of earrings. Helix piercings are an obvious choice for individuals who want a mid-ear piercing due to their visibility in the ear. This piercing is positioned along the upper ridge or “helix” of the ear. The helix area is covered with cartilage that forms part of the outer ear.

2.        Industrial Piercing

Helix ear piercing is a unique piercing. Your ears shouldn’t be an option for an unnoticed piercing. An industrial ear piercing can blend in with your everyday attire and adds an eary pop to your look. The small, intricate designs look great on just about anyone.

3.        Rook Piercing

Rook Piercing is an ear piercing that has been around since 2000. It takes only a few minutes to get a rook piercing done, and once you do, the earring can be worn to bed as well, which makes it convenient. There are different types of rook piercings, including rook barbell, rook tragus, and rook helix.

4.        Earlobe Gauging

Earlobe gauging is a type of ear piercing that involves inserting very thick or very large gauge jewelry into the earlobe. It is a type of ear piercing that refers to a healed-up stretched piercing in the outer end of your ear lobe.

Earlobe gauging has become increasingly popular over the years. This is because, in this fashion, the appearance of stretched cartilage looks fantastic on the ears.

5.        Lobe Piercing

It is a common form of ear piercing placed through the top of the ear lobe towards the face. Lobe piercing is a popular form of ear piercing in which a curved barbell is inserted through the lobe.

6.        Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is a type of ear piercing that goes through the cartilage in the ear called as tragus. It is popular among both men. It is situated within the flap of cartilage that protrudes from the skin just in front of the ear canal.

The most common jewelry worn in the tragus is a straight post, like an industrial. This style keeps the piercing from shifting around and makes for easy cleaning.

7.        Snug Piercing

The Snug piercing is a type of piercing that involves piercing the ear lobe in an upward direction instead of straight in. It is considered to be the perfect solution for men with any ear shape.

Snug Piercing allows you to get the earrings without the pain, and it heals in a couple weeks, of same as any other ear piercing.

8.        Orbital Piercing

Orbital piercing is a type of ear piercing. It is placed inside the ear hole, through the lobe, but outside the helix (the upper edge of the ear).

Orbital piercings are a specific kind of ear piercing. They are probably the most extreme experience you can have when it comes to ear piercing.

9.        Caged Helix Piercing

A caged helix piercing is one type of ear piercing. It is done through the helix, which is the outermost part of the ear, and sits between the tragus and anti-tragus.

Caged Helix piercing is a type of ear piercing in which there are two central hoops and one connecting hoop. The other two hoops are attached to the same barbell and form a cross between them.

10.      Anti-Tragus Piercing

The anti-tragus is a form of body piercing that is done on the anti-tragus. The anti-tragus is the part right above the ear canal, and the cartilage protrudes outward, making it easy to pierce. The anti-tragus is just beside your tragus; it’s the pointed bit of cartilage at the top of your ear.

It is a self-contained cartilaginous earring that fits onto this spot so quickly.

11.      Daith Piercing

It is a type of ear piercing that has become very popular. The daith piercing is ear piercing, where the hole goes through the earlobe just above your ear canal. It falls under the category of cartilage piercings.

12.      Conch Piercing

A conch piercing is a new type of ear piercing. A conch piercing is placed just above the opening of the canal (where the tragus is), and it protrudes outwards slightly. This makes it the perfect type of ear piercing for men

The name conch comes from the resemblance to a seashell. The conch goes through the ear shell, creating a look similar to a seashell.

13.      Auricle Piercing

In an auricle piercing, the piercing is placed through the rim of your ear. The auricle is located at the top and outside of the ear.

Some people consider this to be a surface piercing. People who choose auricle piercings as their first piercing often have them pierced with curved barbells.

14.      Upper Lobe Piercing

Upper lobe piercing is a type of ear piercing that extends through the upper lobe (the back of the ear) rather than through the earlobe itself. The piercings are typically performed on an individual’s cartilage, much like regular lobe piercings, although they can also be inserted through the lesser concha or tragus.

15.      Transverse Lobe Piercing

Transverse piercing is a type of ear piercing, often seen as one of the most distinctive male ear piercings. It crosses through the upper part of the lobe and is a trendy choice among men who seek body modification.

There are two types of transverse piercings. One is when it goes through across the front of the ear, following its curvature. The other is when it’s positioned across the top side of the right or left lobe.

16.      Geometric Triple Piercing

Geometric triple piercing is a type of ear piercing with three piercings on one ear. A geometric triple piercing is known as the tragus, anti-tragus, and daith piercings. These three piercings can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Geometric triple piercing, or the Trinity piercing, is an “exotic” ear piercing.

17.      Cartilage Piercing

A cartilage piercing is a type of ear piercing. It passes through the cartilage of the ear. It specifically refers to the helix and anti-helix (the two curved areas found on the upper part of your ear), or tragus, which is just above your ear canal.

The big difference between cartilage piercing and some other ear piercings is that cartilage piercings are not considered very painful compared to other types of piercings.

It is best to choose a piercing according to your preferences. The best place to get a piercing is from professional piercers who can ensure safety in any piercing.

Where to Get Ear Piercing For Men

Every guy wants to get his ears pierced and should. It’s a great form of self-expression, especially when you find the right pair of earrings to wear in your new piercing. But then you realize that ear piercings are not to be done at the mall.

There are plenty of places to go for ear piercing for men, but they aren’t all created equally. It would help if you had somewhere that does it right and has years of experience with male piercings.

If you are living in or near a big city, you should be able to find a piercing shop that does ear piercing for men fairly quickly. Follow these steps to get the best ear piercing services:

1.    Carry Out Research

Before getting an ear piercing, you should do some research to see what piercing clinics are available near you. It’s also a good idea to find a place that has a good reputation – you don’t want to be complaining years later that your ear was infected after all.

2.    Look for Hygiene Standards

Ear piercing is an intimate procedure, so make sure you find an ear-piercing salon that is clean and offer hygiene standards that are up to par with your standards for male hygiene. There is a possibility that you could end up with an infection

3.    Visit or Contact Qualified Piercers

If you want to get an ear piercing, it is essential to know where to get them for your best look. Ear piercing is an art form. Each piercing design is unique.

You want piercing specialists with years of experience who will make sure that your new earring looks as unique as you envision.

4.    Establish a Relationship With Your Piercer

You want to find a reputable piercing studio that provides fantastic service and understands the importance of maintaining a long-term relationship with its clients.

5.    Schedule an Appointment

First, you have to be comfortable with the idea of getting an ear piercing. Getting an ear piercing is a bold decision. While there are many different types of piercing, in most cases, you can schedule an appointment with a professional who specializes in men ear piercing. Once you have chosen your piercing clinic, you can discuss the other details with them.

You should seek the services of an expert piercer – The procedure should be done by a professional who uses only professional equipment and materials to give you a unique feel.

What To Do When You Get Your New Ear Piercing

There are several things that you are supposed to do after getting your piercing these include:

1.    Follow Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare instructions are given for the safe handling and maintenance of every piercing jewelry. It prevents the possibility of spreading infection and promotes the healing process.

2.    Avoid Touching The Ear Piercing

If you have a piercing in your ear, do not touch it without the proper instruction. Touching an ear piercing can cause irritation or injury.

3.    Keep It Clean By Washing With Alcohol Regularly

 It’s essential to clean the piercing carefully so no germs or other chemicals get inside and do any harm until it’s completely healed.

4.    Avoid Strain On The Ear

Piercing can cause pain for up to two weeks. Avoid overstretching your earlobe or pulling on it too hard as this can cause pain and swelling.

We all like to look our best. Whether you’re going out for the evening or putting on your best outfit for the day, having a stylish piercing can make you appear different and extra appealing. Make sure that you take care of your piercing to get more value and continue good looks.

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