10 Ways to Make Essay Writing Less Stressful

Are you prepared for the first time you write an essay? You can order an assignment from StudyCrumb.com anytime. Or you can learn how to write your own writing, and they can proofread it. Please take a look at the top ten suggestions to help you enjoy the process of writing your essay and get the highest score. 

Before You Begin

It’s not uncommon to feel unmotivated while writing an academic essay. Before writing, consider how you can have the most fun while writing this.

Your brain instantly begins to brainstorm ways to make writing enjoyable. The best time for having fun is writing your first draft. Since you’re investigating the subject and trying different approaches to the topic. Here are some suggestions on how to ensure that your essay is fun to write:

  • Find the most fascinating facts about the subject. You can use it to create the catchy hook of your choice.
  • Use a thesaurus to study the most powerful words in the topic. Be imaginative in your use of words when writing, using words with synonyms. 
  • Assume the role of the devil’s advocate. Then, you can analyze the morally unsound aspect of the debate. See where the discussion is going in ways through the writing.

Answer The Issue

The most efficient essays respond to “Why?” and “How?” Consider answering these questions if you’re having difficulty communicating your message or meeting the word count you’re trying to reach. If you’re focusing on the style of writing you do is likely going to be the case, you’ll probably have things to write about.

Use Wikipedia To Get Started

Wikipedia is one of the top five websites globally, and with good reason. It’s an excellent resource for conducting research. However, most teachers and professors aren’t convinced that Wikipedia is a trustworthy source to reference when writing essays. Don’t totally avoid it. Do some research on your background. Suppose you aren’t familiar with the subject. In that case, Wikipedia can be a helpful resource that can help you quickly grasp the basics you need to understand to get started.

Get reliable and trustworthy sources. Explore the reference section of Wikipedia’s content on the topic you’re interested in. 

Think About Surprises

When researching the topic, think about “What surprised me about this subject?” This is the common temptation when writing an essay that you write on what your professor or teacher would like to hear. Suppose you’re not able to discover anything new to you that you think is exciting and intriguing. In that case, you’re not conducting sufficient research. 

Write Five Unique Parts

Let’s see what they might look like in the following piece:

  1. Introduction Paragraph
  2. A beginning body 
  3. Body 2
  4. Body 3
  5. Concluding end of the essay

Be “Source Heavy”

To protect yourself, suggest an approach of 60/40 for your body paragraphs. It’s essential to ensure that at least 60 percent of your words are personal interpretations and not used to argue. The remainder of the 40% could include some excerpts (or the words have been translated) from the source.

Write Body First

The body of the essay should be completed before the introduction. Then, you write your introduction, then your final sentence in the middle.

Introductions are often the most challenging part to write because you’re writing the outline of your essay without having completed it. Instead, you should write your introduction toward the end of your paper. 

Avoid Certain Words

There are certain words and phrases you should not use. 

  • You. You’ll be able to observe how we are using a variety of your names, which is great for blogs. For academic writing, it is advised to eliminate the second person. 
  • Cliches
  • Some
  • That
  • Things
  • To be (am, is, are, was, were)


It is actually an ideal time to be sure you’ve proofread the essay. It’s not just about punctuation marks or spelling. It’s all about making sure that your argument flows smoothly from one idea to the next. It is to organize your sentence structure and mechanics. Make sure that your thoughts flow easily, logically, and seamlessly across the paragraphs from the next once you’ve completed editing. 

Final Step

Every story is a tale of conflict and change. Are you conscious of the story you’re writing? Your prompt should include this information. An essay prompt list features a broad range of subjects and the assignments that go with these prompts. The goal is to deal with the issue through deliberation, analyze questions, and then conduct research or write about them in detail.

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