When camping, you have the option of bringing different types of gear. This can range from essentials, like camping tents and cooking gear, to nice-to-haves, such as Bluetooth speakers or a portable fridge.

One of the most common types of gear that we bring along that falls right in the middle of these categories is the noble camping chair. This is especially important if you are staying at the campsite for activities other than eating.

We have compiled a list of just some of the best camping chairs that we have tried. These products vary in terms of price, materials used, form factor, additional features, and several other factors.

These camping chairs are also not arranged in any particular order, but all are capable of providing some heavy-duty support out in the field.

Are you on the lookout for a sturdy camping chair? The items listed below will certainly not disappoint.

Why Do You Need a Camping Chair?

A good place to sit is hard to come by especially if you are in the wild and not on a camping site with chairs provided.

In situations like these, your only options for seating are what nature has provided you, namely the rocks, any tree branches or trunks that have fallen, or the ground.

Definitely, sitting on these surfaces for long periods of time can get uncomfortable or downright painful, even with any form or padding that you have brought with you.

Any sitting position that you do on the ground will be hard on your butt and your back. The ground can get pretty cold, too, so the discomfort will probably increase.

Sitting on an uncomfortable surface, as well as bending over or crouching down while performing basic activities like cooking or even playing cards can also be a challenge.

Most tables and other camping equipment are meant to be operated close to the ground, so working under these conditions, especially if you are a taller person, further adds to the difficulty of supposedly simple tasks.

That is why having a good camping chair can be such a blessing on a campsite. Camping chairs provide you with the best type of support, and it also keeps you off the ground. This prevents you from getting dirty, cold, or bitten by insects on the ground.

Camping chairs also provide you with the right height for working at a table or keeping warm by the campfire. A solid camping chair will give you more stability, ensuring your safety.

In a pinch, a camping chair may also serve as a makeshift placeholder for items, like food ingredients, as well, making these furniture very versatile additions to your gear.

Our Pick for the Best Camping Chairs

We have provided a list of the eight best camping chairs that we have found. Each has its advantages over the other, and we will go over most of the positive points as well as some of their drawbacks when available.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is almost always among the top when it comes to the best camping chairs. It is remarkably sturdy and is surprisingly cheap as well, costing only around 80 bucks.

This chair is said to be able to bear up to 800 pounds in weight. It also has multiple pockets for additional storage as well as cup holders on both sides of the armrests.

The downside of the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is that it is bulky and is one of the heaviest single camping chairs on this list. This is due to the denser material plus additional padding on the seat.

The product also retains water on the seat when it rains and lacks a headrest, making it a bit uncomfortable to sleep on. When it comes to pure sitting comfort, though, the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong tops the charts.

Coleman Quad Portable Camp Chair

You can’t beat Coleman when it comes to camping gear, and the Coleman Quad Portable Camp Chair is no exception. Cheap yet durable, the chair compresses into a bag when not in use and is capable of holding over 300 pounds.

What we loved about the Coleman Quad Portable Camp Chair is that, aside from the two cup holders and side storage pouches, one of the pouches is intended to be a cooler that can comfortably hold up to four cans.

This definitely saves you from a trip to the cooler, saving some much-needed energy for the things that matter most.

The armrests are also adjustable and the product itself is available in multiple colors.

Complaints range from a non-breathable material to too short armrests, but we’re really just nitpicking at this point.

Renetto Original Canopy Chair

The Renetto Original Canopy Chair is probably one of the most comfortable camping chairs that you will ever get.

This is because the chair comes with optional sun visors and side flaps that protect you against the sun. This makes the Renetto Original Canopy Chair the perfect seat for hot afternoons where there is no shade available.

The Renetto Original Canopy Chair also comes with 100% UV protection, based on their site.

The product comes with standard cup holders and a side pocket, and the chair can accommodate up to 400 pounds.

Our biggest complaint about this product is the size as it takes up a lot of space even when folded up. It is also quite heavy, but optional wheels can be added for ease of transport.

CLIQ Chair

The CLIQ Chair may look like your basic camping chair, but it is so much more than that. This is because this camping chair is easily one of the most durable chairs that you can find on the market today.

The CLIQ Chair is made out of ballistic nylon and aircraft-grade aluminum. It is capable of carrying up to 300 pounds in weight and is almost indestructible.

However, that durability comes at a price as the CLIQ Chair is pretty heavy for its size. It is also a bit more expensive at 130 dollars. It also doesn’t have a cup holder or other additional storage space.

Still, if you want a no-frills camping chair that can last a lifetime, then the CLIQ Chair is probably your closest bet to such a product.

GCI Outdoor Everywhere Chair

The GCI Outdoor Everywhere Chair is a foldable camping chair with a cup holder installed. It is also pretty versatile as the GCI Outdoor Everywhere Chair can be adjusted to be stable even on uneven ground.

The backrest is also adjustable and is long enough to snooze on. We found the GCI Outdoor Everywhere Chair to be very stable and its 250-pound capacity seemed pretty accurate.

We love the GCI Outdoor Everywhere Chair for its ease of use, although it has a pretty big footprint even when folded up. This is something that we’ll love to bring to festivals and tailgating aside from camping.

Yeti Trailhead

The Yeti Trailhead costs 300 dollars, which is our main complaint. You get what you pay for, though, with its ultra-durable composition and very sturdy and stable build.

The Yeti Trailhead is one of the most comfortable camping chairs on this list due to the perforated material of the seat. Even the armrests are very comfortable and conform to the body.

The product is rated to support up to 500 pounds and weighs over 13 pounds. Everything about the Yeti Trailhead, including the price, is pretty heavy-duty, but you definitely get a quality and made-to-last product in return.

Kelty Loveseat

The Kelty Loveseat is perfect for lovebirds and for close buddies because of its two-capacity seating. Whether this setup is better than having two separate chairs is completely up to you.

We love the height of this chair as it seems to be at the best height – low yet not uncomfortable, especially for regular-sized people. The seating space is also adequate even for those with larger sizes.

The Kelty Loveseat has two cup holders as well as adjustable armrests. Our main complaint is the bulky form even when folded. Expect to play rock paper scissors when deciding who will lug this camping chair along.

The padded seat is a plus, but aside from the added weight it can also get hot especially when under direct heat.

Helinox Chair One

The Helinox Chair One is a basic recliner-type camping chair that doesn’t need additional features to stand out.

With a capacity of 320 pounds, the Helinox Chair One is made out of quality materials, including proprietary aluminum alloy for its frame. The product also provides some very good ventilation due to the placement of mesh in some areas.

Due to this, the product is very light and it can also be compacted into a 14-inch bag for convenient storage.

Don’t expect a lot of extras for the Helinox Chair One, but it does do what it was designed to do greatly. It’s also a bit more expensive at 100 dollars but the quality more than makes up for its high price tag.


A great camping chair offers a good balance of durability and weight. As such, materials used in the construction of these products must be scrutinized first.

Storage availability comes a close second when it comes to finding the perfect camping chair. Stability, portability, price, and other features are also some things that you would have to consider.

The items mentioned above rank differently across several factors. It is up to you to find the best one that fits your needs.

Nevertheless, all of these camping chairs will be a welcome addition to any camping spot, and we will love having two or three of these items with us during our next camping trip because of the comfort and convenience that they bring.

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