5 Things To Know Before I Write My Paper For Me On Business Ethics

In business studies and management, understanding business ethics is paramount nowadays. Businesses became powerful in the entire world ecosystem. And the unethical behavior of corporations may have extremely devastating consequences. For that reason, the education of future business leaders in ethical matters is crucial for the future of the planet and society.

For students, business ethics is the philosophy applied in the modern business environment challenging current social and political problems. Therefore, when writing an essay in this discipline, here is what a student should remember.

The most common corporate ethical issues

Naturally, most of the issues discussed in business ethics papers are about the issues from the real world. So, if you wonder, “how do I write my paper for me” it is usually enough to read the news. However, it is not as obvious for people who only started their interest in that, so here are the most discussed topics.

Diversity and harassment issues

Just as all the other topics, diversity and harassment stem from the discussion of the violation of basic human rights. These issues concern the attitude toward representatives of different demographics. These problems enlighten the inequalities corporations pose on people as employers.

Unfortunately, the world is only moving towards total equality, and there is still a long way to go. The modern discussion of diversity and harassment at work concerns the subtle ways people are discriminated against at work.

On top of that, there is the context of how corporations and management handle the problem. If you are into discussing such topics, it will be productive to evaluate the measures the corporation of your choice handles the issue. In the essay, try assessing the strategies used by the company. Say a few words about their effectiveness, and suggest other ways to avoid violation of human rights in the workplace.


Privacy is another problem of the modern workplace worth discussing. If you think, “I will write my paper for me on privacy,” consider it from the perspective of the place work generally takes in our life. Privacy is a large concern of business ethics because of the importance of income in human life these days.

Unfortunately, this issue may be viewed from different perspectives for workplaces that pay little and require low-expertise employees and for those that aim at specifically trained ones. The analysis of this issue will show that high-involvement jobs pose a bigger risk of dissolving one’s privacy, as corporations do it in more subtle ways. Companies encourage their employees to give up their privacy in return for corporate benefits in such places. Eventually, employees seem willing to do that.

However, in a lower-paying job, the ways one’s privacy is violated are not that subtle. If you go for an essay like that, consider the matter of surveillance as a part of our society and the ways it manifests at work. For inspiration, though, there is a fundamental work on that by Michel Foucault called “Discipline and Punish.”

Healthcare issues

Another way to address ethical issues in business is to talk about problems around healthcare. This issue is also about the share of the life people usually have to give to their work compared to how it is eventually rewarded.

When you think, “how do I write my paper for me on corporate healthcare policies,” it is wise to address the matter of human rights directly. In fact, people, in most cases, do not even see the ways their fundamental rights to a healthy life are violated by the workplace.

The general policies of employers make healthcare look like a privilege. And the main societal problem with that is the matter that many people believe so. Thus, future leaders must transform the view of basic human rights and decencies for more ecological economies and healthier societies.

Accounting issues

Compared to what was discussed earlier, this issue concerns less the matter of the ways employees are treated and focuses on the matter of companies increasing their profits. Writing an essay about this topic, one may find themselves bumping into the idea that it is still to do with the attitude to workers. Then again, this issue is not as far away from general human rights concerns as it may seem. The matter is the way companies account for how they avoid fair rewards for their employees’ work, which is a direct problem for human rights.

However, one can also view this problem in a more shallow way. In this case, a student might want to dig into the levels of corruption among organizations. For example, the essay can address the matter of corruption in society and the way it reflects in the accounting of companies, both in terms of money and social responsibility.

Environmental problems

Probably, the gravest issue caused by the previous topic is that it causes the existence of environmental problems. It is so because social equality problems can be fixed in the future, while industrial ones cause damage to the planet. However, approaching the question “How do I write my paper for me?” one should keep in mind that this issue is still connected to the rest of the issues discussed.

An essay on this topic will be an interesting practice since it involves another discipline, namely environmental studies. Approaching it takes a broader vision of the problem and a bit more research. However, the topic is paramount and urgent, so it is work worth doing.

Final thoughts

When writing an essay on business ethics, one should remember that this discipline is increasingly important and requires preparation. It is difficult to understand this topic without interdisciplinary education. However, business ethics will gain its place in the overall education of the current students’ generation. This is why it is important to do the necessary research and address all the issues concerning it.

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