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April Michelle Bowlby is a famous American actress, her most famous role would be when she played the role of Stacy Barrett in an American comedy and drama series called drop dead diva.

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Another famous role that most people knew her for was her role in the hit sitcom on CBS, Two and a Half Men. She played the role of Kandi Harper. This could arguably be her biggest role.

The first time she ever did a small screen role was when she appeared on CSI: Crime scene investigation as an extra. She didn’t just appear on one episode though, she was on a few episodes after the first time they put her on.

After acting on different series as an extra, she then got a breakthrough role on the biggest sitcom at the time, Chuck Lorre’s Two and a Half Men.

The role on the Sitcom gave her a lot of fans and a huge audience, people began to know her. Then her role as Stacy Barrett in the series drop dead diva gave her more prominence. She became a global actress.

She played the role of Rita Farr known mainly as Elastigirl in the web series Titans which was a spin-off of the series doom patrol. She played the role continuously and not just in one episode. She was one of the major characters.

April has also gone ahead to appear in different movies like sands of oblivion and the wrong daughter.

She also bagged a big screencast in the feature film known as all roads lead home. She also made an appearance in some other films like the Slammin Salmon and from Prada to Nada.

April Bowlby Early Life

April Michelle Bowlby the American actress was born on the 20th of July, 1980. She was born in Vallejo, California, USA. We don’t know much about her family aside from the fact that she and her family moved out of Vallejo to Manteca, California while she was still a child.

In Manteca, she started her secondary education in the high school that was closest to her, East Union High school. She attended a college located in California state. It was a state community college called Moorpark College.

For those asking, yes it was located in Moorpark., Ventura County, California state.

In college, she majored as a marine biologist, she also studied French and ballet. She said that as a child, she had always wanted to become a ballerina. Although this wasn’t practical because becoming a ballerina doesn’t exactly pay the bills.

April was introduced to the world of entertainment and glamor. She became a model at first.

After modeling, she later decided that she wanted to be an actress, she went forward to learn about acting from Ivana Chubbuck who is known famously to have coached so many stars in the acting scene today.

April’s Body Measurement

April as we must have seen in her movies is a very beautiful woman, she is blessed with those beautiful blue eyes that put her on the list of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

She is slim, she was a model so this isn’t a surprise. She is at a height of about 5 feet and 9 inches. She also weighs 54kgs.

She has amazing bosoms, a waist to die for, and hips that would keep admirers starting.

Source: Wikipedia


Let us start with a summary of her career, let’s see what she has been up to.

  • After moving to different places in California, she went to that one place in California where everyone wants to go.

She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an actress, this is what most people do though.

She started auditioning for movie roles in different films. She got her first debut on TV in a series named CSI. She played the role of Kaitlin Rakish.

Her character appeared in one episode called eating Gilbert Grissom? She also appeared in some other series like NY and Freddie. Both were in 2005.

Just as she was waiting for that big breakthrough in her life, she got to witness it as she got a role to play Kandi in the third season of Two and a half men, a CBS sitcom that was huge at the time. It is still one of the greatest sitcoms that we have seen on CBS.

She made an appearance in 17 episodes during the series. Her role was also made to be a major role in the fourth season.

She came in as a guest star during the tenth and twelfth seasons. The audience loved her very much, this gave her a huge spotlight in her career.

After the big breakthrough, she was also able to get the role of Heather in a Sci-Fi movie which was directed by David Flores. The movie was called the sand of Oblivion, very popular at the time.

The movie premiered on the 28th of July in 2007. After that, she kept getting roles, for example, she also played the role of Meg in another CBS sitcom called How I Met Your Mother.

This was also a good sitcom with a huge audience too. She was only in four episodes or so in this sitcom.

She also made a film debut in 2008 called All Road Leads Home. This movie got a lot of recognition and was placed as the highest feature drama at the International family film festival. She played the role of Natasha in this movie.

She didn’t stop there, she also made an appearance as one of the major casts in one of the broken Lizards comedy films called the Slammin salmon. This was in January 2009, on the 17th.

The release was first at the Slamdance Film Festival and then it was later released theatrically in the US on the 11th of December in 2009. The film got a lot of reviews that were no good.

She also came on board with a new role, she played the role of Stacy Barrett in the American Comedy-drama and fantasy series known as Drop Dead Diva.

This was one of her notable roles since her career. We must have mentioned it before, but this was part of her biggest role ever as an actress.

They hired her as a major cast and then put her character on the series for all of the straight-six seasons.

The series aired on TV for the first time on July 12, 2009, and then it ended on the 22nd of June in 2014. The series did not only give her huge fame there in the USA, but it also helped her get a huge fan base outside the country and outside the continent.

The series was on in different countries around the world. Countries like the UK, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.

Aside from doing that series, she also got a role in a romantic comedy film called Prada to Nada. She was mean and selfish Olivia.

The film got a critical release in the US in 2011. This was on the 28th of January, it also got up to 3 million dollars.

She was also able to bag a role as Rachel Wilson in a TV film called Marriage of Lies. The fun fact about the movie was that it was supposed to be called presumed, they decided to change the name.

The title doesn’t matter, she got the role and the film was a hit, that is all that matters. It premiered in the US in 2016, on the 21st of May. The movie then premiered in Spain and France the next year.

That same year, she also got a role to play as Katie Tate in a TV comedy known as the engagement clause. The comedy film was first called Married by Christmas before the name engagement clause was decided on.

The film premiered in the US on the 6th of November, it also premiered in the UK and in France too that same year.

On the 13th of April, she was called back to CBS by Chuck Lorre who must have loved her acting on the other series he owned, Two and a Half Men.

Well, she was called by Chuck Lorre for a role on another of his hit Sitcom known as the big bang theory. She appeared in the 10th season and played the role of Rebecca in an episode called the separation agitation.

That same year, she got a role in a TV movie with Jenny Gabrielle and Matt Page. The movie’s name was A Mother’s Crime. It aired in Canada first on the 21st of August, in Spain, and later on in France.

She also bagged a role-playing DC comic superheroine known as Elasti-girl. This role was the first live show-up in the series known as Titans.

The series premiered in 2018 for the first time on October 12th. The series was a spin-off of another series known as doom patrol.

She is the main cast of this series. She has done a lot for herself, staring at different movies and series, this is a lot from a small-town girl who had no dream to become an actress. She has made appearances on single episodes of different series that we know of. These are the series that started getting her audience.

We have her on series like CSI in 2010, psych also in 2010, and the series called You are the worst in 2015.

She also made appearances in several TV movies like the wrong daughter and homecoming revenge. Both of them aired in 2018.

Some of April’s Character And Roles

  1. Kandi Harper On CBS Two And A Half Men

An American Situational Comedy show that was mostly about two brothers Alan and Charlie Harper.

April played the role of Kandi in the series. She came in at first as Charlie Harper’s Girlfriend or just a girl he was having sex with.

Ge then stopped having sex with her because he wanted to date a girl he had been wanting for a long time, her name was Mia.

After Charlie broke up with her, she then started dating Charlie’s brother Alan. She played the role of a 22-year-old with the mind of a child.

She and Alan Harper’s relationship was based mostly on sex because keeping a conversation with her was difficult. They couldn’t do anything else because she didn’t have the right mind of an adult.

After Alan won some money in Las Vegas, he still decided to get married to this beauty without brains. They were both married for four months and managed to squander the 500 thousand dollars that they had won in Vegas.

Kandi then threw Alan out of the house where they were staying because he wasn’t prepared to have another child with her. He already has a son named Jake with his ex-wife.

Kandi was able to seduce Alan’s first wife’s divorce lawyer and she was able to get enough money from alimony from Alan.

Alan then moved back to his brother’s house and was completely dependent on him because he didn’t earn much and paid alimony to two women. In the series, she was also an actress who was trying to make it she also got a role in a CSI-type film called stiffs where she acted as a forensics expert.

Alan later agreed that he was going to have a child with her, it was too late at the time because she had decided to sign the divorce papers so that Alan wouldn’t get to enjoy the money she was making from her TV show.

After signing the divorce papers, she left Alan’s life for good and so she didn’t appear in the series again.

She later comes back in the 10th season as she tries to win back Alan’s love, but he refuses to give it to her because he was in a relationship at the time.

She appeared in the last episode again as a big movie star. Alan was placing a call across to her trying to let her know that she was the love of his life and he wanted her back.

She was touched by Alan’s words but it didn’t work out, in the movie, she was the only woman who loved Alan Harper for real.

  1. Rita Farr On Doom Control.

Doom Patrol is an American TV series that is gotten from DC comics. The superhero team on the comic was also called the doom patrol.

This web series premiered on DC universe on the 15th of February in 2019.

In the series, April played the role of Rita Fare who was the superheroine known as Elastigirl.

Elastigirl used to be an Olympic swimming gold Medalist that later became an actress and then later joined the doom patrol as Elastigirl. According to the story of the film, she was filming in Africa when she got exposed to volcanic gas.

This was an accident and was toxic for her, she was hospitalized until she recovered and noticed that she now possessed an unusual gift, she could shrink herself, grow her body, and stretch as she chose to.

She was able to grow from her normal height to a very tall person so many feet away from the ground. She was also about to make one limb bigger than the next.

At first, she didn’t have any control of this power and so she couldn’t be around people. She was always on her own. This was bad for her career.

After some crying and sad moments, she got approached by a chief named Dr. Niles Caulder who made her realize that she could use those powers she had for good.

 He took her and made her a part of his team of superheroes called the Doom patrol.

She was on 25 episodes of this series which lasted from 2019 to 2020.

  1. Meg On How I Met Your Mother

How I met your mother is another sitcom that features April Bowlby. She must have had an act for season films because they sure did like her.

Anyways, this sitcom was outstanding and she was in it. It had a unique story, this made it different from other sitcoms.

It was all about a father named ted who has trapped his children on the vouch telling them about the story of how he met their mother who is his wife. In the show, Ted had a friend named Barney who was a womanizer. He always had his way of getting the women to his apartment.

April got to play the role of Meg or Crazy meg. She played the role of Barney’s one-night stand on the show. Well, as he continues to tell the story, he keeps on dating different women while keeping the audience guessing who the mother of his children really is.

The sitcom had a sense of making the audience go home in suspense and want to come back just to find out who the mother would be.

Meg which was the role played by April only had sex once with Barney but then becomes very clingy because she wanted something more than just a one-night stand with him.

Just to keep things interesting, Lily who is also Barney’s friend goes on to tell Meg that Barney was going to propose, this kept her around even more.

The plan that they had failed and them Meg walks out with another actor who she had been stalking before.

Rebecca On The Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory is an American Television series that was created by Chuck Lorre, the man who also created Two and a half men. He created the big bang theory alongside Bill Prady.

The big bang theory was premiered on CBS. April playing Rebecca came on the show in episode 21 of season 10 as a guest star. The episode was called The separation agitation.

In the episode, what happened was that Bernadette and Howard couldn’t bring themselves to leave their child Halley in daycare when Bernadette’s maternity leave was over.

Just as this was going on, a friend of theirs named Bert introduces his girlfriend to the couple but they feel like her motives towards their friend were no good.

They were right and they managed to show Bert what was going on but he was a lonely man and couldn’t stand the sight of being that way, so he decided to stay with her even after what he noticed.

  1. The Engagement Clause (Married By Christmas)

This is a TV movie that was directed by Letia Clouston that aired on the 6th of November in 2016.

The major goal of the film was about a high-level executive called Carrie Tate who’s one goal for Christmas was to find herself a husband who would come to meet her family just so she can get the fortune that her grandmother is willing to give.

Carrie loved the family business and she loved what she was doing, she wanted to continue working with the family.

Now April on this interesting movie was the sister of Carrie, she was Katie Tate. According to the film, Katie was the selfish one who was getting married on Christmas eve.

She was just seeking pleasure and didn’t care at all about the business, she only loved the fact that it was worth a whole lot of money.

Now, the problem here is that the grandmother’s will says that whichever of them gets married first, that person gets to inherit the whole thing.

Carrie who doesn’t have any boyfriend or fiancée to get married to was very worried and had one mission, get married before Katie.

Final Words

So finally we have come to the end of this article talking about April Bowlby and everything she has been up to. She has been an amazing person to talk about, she moved higher in life by determination and hard work, these are the things that have helped her in life.

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