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The world of tennis includes the mightiest and most fit people on the planet. Bianca Vanessa Andreescu ranks as the fourth-best tennis player in the world. In her country, she has the highest rank in the Women’s Tennis Association in Canada.

She was born on June 16, 2000. Bianca is 5’7” tall. As a tennis athlete, she plays with a two-handed backhand grip. Her loved ones and friends call her Bibi.

It is phenomenal to consider that she only started her professional career in 2017. Her coach from 2018 until the early months of 2021 was Sylvain Bruneau. Now, Sven Groeneveld, the former leader of the Swiss Tennis organization.

Bianca Andreescu’s biography

Early childhood

Her parents (Maria and Nicu Andreescu) moved to Canada from Romania in 1994. Nicu was a mechanical engineer, while Maria worked at a bank. Bianca was born in Ontario in 2000. But when she was six years old, her household returned to Romania. There, Bianca’s parents tried to start a business.

Bianca Andreescu entered tennis when she was seven years old in Romania. She got coached by her friend’s father, Gabriel Hristache. But her parents’ startup business failed two years later. They migrated to Canada again. Maria, her mother, worked at a financing company, while Nicu worked at a car company.

Canada opened up new possibilities for the young Bianca. The Ontario Racquet Club welcomed her into their tennis team. Soon after, she started training in the U14 National Training Centre of Tennis Canada in Toronto.

When she was twelve years old, Bianca trained intensively to become a successful tennis player.

Source: Wikipedia

Bianca Andreescu’s ascent

Bianca started joining the junior tournaments of the International Tennis Federation in the later months of 2013. She competed against fellow tennis players below 18.

In 2014, Bianca won the Les Petits As that year in France. It is a world-renowned tennis tournament for junior players across the world. Also, in that year, Bianca triumphed in the Metropolia Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships.

In July 2015, Bianca Andreescu started participating in the women’s division of the International Tennis Federation in Quebec. She ended up as the runner up to Alexa Glatch, an American professional tennis player.

This year, she also had great strides in the Condor De Plata competition in Bolivia, the Open International Junior de Beaulieu-sur-Mer in France, and the Canadian Open Junior Championships. She gradually reached the Grade 1 level. Bianca defeated Charlotte Robillard-Millette, who represented Quebec. She also reached the finals of the Yucatan Cup as the runner-up in the singles title. (Kayla Day was the champion in that round). But she won the doubles title with a Grade 1 title.

Bianca Andreescu then defeated Kayla Day in the Metropolia Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships later that year. Because she won two titles in 2014 and 2015, Bianca set a new record in her teenage years. Bianca, Vanessa Wong, and Charlotte Robillard-Millette also embodied her home nation at the Junior Davis Cup and Junior Billie Jean King Cup. Although her team lost to the players from the Czech Republic, they defeated Russia to achieve third place.

As 2015 ended, Bianca Andreescu became recognized by Tennis Canada as an Outstanding Junior Female.

With wild cards, Bianca played at the qualifying rounds of the 2015 and 2016 Canadian Open. Unfortunately, she had an injury during the first half of 2016. Bianca has a fractured foot and sprained ankle because of stress and strain.

But when she recovered, Bianca succeeded in the International Tennis Federation competitions. In August 2016, she won in both singles and doubles games with Charlotte Robillard-Millette. Two months later, Bianca won as a runner-up with Charlotte in the 2016 Challenger Banque Nationale de Saguenay doubles events. But in the singles games, she only reached the semifinals because she lost to Catherine Cartan Bellis.

She also participated in the 2016 US Open, but she lost. Sadly, she lost again to Day. At the Australian Open, Bianca reached the semifinals. She got defeated by Rebeka Masarova, a Swiss-Spanish tennis player. In the French Open, Bianca also lost to Claire Liu, representing the United States.

Despite these, she set her best records in her Grand Slam streak with Carson Branstine. With her, Bianca Andreeescu defeated the Polish and Russian tennis teams. They would become recognized as the first Canadian tennis team to win the doubles title in the Grand Slam competition.

At the end of 2016, Bianca Andreescu has already reached the number three junior rank worldwide.

Bianca Andreescu’s entrance to professional tennis

In 2017, she entered the Top 200 of the Women’s Tennis Association rankings. With her two titles in the International Tennis Federation, she started to gain fame as a professional. Despite not entering the French Open, she got qualified for the 2017 Grand Slam Wimbledon Championships.

She lost against Kristina Kucova, who represented Slovakia. But Bianca got given a wild card to enter a Washington Open. There, she won against Camila Giorgi from Italy and France’s Kristian Mladenovic. But Andrea Petkovic from Germany broke her streak.

Nonetheless, Bianca Andreescu received a wild card to enter the Canadian Open and US Open, but she repeatedly lost in the opening matches. Fortunately, Bianca succeeded in the last rounds of that year. With Carson Branstine, she reached the final round of the Women’s Tennis Association Coupe Banque Nationale games. Then, Bianca and Carol Zhao won in the Challenger Banque Nationale de Saguenay. By the end of 2017, Bianca Andreescu was rank number 182.

In 2018, Andreescu did not qualify in the major matches of the Women’s Tennis Association, including the French Open. But she was able to reach four final rounds and runner-up victories in the $25K level. Then, she made it to the quarterfinal round at the 2018 Midland Dow Tennis Classic. Unfortunately, she had a back injury before the semifinals of the 2018 Challenger Banque Nationale de Granby. Because of this, she could not compete in the Canadian Open. She concluded 2018 at the number 152 ranking worldwide.

During this time, she started to become well-known in the tennis community for her fun playstyle. Both Canadians and Romanians supported her games, becoming the pride of the two countries.

Bianca Andreescu’s rise to No. 4

In the 2019 season, Bianca finally exceeded the Top 100 among the top women tennis players. In the 2019 Auckland Open, she reached her first singles final round. She defeated three tennis athletes from the world’s top 40 (including the number 3, Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki). Bianca ended up as the runner-up to Julia Gorges, the defending tennis champion from Germany.

After this, she became qualified to join the Australian Open, setting her on the path to winning the Grand Slam competition. She also triumphed at the Oracle Tennis Challenger Series in Newport, California. At this point, she already climbed to Number 68, becoming the top-ranked player of Canada in the Women’s Tennis Association this year.

Bianca reached the semifinals of the Mexican Open and the Premier Mandatory Indian Wells Open. Bianca defeated Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina (Number 6) and Germany’s Angelique Kerber (Number 8). Bianca Andreescu became the first wild card woman tennis player who emerged as the champion of the singles games. She was also the first 18-year-old to achieve this feat since 1999 when Serena Williams won at this age. She reached Number 24 in the rankings of the Women’s Tennis Association at this point.

A week later, Bianca defeated Angelique Kerber again in Miami. But her right shoulder, unfortunately, got injured, so she had to retire from the competition. She had to wait. (But she tried to prematurely join the French Open, only to stop again after a match.) By the time she had fully recovered, Bianca was victorious in the Canadian Open tournament. Bianca Andreescu defeated Kiki Bertens from the Netherlands (Number 5), Karolina Pliskova from the Czech Republic (Number 3), and Serena Williams from the United States (Number 10). The latter had to retire due to back injuries.

This marvellous streak helped Bianca Andreescu reach the Number 14 rank worldwide. She was the first woman Canadian tennis athlete to triumph in the tournament since 1969.

Canada is fortunate to have a tennis player as excellent as Bianca Andreescu. In 2019, she became the first Canadian athlete to emerge as champion in the Grand Slam tennis title. Bianca Andreescu was just a teenager when Bianca defeated Serena Williams, one of the top tennis players in the United States and the world. At this point, she already rose to Number 5 in the globe.

Her streak ended in the China Open when she lost to Naomi Osaka, the Japanese tennis player at Number 4. Later, Bianca withdrew from the season because her knee got injured. She received the Lou Marsh Trophy, a recognition for Canada’s most accomplished athlete. Bianca Andreescu is the first tennis athlete to gain this trophy.

Bianca Andreescu during the Covid-19 pandemic

Her knee injury hindered her from joining tournaments and games during 2020’s initial months. Tennis competitions got cancelled because of the pandemic. When these resumed in 2021, Bianca Andreescu competed in the Australian Open and the Phillip Island Trophy. But she lost to Michaela Buzarnescu from Romania, Hsieh Su-Wei from Taiwan, and Marie Bouzkova from the Czech Republic.

In March, Bianca competed in the 2021 Miami Open. Unfortunately, she got infected by Covid-19 the following month, so she could not participate in the Madrid Open. She also lost her stride in the French Open, Wimbledon, 2020 Tokyo Olympics, National Bank Open, and the 2021 US Open. Bianca Andreescu competed with Greece’s Maria Sakkari for three and a half hours. It ended past two in the morning, becoming the latest women’s tennis singles match in tournament history.

As of this article’s writing, Bianca Andreescu fell to Number 20 in the global rankings of women tennis players.

Bianca Andreescu’s net worth

As Canada’s leading tennis player, Bianca Andreescu competes in different tournaments and competitions on behalf of her country. Because of these, she receives prize money, compensation from the government, endorsements, and financial support from sponsors. So far, experts estimate her net worth to be four million dollars.

Bianca Andreescu’s pastime, heritage, and preferences

Bianca gladly acknowledges that two nations— Romania and Canada— supports her tennis career. Furthermore, Bianca Adreescu can talk and communicate in fluent Romanian. Every year, her family visits their loved ones in Romania.

In an interview, Bianca said that she was sometimes a fan of Simona Halep, a Romanian tennis player. As a junior athlete, she attempted to imitate her form and style. Eventually, it was Simona Halep who encouraged her to become a professional tennis athlete. Bianca also admired Kim Clijsters from Belgium. She was the world’s top tennis player in singles and doubles.

In her spare time, Bianca meditates and performs yoga to maintain her mental health. This practice has been her outlet since she was twelve. Bianca used to do this for four hours, but Bianca Andreescu now only does this for at least fifteen minutes because of her hectic activities.

Bianca Andreescu has a poodle named Coco. She brings her pet dog with her to the venue during her matches.

Bianca Andreescu’s game strategy

As a world-class athlete, Bianca attracts the attention of tennis analysts and commentators. They notice how Bianca applies different styles and power levels. According to Martina Navratilova, a former tennis player and coach, Bianca exerts more power in striking the ball.

Furthermore, Bianca does not repeat the same style of striking the ball. This playstyle makes it challenging for her rivals to anticipate her moves and shots. As they see this, journalists say that it is fun to observe her doing this. It is also an effective strategy to keep her enemies blind.

Her form also captivates observers. She applies different ways to strike the ball, including heavy topspin that may force her rival to push further back. Her two-handed backhand style can hit the ball in acute angles that can expose her opponents.

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