Many times in the middle of the night we wake up with chills, with fear or with much anxiety, for a dream that has caught our attention. That dream so real that when you wake up you don’t know where you are.

Many times it has happened to me, I even think I woke up and I am still dreaming, this has made me think; Could it be that dreams have any meaning? Is there anything our subconscious wants to tell us? Or it will be that they are an omen of things that are about to happen to us. I think this question is more common than I thought.

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There are many testimonies of people who dreamed and everything in their dream was fulfilled as it was in real life.

I want to share my personal experience, in which there was a dream so real that I felt the need to tell everyone what I had dreamed. A few months later, this dream had come true, each of the things I dreamed was fulfilled, I never imagined that something like this could happen to me. After that event I decided to investigate a little more about dreams and this is what I found

I discovered that to that particular dream in which we woke up, agitated and stressed and even, you may be sweating or wanting to cry. These dreams are called vivid dreams, and for centuries they have been a mystery to humanity.

Those dreams that look and feel very real leave us confused and most tend to be linked with anxiety, visions of being persecuted, of not being able to go where you want to go or that your teeth fall out (I’ve had a lot of these dreams and even awake touching my teeth to see if my teeth follow)

Why are some of our dreams more vivid than others?

Those who study about dreams, accept that there are still many things about the dream that in general we do not know, it is an enigma of the mind. In itself, we don’t even know for sure what the dream is for and why we experience them. Some research has been devoted to explaining why some dreams are different from others and how people experience dreams differently.

The mind plays tricks that we cannot control when we sleep. We are all helpless before our own dreams, which are clearly connected to our brains and thoughts. Dreams will probably be based on what happened during the day.

“Any stressful event in which the person is thinking immediately before falling asleep will have an effect on the content,” he says. So, if you fall asleep upset about that boss who has you with thousands of earrings on top of him, it is almost certain that you will be dreaming that you will be drowned in a sea. There is also something interesting with those people who are heavy sleepers because if they have vivid dreams, they may “see” that they wake up, take a shower and even put on their work day clothes, talk to someone. This is, apparently, the way your brain tells you that you need to solve your morning routine.

In conclusion, I can tell you that although science has not discovered what dreams are for, it never hurts a little attention. Sometimes our body is screaming for a break in our daily routine, sometimes it tells us about those hidden fears that we don’t want to confess to ourselves.

It is always good to pay a little attention and pause what is eroding our mind. Small changes in life will give us great results! so don’t ignore your mind alerts and try to give your day a new spin every day.



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