I am sure you must have heard from your friends who may be in school or your neighborhood that masturbation might generate acne.

Sometimes people even bring up things and say that sex is also another cause of acne and scales. Don’t listen to the myths, masturbation doesn’t cause acne.

By now you should know that all of the talks about sexual activities that cause acne or any other skin problems are not true at all.

Sex and skin diseases do not relate in any way, only on very rare occasions that involve unhealthy sex. But this doesn’t involve acne.

The Acne And Sex Story

Some time ago, a generation that lived before us used this story to try and keep young men and women from having sex too often or at all.

It was a way that parents used to keep their daughters from losing themselves and their men from turning into dogs. Many believed this story even nowadays, some people still believe it.

Presently, we have scientists that we turn to for things that we don’t understand. Nothing is biologically linking sex and skin problems.

This old story has lasted for a very long time but we don’t know where or when it came about. We believe that it came up because puberty comes with an acne appearance.

As we all know, puberty is the time of everyone’s life when sexual feelings are enhanced, and at this age, many people tend to explore their sexuality.

However, this period comes with sex and acne, this doesn’t mean that one of them causes the other.

Both situations coming up at the same period is just a coincidence. Also, if by chance you have sex a lot and your acne continues increasing as you do so, it doesn’t mean anything. Acne comes and goes as it wishes unless acted upon.

Yes, you might be having sex, and then one day you wake up only to find that you have developed several pimples on your face, this is also just a coincidence.

You having sex or masturbating the same period your acne started doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have developed the acne if you didn’t.

What Are The Main Causes Of Acne?

Acne comes out based on some issues like hormones, abnormal skin cell scaling, and diseases. Acne is generated from the hormonal alternatives that happen in the body during puberty.

Most young people have some breakouts from time to time, not just young people, adults also sometimes have acne.

The hormone isn’t the only factor that causes acne. Some people shed skin abnormally, this is also another cause and something that could generate acne on your skin.

Rather than dead cells going out, they get held up inside the pores resulting in a blockage.


Of all the factors listed above, none of them are linked in any way to sex or any sexual activity.

Imagine yourself being in the acne-infected person’s place and people are saying that this happened to you cause of sex, it will be embarrassing.

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