About Bill Arriaga

Bill Arriaga became very popular when it was discovered by people that he was the life partner of a very famous and very skilled pop artist and drummer.

Bill Arriaga today is known as Suzette Quintanilla’s husband. They had both tied the but and said their bows in 1993, and ever since then, they have become man and wife.

They have had a successful marriage where they have been blessed with a very beautiful child, John Arriaga who was born in 1998.

They have both been in the spotlight since their marriage because they have been together for so long and still yet they both love each other and seem to be stuck together.

It is like the love between them grows with time. Let us go back to Bill Arriaga and tell you all something about him and the family he is raising.

Bill Arriaga came into this world on American soil, they say he is of American ethnicity and has a mixed-up ethnic foundation.

According to what we have heard, Bill Arriaga was born in the 60s which makes his age range around 50 to 60 years.

He isn’t a very popular person a there is no Wikipedia detail about him and his immediate family which means that there is little to no information about the guy.

Little by little, so far Bill Arriaga has been living a very meaningful and interesting life alongside his better half MRS Suzette and his child Young Jovan Arriaga.

We all know that Suzette had a sister who was killed back in 95, she was also a musician, although she was a Mexican-American pop artist.

There has been a TV show that was made to honor Selena, it is also made after her, recently, the series has been put on Netflix and it is one of the fast-rising series today.

Getting back to Bill Arriaga, we could that he is a nice-looking man with good height and normal body weight. From what we have been able to gather so far after Bill’s total asset had been calculated would all round up to be at about 1.5 million dollars.

In addition to their relationship, there has never been a story that came out when Bill had been painted back in it because he is a very good and respectable husband who loves and cherishes his family.

We have also gathered fem his recent appearances he is not much of a social media person.

Bill Arriaga Age, Height, And Weight

Bill is the son I the soil, he was born and brought up on the United States soil in the 1960s. Although the exact date of birth he been yet to be released, we know that he was born around this period.

Bill is a very tall person as he keeps his body weight to a minimum. He is 5 foot and 8 inches tall, he also weighs 68kgs.

Bill Arriaga’s Net Worth

Bill was also cast in the series that is made to honor his wife. The series named Selena has been growing very fast and he had made an appearance in the 8th episode known as Goldrush.

Talking about his professional life, he doesn’t let it out in public, he doesn’t let stuff like that out in the general public.

Although no one seems to know what he’s doing to be so rich, he is still a millionaire because his assets have been calculated and have been estimated to equal an estimated amount of 1.5 million dollars.

Bill Arriaga Social Media

Bill isn’t much of a social media person as we have established before, he doesn’t do much on any social media platform.

We know that he is still a very mysterious person and not too much has been known about him.

Although, his wife does a lot to post pictures of the couple together on Instagram and many other social media platforms.

Bill Arriaga’s Wife – Suzette Quintanilla

Suzette Quintanilla is the wife of Bill Arriaga, she was born in 1967 in  Lake Jackson, Texas, her father is also a Mexican-born producer and songwriter who goes by the name Abraham Quintanilla Jr.

Her mother was a homemaker Marcella Ofelia Samora. She is Suzette Quintanilla a very famous American singer and actress from Texas, United States.

She was the drummer, percussionist, and back up to the lead singer of her family band, her late sister was the lead singer who was popularly known as the Queen of Tejano.

Although it was a tragic fact that she loosed her sister but it helped her music career grow and get to where it is today. She was the daughter of a musician, a good one at that. So she had started gaining interest in music at a very young age. And so did all her siblings.

Just after she graduated from high school, she decided to go full time into music and she did it with her sisters sharing a successful growth with them.

The family band soon became a big hit and got a record label to back them up. The then Freddie records helped them release their first-ever full-length album, Miss Primeras Grabaciones, in 1984.

After that successful album, they went on a row and released four albums from that year to 1988, this was four albums in four years.

After all of the success, she lost one of her sisters and so she stopped the music scene, she went out to do other things.

Today she is married and has a son with a very successful businessman who loves and cares for her. Since her sister died, Selena decided to join her mother in doing one thing for their late sister, she has made it a mission to preserve the legacy she built.

The family has decided to start a series honoring the life of their late sister Selena, today, the series is a success.

About Selene Quintanilla

Selena Quintanilla is the late sister of Bill Arriaga’s wife, Suzette. She was born in the 70s, 1971 to be precise, on the 16th of April.

Her time alive was spent as an amazing musician, she was known mainly to be a songwriter, singer, spokesperson, businesswoman, actress, and fashion designer. A woman with multiple talents.

 She is the famous daughter of a very famous music producer, she also gained the name of the Queen of Tejano music.

She made outstanding marks in the music and fashion industry that put her in the books as one of the most celebrated entertainers in the Mexican-American industry back in the 20th century.

She was a very successful musician and she was placed to be one of the most influential Latin musicians in the world at that time.

She is also the one responsible for making Latin music go into the mainstream market because it wasn’t there before she came along.

Sadly the world lost such a talent at a very young age, she was shot dead by Yolanda Saldivar who claims to be a fan and president of the Selena Fan club.

Ever since she died, her legacy has lived on in history because her family has decided not to let the legacy die.

She acquired a star in the Hollywood walk of fame of 2017. The ceremony was attended by 4500 fans which is the highest that has ever been in a ceremony for the Hollywood walk of fame.

Bill Arriaga’s Wedding

Bill Arriaga and Suzette have become a couple and recently they got their relationship in the spotlight of social media.

Even though they got married in 1993, the marriage never got the attention it was supposed to get because Bill Arriaga is a different kind of person.

The wedding was replayed later on in the series and the woman who murdered Selena was present there because she was a family friend. This kind of became an issue because the fans didn’t like that.

When you take a look at the whole scene, Yolanda was also a bridesmaid at the wedding. Yolanda was a nurse and at that time, she was the president of the Selena fan club.

Although Yolanda was a family friend and an employee of Selena the great artist, she still did what she did.

Bill Arriaga’s Wife’s Instagram

His wife Suzette is nothing like him as she takes social media very seriously and has a lot of fans following her there. Her account is verified on Instagram and has 764k followers.

She has made more than one thousand posts on her Instagram and most of them are always honoring the sister in some way.

When you go through her page on Instagram, you would see her love for the family is because she dedicated herself to showing the love she has for her family online. Nothing else is more important to this woman.

About Bill Arriaga’s Son Jovan Arriaga

He was born on the 5th day of March in 1998, he is one of the celebrity kids that we know of. He was born just three years after his aunt passed away.

He is the child of a famous musician, actress, and drummer Suzette Quintanilla. His father is Bill Arriaga.

His mother who is Suzette was once a backup singer and manager to a legend in the Latin music industry. His father who is Bill Arriaga is not known very much around the world because he is not a social media person.

His father enjoys living a private and social media-free life. Jovan popular person all around him, although just from his maternal side.

He has a grandfather who was an artist and record producer back then, his grandmother used to be alongside her husband all the way during his music career.

Jovan is currently 23 years old and used to be a baseball player while he was in high school. He played for four hears.

He has graduated today from college and currently works as a civil engineer. This is a claim though because just like his father he lives a private life.

You know that some traditions believe in reincarnation, Mexicans do. It is only fair that some people don’t agree with the idea because it sounds like an impossibility.

Although, Suzette had lost her sister just two years after her sister died and there years later, she had a child that looks just like her sister. The only thing is that he isn’t a girl.

It is not wrong to imagine that the sister had reincarnated as the child of Suzette. Well, we can’t claim anything here but the truth is that looking at the child does make the world remember the Latin music goddess.

Some Facts About Jovan Arriaga

  • Jovan was born into a rich family, this is a fact that is known by everyone because firstly his maternal home is filled with music personnel, starting from the grandfather to his mother.
  • He was born in 1998 which makes him 23 years and is the only child his parents have.
  • Jovan is the nephew of the Queen of Tejano music with whom he is said to share a resemblance.

Trivia Of Bill Arriaga

  • He is a very personal person and his age is not known by the public. We only know he was born in the 60s.
  • Bill is a businessman who has been married to his wife for 28 years now.
  • He fathers a 23 years old child


There isn’t anything much known about Bill Arriaga, his family is in the spotlight of the media but he is very different because he distances himself from things like that. His son is also like him because he doesn’t come out much and no one knows what he is up to.

Bill’s wife is very popular because she used to be a musician who was very popular with her family band. His father-in-law is also another famous person because he was a very popular record producer back in his days. They were Mexican-American musicians. 

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