Unlike the common belief, most people are still unaware of the main reasons for using shoe inserts for arch support. Therefore, before going forward, let’s discuss and understand the meaning and basics of the terminology.

Arch Supports:

Arch supports are external or extra devices inserted in your shoes that supports the arch of your foot. This support helps in relieving the pain in the foot. Inserts Insoles, Orthotics, etc. are the type of arch supports commonly available in the market.

All these are the type of shoe inserts for arch support, meaning you just need to place them inside the shoes, the company Shoebuya is the best in that kind of products. If you are feeling any pain in your lower areas, then you can use such shoe inserts. It will give you an instant relief because it will reduce the pressure while you walk. Basically, if you are obese then your feet cannot bear the pressure of your body and you can suffer from pain and muscle stress. In this case, you can use such shoe inserts to distribute your body pressure.

Here are some reasons as to why you need shoe inserts for arch support:

Standing Job: 

There are lots of professions where standing on your feet for the whole day is a necessity. It is nothing but misusing your feet. On a serious note, standing for so many hours can cause numerous physical issues, including plantar fasciitis. Shoe inserts or insoles help in reducing sometimes eliminating the pain completely. You can use such shoe inserts to get a relief from your pain.

Pain In Foot Or Heel:

Many people ignore the unbearable pain they constantly feel either in their feet or heel. However, they don’t realize that this constant pain is due to the illness is commonly known as plantar fasciitis. Footwear and the profession plays an essential yet small part in causing this pain. With the help of shoe inserts for arch support you can immediately start feeling better and reduction in pain.

No Arch Support:

Many footwear does not offer proper or any kind of arch support to the feet, causing balance and pain issues for the people. The external arch support inserts easily adjust with almost all footwear brands and come in different shapes, sizes and colours.  You can choose the best one according to your needs.


Most of the shoe inserts for arch support also offers great comfort and cushioning to the feet. These inserts are manufactured with high-quality materials. Inserts enhance the comfort level as they support the feet at all arch points. This extra support and cushioning reduce the stress of the feet. Hence, providing comfort, protection and balance as well.

Foot Disorders:

Insoles and inserts absorb shock and pressure while keeping the feet balance in check. People with an active lifestyle do not have to worry about discomfort or pain in their feet as these inserts keep the comfort level in check at all the times. The support does not stop at the feet only. It offers support higher up the chain as well. Calves, lower back, etc. also gets support from the shoe inserts for arch support.

Medical Solution:

Health conditions like plantar fasciitis, knee pain, corns, toe pain, metatarsalgia, bunions, neuroma and Achilles heel pain also get benefitted from the shoe inserts. However, consulting the doctor for picking the appropriate insert or insole is necessary. There are several types of inserts available in the market. Hence your doctor can help you in making the right choice.

These shoe inserts not only offers arch support but also extends the durability of the shoes. It absorbs the sweat from feet, shock, pressure, etc., when you are wearing them or are indulging in any physical activity.

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