About Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas, we all know Damon Thomas popularly as a music producer who became very famous by becoming a producer for a music duo called underdogs.

He and his crew are known for creating beats for some famous artists, talking about the likes of Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and some other popular artists, the list goes on.

He is also known popularly now because he was once married to the TV reality star Kim Kardashian and so anything that concerns Kim Kardashian has his name included in it.

Damon Thomas – A Little About Him

Well, as mentioned before, he’s a music producer and he is known majorly for his work with Harvey Mason Jr.

He used to be a part of a group that was all about producing pop music, they were called the underdogs back then.

During their time in the spotlight, they got the opportunity to work with a lot of major artists that we have mentioned before, the likes of R Kelly, Pink, Chris Brown, and a lot more.

Also, as time went on he and his crew worked on making music for some blockbuster movies, for example, we remember Dreamgirls, Pitch Perfect, and a movie named The Help.

According to what we have seen on his social media page, as part of his biography, he is said to have gotten a Grammy award six times.

He is a mega-producer, this is what they call people with such accomplishments, outside working with his crew, he advanced to making his own thing.

As a man, he wanted to stay on his own and know that he had accomplished something which was in his name so he started a producing company named Thomas Krown.

Well as far as we know, for now, we don’t have enough information about his childhood and education, but as you read on you would learn a lot about him.

He also has a child, a son to be precise, his boy’s name is Dimas Thomas, there is also news about an ex-girlfriend Sarai Torres.

Damon Thomas’s Age And Possible Family

The African-American music producer’s date of birth is said to be the 15th of December, 1970.

He was born in Calabasas, California, which makes him a United States citizen, and with the date of birth written above, we all agree that he is 48 years old.

As of now, we have no strong information about Damon’s parents or any of his siblings because he hasn’t come out to say anything about them before, so there is no solid information on them.

Well, we are not here to talk about them so as you know he is African-American and a citizen of the United States.

Damon Thomas’s Education

From what we have noticed, Damon Thomas isn’t a very outspoken person because a lot of things about him remain unknown.

Just like his education has not been let out to the world, we don’t know if he went to school if he did where did he go, and maybe he went halfway, we don’t know where he must have stopped.

Damon’s education is something we keep guessing about, no one really knows what grade he studied to or what education he had gotten.

We believe he must have ended at the high school level because if he did go to college, he would have friends from there who would still be with him. This is just speculation though.

Looking at what he is able to do and the career choice he took, we could only say that he didn’t take education seriously.

Damon Thomas’s Career

The world started hearing the name Damon Thomas in 1990, a very long time ago.

Back then he was known as a co-producer working with his partner Kenneth Edmonds.

After he worked with Kenneth Edmonds, that is after they both split, he went ahead and got his new partner by teaming up with Harvey Mason Jr. They both formed the duo that we all know as the Underdogs, they were once one of the most popular R&B /pop duo producers.

Their first gig that boosted their career was producing a song for a popular musician called Tyrese, they worked on a song for him named I Like Them Girls.

After their big first gig, they were known by a lot of people and so they got to produce for several big artists in the music industry like the names mentioned before, Lionel Richie, and the rest of them.

They were able to produce beats and provide music for most pop and RnB musicians.

After what they have been able to do, they got jobs to create the music for some movies, one, in particular, is straight Outta Campton, a movie based on the 90s, and the N.W.A.

Damon’s production has gotten awards from the Black Reel as the best song.

Although as a producer, he has had to share his awards with the writers, performers, and artists.

Also, his partner Mason was able to achieve the Black Reel award for the song they made on the movie Dreamgirls.

He was also nominated one time for the golden globes and he has also bagged two nominations for the Grammys.

Damon Thomas’s Height And Weight

The last time we checked, Damon was 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

As for his weight, this is another thing we can’t tell about this man bug he is physically fit because he works out and takes care of his body very well. He has normal black hair and brown eyes.

Damon’s Net Worth

This is a producer who has worked on songs with big artists like Dru hill and pink, he has also co-written songs with Babyface.

He is now estimated to be worth a whopping sum of 1 million dollars.

Damon Thomas got his wealth from his skills as a songwriter and producer, music paid him and made him who he is today.

Since 1999 when he teamed up with Harry Mason Jr he has been in the spotlight of his career.

Both of them got the opportunity to work with big RnB artists. We have artists like Lionel Richie, Chris Brown, J. Valentine, Joe, Ne-Yo, and some others. They are a great team of producers so people want to work with them.

A recent song that you all might know of is a single released by Monica named sideline Ho, the underdogs were responsible for the production of that song.

2011 came and the underdogs were reunited for a one-time production of a song released by Chris Brown called UP 2 You off his album called F.a.m.E.

They also produced a song alongside Mary j. Blige which was done for a motion picture called The Help.

Damon Thomas also came out to co-write a song that was performed by the artist Avant, the name of the song was Can’t Wait.

He is also known as a prestigious producer for his Black reel award and the Grammy nominations that he has gotten.

He also got married to Kim Kardashian in 2000 but they later got separated in 2004.

Early 2010, both Damon and Kim Kardashian got a lawsuit from a maid who used to work for them because they didn’t pay her for her services.

Then came 2012, Damon Thomas reportedly filed for bankruptcy, this happens in California.

Social Media Handles

The man is a very private fellow, he doesn’t like to let the public in on his life for his reasons.

We don’t know why but we know that because of his privacy policy, he isn’t seen to be active on any social media platform.

Although there is an unverified account on Instagram that might be him, it isn’t for sure yet because it isn’t verified and he isn’t a social media person too.

Damon Thomas Relationship Status

For now, although he has managed to maintain a private life, we know that Damon Thomas is presently single and is not committed to anyone.

He is almost 50 years old and we know that he has had a relationship with reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

They were married for four years and since then, Damon hasn’t gotten engaged to anyone else since then.

Just like most people or celebrities, he has tried to keep his life private and to an extent, he has been successful at it.

Damon Thomas was once married to Kim Kardashian West, from 2000 to 2004 which is when they got divorced.

We don’t know if he has had any relationship prior to his marriage to Kim Kardashian West but probably it wasn’t anything too serious because there was no formal engagement that was announced between him and anyone else.

Of Of course, there might online rumors about his dating history, but we only know about him and Kim Kardashian being a couple.

He is a big star so it might be hard to keep track of anyone that he has been with as he must have been with a lot of people.

Damon Thomas And Kim Kardashian

We all know Kim Kardashian cannot keep her life private because she keeps her life on the television that we watch every day.

More than 80 percent of her life has been provided in detail just for the public eye, most people know the in and out of the Kardashian’s lives.

With her life being exposed and all, she can hardly keep any secret from the press, things like her marriage to Damon Thomas have been brought out to the world without any boundaries.

Although it is a fact that the world at large doesn’t know much about the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Damon Thomas, they know most about her and Kris Humphrey and the most popular aspect of her life, her marriage to Kanye West that got her the name Kim Kardashian West.

So you see, there isn’t much that has been exposed about these two and their union but she has spoken about it once on her reality TV show.

In that episode where she talked about her marriage to the famous producer Damon Thomas, she revealed some in-depth information.

When Did The Union Of Damon And Kim Happen?

Kim Kardashian and Damon Thomas got married in the year 2000, back when she was just a girl of 19.

She was very young and at the same time, Damon was older than her by 10 years, which means he was 29 at the time.

According to their story, they had eloped and gotten married.

They were in love according to what we heard, they were also only together for four years so that means by the year 2004 they were divorced.

On an episode of her famous reality show known as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim said that she was a drug user when she got married to Damon Thomas, she was probably under the influence at the time.

According to the statement she made, the marriage was a bad idea and probably it is among the things she ever regretted doing, as her sex tape.

We put it this way because she said that the drugs that she had been taking at that point in time made her decide to agree to the marriage and also the same drug, later on, got her doing a sex tape.

So if she added this experience to her drug-related experiences, she must have deemed it as a bad idea.

Why Did The Marriage Have To End?

Well, with what has been explained so far, you can call this relationship a messy one.

The girl was 10 years younger than the guy, she was on drugs, you can’t say it wasn’t slated to end early.

She gets very agitated when she has to discuss the topic because it was a time in her life that she must be hoping that she forgets.

According to her, Damon was too controlling, although he was older than her by a wide margin which made this inevitable.

The bottom line here is that they both divorced and according to Kim, he abused her physically and emotionally.

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