In academics, teachers use stamps to comment on or grade students. While they may seem old school, stamps are significant, especially when dealing with many students. As a teacher, you must grade every student and check their homework, which may be tiring.

Therefore, using stamps helps ease the burden of marking assignments and grading papers. Students are also motivated when they see feedback on their work. According to research, students are more likely to improve and develop their learning strategies when given input from a teacher. Continue reading this article to find more reasons why teachers need academic stamps.

1.     Stamps Can Be Used to Reward Positive Behaviour

Studies have shown that rewarding positive behavior in children encourages them to improve. Hence, rewarding your students for good behavior as a teacher would be best. Some examples of good behaviors you could reward are when a student follows instructions or by concentrating on a task.

When a student gets rewarded, they are bound to repeat the same action. Therefore, rewarding positive behavior reinforces that behavior in the student. As a teacher, you can put the stamps on the students’ assignments after they submit them to you for marking. You can also put stamps on their report card if they are active in class.

Stamps can also reward positive behavior in areas out of class, such as during games. When students see a great work stamp on their P.E. lesson, they will likely be more active in games. They are also likely to participate in more contests when they do not receive a stamp. Students who don’t have any stamps will also work hard to get that stamp.

Some examples of stamps you can use on your students are ‘great work’; you can also use three stars to indicate excellent work. For customized rubber stamps, you can visit websites such as if you are located in Singapore.

2.     They Are Used to Provide Feedback

If you are in academics, you probably know the importance of a feedback. Feedback helps improve confidence in learners and also increases their motivation. Learners are willing to improve on the subject or task when given positive or negative feedback. Also, feedback notifies the students of what they are and whether they are on the right track.

For example, you should use ‘Great Work ‘stamps to let the students know they are heading in the right direction with their tasks. These stamps can also be used on assignments or for doing something impeccably in class. It could be rewarding not littering in class or even not making noise in class. In this way, learners learn more and can execute any tasks well.

As an educator, having a stamp to provide is also crucial since it saves time for both parties. This is because students learn more when they are instantly given feedback for what they are doing. This may be quite effective when dealing with a large group of students. A personalized stamp makes the process more exciting and fun for the students.

3.     Stamps Make Learning Fun

The main aim of learning is to acquire knowledge that you will implement later in life. Learning never stops, even in adulthood. Therefore, if you are dealing with students, it is key to make learning fun and less boring by using stamps in creative ways to enhance learning.

For example, stamps can make beautiful patterns and create nice pictures. You can use easy shapes like circles and rectangles if you teach kindergarten students. Opting to teach with stamps that have animals is also a great start for fun learning.

When dealing with much older students, you should use stamps to make their learning more fun and effective. For example, you can make more complex patterns to challenge their minds. This is a great way to challenge their thinking and make the whole process fun so they don’t forget.

However, if you are dealing with a much more mature group of learners, you should devise ways to help make learning fun for them. You could customize rubber stamps to help illustrate a very tough subject for them. This makes learning fun and makes it easier to explain a complex subject.

4.     They Motivate Students

Stamps also motivate students whenever they are in school. You could encourage your students by giving them stamps for various work done. For example, you could give them a stamp when they answer a question in class. You could also provide them with a stamp for creativity or good handwriting.

Another reason you could motivate your students to keep doing good things and focusing on their class work is by making them collect stamps. This could be done by having them collect stamps all day from different teachers and then comparing them to see who has the highest. This motivates the student to have positive behavior and participate in school activities to have the highest number of stamps.

5.     Stamps Save Time

If you are an educator dealing with a large group of students, you know the importance of saving time. This is because if not well managed, the students might be doing work and not getting any feedback; therefore, they may flop on their academic work.

Therefore, having a stamp is an excellent investment that promotes learning since the teacher can now check assignments and give feedback. As a teacher, commenting on your students’ work also makes them feel included in every activity. These stamps are critical if you mark exams and need a quick way to grade your students.

Wrapping Up

There are different types of stamps that teachers can use on their students’ work. First, there are the self-inking encouraging stamps. These particular stamps are for encouraging students when they perform well. Secondly, there are self-inking correction stamps indicating where corrections must be done. And finally, there are the dates and rubber stamps. The dates and rubber stamps are used to show when work is due and indicate the day of the test.

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